Written by a1n2e3t4

23 Nov 2012

Well my wife was always a stick in the mud when it came to sex or porn. Yet last year I said to her as I had so many times, had she though about sex with others. It was greater with the normal "you only want another person to have sex with" I explained that it was about me seeing her come over and over that turns meon. We could have a guy and then you would have lots of hArd cock. She gave it some thought when asked again she agreed it could be really good but needed to under stand how this could be done.

Amazing but a week later a old boyfriend had contacted her. They talked for hours at a time so I said what about him.

She agreed hastily yes that would be great, so we asked him over for a weekend.

We had a Barbie and I was a little concerned and gelouse but had figured out how I could ask him for threesome. My wife went to the toilet and I asked him. Would you like to fuck her as would love to fuck you. He was so happy and we raced to the bed room we we played, he got head and screwed her as she sucked me, then he got head while I fucked. He went to his room But hours later I woke up and so did my wife we were so horny we fucked and then I said go to his room and warm him up and I will join later. So it went and after he came I fucked her as she sucked his cock again even though he had sperm dripping of it. She told me how much she liked his tast better then mine. We went to our rooms only to do it all again in the morning.

We never did it with him again as he wanted her all to himself and I had to stop them talking to each other as he was persistent about getting her and she was so into him.

We had a couple of other mmf that were ok one was very good but we were to drunk to fully enjoy it. Till last night we were talking to a bunch of guys and they talked about a threesome. My wife said something and one guy said it was his long time dream. We sat to dinner and he came over handing us his phone number. He then got ours and expressed his desire about getting it on. When we left we got a call from him. Asking again, my wife hung up on him but I said call him back , we did and went and picked him up.

We arrived in out pool room were he and I undressed and kissed my wife, then we got treated by her getting us so hard and soon we were have the best of mmf can offer, he was patient as I for the first time ever was loosing my hard on, but it only added to the hours of sex. We are so sore but all agree it was the best night of sex with threesome we have ever had. I am posting this as I sit on our privet beach naked and getting a little sunburnt. What a night my wife hasn't stopped smiling :(