Written by play2ways

9 Dec 2010

It was by the river I had the sexual experience of my life. Iwas walking alone in what I thought was a secluded part of scrubbie bush, gum trees and the occasional sand bank. It was a warm day so the idea of sun baking on a sand bank was the thing to do. With nobody around to object my shorts and shirt were soon removed with only lying on the sun naked left to do. With the warm sun and a fantasie running through my head my cock began to swell and inviting my hands to join in. It was only a minute layer I heard the voices of a couple of women who by then were almost standing over my naked body. With smiles on their faces there were also two men just behind, also looking pleased. One of the women said please dont stop and if you dont mind can we play here too. As it turned out the two couples were out for some swinging fun. The idea excited me as I had often fantasied of such an encounter. They too were soon naked and lying on the sand. One of the men said "you have a nce cock can i feel it". This was something new to me so i thought why not. As he played with my hard shaft the other man moved to a place that his cock was near my face. He asked if would like to taste his cock in my mouth and before I new it was. I slid his cock along me tounge with my lips holding firm as his cock grew larger and fatter. Soon it would of been 8 inches with a well shaped knob on the end. By now my cock was being licked, sucked and fondeld by a man and women. I could hear the other women speaking softly by my head withsuch words as, "suck that cock" "lick those balls" and "suck the knob". By now my cock was throbbing hard and the one in my mouth was hot and hard too. With the excitement I began to suck his cock harder and faster while hold his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other. It felt like a crowd of people erousing my cock with tounges ,lips and fingers all hiting the right spots. With apleasant, organit frite a womens finger went up my backside and touching a spot that sentmy cock inyo an enormouse eruption. Although gasping with orgasmic excitement the cock in my mouth stayed in firm and was now too begining to throb and with a great force sent a large amount of come also. With my mouth now over flowing I released the volcanic cock from my lips but kept holdin my hand with which i stroked firmly to complete the spray of come in my mouth and on my face. With a man and women lickingg up my cock juices off my body and theirs another womens tounge began sliding over my face and in my looking for a warm juice as desert. As quickly as it started we all thanked each other and the two couples were on their way. I couldnt help feeling all my fantasies had come at once only to be surprised when leaving my self looking over the river to see about ten young women gathered closly with smiles and waving as to say Well Done.