Written by bunchy

2 Apr 2012

While this occurred a good few years ago, the memory was as if it was just a few weeks ago.

I received the ok to attend some five days before the party. It’s never easy to get an invite as a single male as 99.9% of all males will attest to. What do I say to my partner?

I was in a monogamous relationship which had died well and truly prior to any of this. My partner at the time had lost all inclination to love or to have sex and life was hard to enjoy. After lots of discussion about this, she said look on the internet and go find someone would will get your jollies off then return home. She did not want to have any of the details.

After calling, emailing, winking and all that I finally received a reply from some people who ran adult parties. They made it very clear single males were rarely invited. Makes you feel like you have a disease being single, even though I was not at that time.

I got the address and the time to attend with details of the likely people who attend. This made me so excited I was wet reading the email.

Every time I thought about attending I was treated with anticipation but reluctance at the same time. What if this is a con? What if all the people are hideously nasty or clicky?

After providing my wife at the time the details of when I will be out from, it started like any normal Friday night at home.

My ex-wife would start it by ordering pizzas along with a copious amount of alcohol. I has some pizza and a drink of champagne. I left about 8.10 pm.

I arrived at the address and soon noticed the huddle of cars parked around the house. At least I had the right area I thought. I approached the door of an ex-housing trust home at least 40 years old and in some disrepair. I still don’t know if I want to go through with this and rang the doorbell.

A lovely couple came to the door, politely asked me name and phone number. I promptly opened my wallet and offered the entry fee. The door opened and I was finally at a swingers party.

People were talking in casual clothes, nothing a sexy as I thought would occur. After starting with some small talk to a couple of different people, the hostess explained there were women who had asked for several men at once and asked for a show of hands who would be ken to enter into a couple of the bedrooms with ladies waiting for some action.

After not experiencing sex for so long, I was hard in an instant with the thought. I promptly raised my hand and went into another area where with ladies were. They had gone off earlier and changed into the sexy lingerie and see though lacy wear.

OMG! “Cassie!”, I said. One of the ladies was someone I used to work with. Always the flirt, I worked with her for about two years. I always thought she was hot and would be very sexually active, but I never had the guts to say anything to her. You know, being a married man and all.

After both blushing a little, we re-acquainted ourselves and received the typical laughter that occurs when something like this happens. It’s a small world.

There were three other ladies. Sara and Kylie together with the hostess who all were eager for wild threesomes or foursomes with them the only lady.

First was Kylie, she invited three of us into her room and undressed the clothing to her pants.

‘Well?’ she asked, and we quickly started kissing her and stroking her very firm breasts. Her left nipple was pierced and enjoyed a large piece of jewellery. ‘Be careful’ she mouthed as one of us was twisting her piercing causing a little discomfort to her.

Instantly she looked at me then my crotch and needed to say, ’Don’t you think this will work better with you guys taking of your clothes!”.

It was rather comical, most of us were carried away giving her pleasure, we almost forgot about us receiving anything in return.

I was the first to strip. I hadn’t enjoyed such a hard erection. This was so hot. Low lighting, soothing music in the background, this lady took my cock into her mouth so quick it took me by surprise. Her lips were moist as if wanting to taste a guy’s cock for so long. Perhaps she was experiencing the same as I was in my marriage but in reverse.

Her tongue slid along the shaft of my cock while she had me in her mouth. She has most of my cock which I couldn’t believe. It was without a doubt the best head job I had. I looked around and the other guy’s were stripping off ready for their turn. No. I thought, I could stay here until I blow my load but fair was fair. The men had left their partners to assist a number of ladies looking for that extra attention.

After the other men had a seemingly great head job by Kylie, it was time to completely undress this lady and have our way with her, the way she also wanted.

I was first again. I quickly located the condoms and found little trouble placing this over my very upright, very stiff cock. She laid back after sipping a glass of red wine she placed by the table top lamp earlier, took some lube and placed her index finger inside her pussy.

She was completely shaved. I had not seen this with anyone I had ever been with. Wow! This was a sight as her outer lips were quite pouty and her clit was very visible in eagerness for what was to occur.

She looked at me as to say foreplay over, fuck me now!. I quickly knelt over her with my cock almost swaying in an imaginary breeze. She pulled my back gently closer to the warmth of her body when I felt her outer lips. Her eyes purely gleamed as she sensed my length about to enter her. I felt the outer sopping wet lips, something told me there was little need for the lube she used minutes earlier.

I entered with a sudden announcement of pleasure. From my perspective, my cock was surrounded with tightness, warmth and moisture. I could tell her experience was equally satisfying, perhaps feeling my cock expanding inside her pussy, spreading her inner lips out to touch her outer lips and the happiness of penetration can only give.

I pushed as far forward as I could satisfied I could go no further. Her body language was obvious – please fuck me as she was already close to orgasm. I commence slow thrusts in motion with her movements. Soon I was up to a speed that I knew would not surely last. Her moaning indicated I should continue and continue I did.

Some of the men started to suck her nipples, one kissed her while she took the other in her hand to play with his cock in time with me fucking her.

Her eyes squinted then completely wide open let out a gasp as if it was a gulp of air needed when swimming. She climaxed. I had not come or was even close, but I was somewhat used to this. Sex with my ex-wife was never stimulating and I rarely came. I was happy to withdraw my cock and have a rest. Stamina is usually measured in how long before stimulus mentally and physically succumbs with an orgasm and ejaculation. I was physically tired from the humping!

The other men had mutually satisfying intercourse with her and after some time, she was happy to confess she needed a break.

Bloody hell I thought. This is only the first three quarters of an hour. What could get better then this?

To be continued…