Written by ninesfine

4 May 2012

i had an answer to my other side.my bi ad.so naturally aroused i responded.only to meet a really nice older couple with two male freinds for a mmmmf fuck fest,well thats what i thought.we all met up at a local club .and after some drinks and good conversation we all went back to k and ds place for another couple of drinks and some fun.i being the youngest by more

than 20 years was naturally a bit shy.only to be reasured and made to feel cumfatable.it didnt take many drinks and we all found ourselves fucking and having a good time gangbanging k in the bedroom.after a while dave said that my ass was really firm and hot and he asked me about my bi side.i told him that i am a bottom and mouth and after a trip to the bathroom ,found myself on my knees sucking d and his mates cocks while j fucked k doggy style on the bed next to us.i was so turned on that i didnt really think about time.and the next thing i knew i was sucking ds cock as he lay on the end of the bed whilst trevor had me bent over fucking me doggy and i watched k coping it next to me.it didnt take too long and the men swaped ends.d stretched me when he guided his 8 and a half inch thick cock into me.it was the bigest real cock that i have had in me, and possibly the thickest full stop.he expertly worked it in and got me wet before going too hard or deep.it wasnt long and k commented on the ball slaping noise cuming from ds balls and to take it easy on me a bit.it was then that ks phone rang and their freinds had arrived out the front.so she went to let them in and j joined d and trevor on me and it was then that i felt like a true slut with 3 big cocks ,and only me to get them off.they put me on my back and took turns on top of me , as i sucked and licked the other two kneeling above me.when the other couple walked in with k i was introduced to them lying down with d back on top of me slaping his balls hard against me making it hard to talk.k and k said that it was good to have me there to share the workload because they had to duck out and get some more wine so i have to take care of buissness as the men fucked me.d asked k2s husband if he bought the pills cause they might need em and they all laughed as they took a sip of there drinks and droped a viagra each.after watching me cop it for a few mins minutes or so k2s husband jeff came over and asked if i was loose, to d as he fucked me. and d said i was tight and he would be able to fuck me but i w2ould be a bit tight.he took of his pants that close to me that he pressed against in my face and i couldent beleive my eyes lets just say that was my new bigest at nearly 9inches and fat maybe bigger i was a bit drunk by then.and just took it all to get em off it was nearly an hour and a half when the ladies got back and they were suprised to see me still going strong .the rest of the night was spent being fucked tag team on the bed with the two ks and i have no doubt that i was a favourite.god bless swinging both ways