Written by AndrewandCarren

7 Nov 2018

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. She is 55 I am 51. We have talked of spicing it up a little many times but Carren always says she is not interested in swapping or anything unfaithful. We have however started going to the nude beach and Carren gets excited looking at the naked people as well as displaying herself. Being a mature she is a little large in the hips and also the tits, has cellulite on her thighs but a pretty face and her now all over tan gets many a glance from the men at the beach. Being fine the last week we have been going everyday and a few days ago we met a guy about 30 named Aaron. Aaron had been sitting near us and we started a conversation. He was camping in a van behind the beach in the Camping area and was enjoying his holiday and from the glances and smile the view before him of my wife Carren. She also was very talkative suggesting a certain attraction. Aaron was about 6’ tall and very fit featuring a six pack and a v leading to a more than respecatable cock that must of hung 6” and thick. I am average in that department but he was bigger soft than i am hard. This was noticed by Carren as she mentioned it on our way home. I asked her if it turned her on that a good looking hung guy fancied her and she brushed it off with a he wouldn’t look twice at an old girl like me.

We returned to the beach each day as i said the weather was great. Aaron was there each day and sat near us and progressed by the third day to sitting with us. Carren was completely comfortable with him by now but it was obvious she liked the sight of him as i got sex both the previous nights. Well this day Carren wanted some sun cream on her back and asked me to do it. I decided to up the ante a little saying get Aaron to do it. She slapped my leg and said she couldn’t but Aaron had heard us talking and said he would be happy to. Aaron was the gentleman rubbing in the oil but as Carren relaxed he got a little closer and began to massage her as he rubbed the cream in. His hard cock swung and bumped her body a number of times and I saw her squirm a little under his hands.

She told him he was good at massageing and he said he had a table back at his van if she would like a proper massage. She laughed but didn’t say anything more, hmm strange i thought maybe this could lead to something out of character for her.

I’m not sure if i wanted her to fuck him but i did want to see where this would go.

Aaron went for a swim and I told Carren she should take up his offer of a massage. She said she didn’t think she could and was worried he would expect it to lead to sex. I assured her it was ok with me and that it would turn me on to see him rubbing her body. She didn’t reply but when Aaron came back she told him she would love a massage but it was just a massage and not to get any other ideas. Aaron assured her it was ok he loved massageing and never would he do anything to make her or me upset in any way.

So off we went back to the car park. Carren had just wrapped herself in a sarong so i knew she would be naked for the massage and Aaron pulled on some board shorts, i hoped he would be naked as well. Carren visited the ladies room at the car park which gave me an opportunity to talk with Aaron. I told him he could be sensual but respect her limits and he agreed and then i said massage her naked as i want to see her reaction, you never know.

When Carren came back i suggested her and Aaron walk through the short bush trail and get started while I pack the car and drive around to the campsite. Aaron described his van and said he would be in the annex to do the massage. I took my time and around 15 minutes had elapsed before i pulled up at the van.

As i approached the door i could see through the opening and my wife Carren was face down on the table, undraped with Aaron nude working her shoulders and back. Her arms hung each side of the table and she looked completely relaxed. As he worked on her his large cock bumped against her skin, exentutated by the fact he reached across her alot I entered quietly and felt the first stirrings of an erection as this young hunk worked on my mature wife. Carren was totally relaxed and i don’t think heard me come in.

Aaron worked down to he buttocks and legs with long sweeping strokes. As he worked the inside of her legs i swear i saw he open her legs a little to allow him to move higher. I could see her pussy lips and his hands moving ever so close so I’m sure he was getting a great view. I did notice his cock was becoming larger and beginning to stiffen. As he leaned across he arse his dick rested on her back, surly she felt it and i wondered what she was thinking. He worked for at least a half hour on her back and legs. He was defiantly turning her on as i could see the moisture on her pussy and smell her excitement. He was fully erect now and he asked her to turn over. I feared the massage would be over when she saw his cock which stood tall at least 8” and thick as a large cucumber. She rolled over looked at it and smiled, saying you like this, both of you. Aaron said he was enjoying touching her and i just nodded my head.

She closed her eyes and Aaron worked her stomach up under her large tits. Her nipples were stiffer than stiff and i knew she was enjoying herself. As Aarons hands moved up around her boobs her arm closest to him was up against his nightly cock. She pulled her arm upwards and i thought out of the way only to surprise me by lightly touching his shaft with her fingers. He took this as a sign and began massageing her nipples. He then moved behind her head and rubbed her boobs in earnest. As he did his cock was just above her face and she then grabbed it and began to pull it up and down the shaft. She moved up the table till her head was hanging over the edge and guided his knob into her mouth.

I stripped off and began pulling my cock while watching the event in front of me. She was deepthroating him now and he was fingering her pussy and playin with her nipples at the same time. Soon he pulled out of her mouth and moved around her body got beteween her legs and started to suck her hairy cunt. Carren was writhing around the table and I was on the verge of cumming. When Carren came she screamed her juices spurting out all over Aarons face. He then helped her off the table and led her inside the van. I was shocked and couldn’t move. I heard it but didn’t see it, the moment he entered her gushing sloppy box. I could hear the van rocking as he fucked her driving that big dick into her. I kept wanking and cum just as i heard him empty his balls deep inside my wife. Hard to believe it happened. On the way home Carren was upset but i assured her it was ok. She did tell me his big cock felt great inside her and she asked if she could fuck him again. What could i say but yes.

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