7 Feb 2017

Well we met mrs-cc's new friend late last year on a short break away. After a nice fun time we agreed to do it again on the next trip there. Well the time came and we had been relaxing all week around the pool, enjoying the sun. A few text messages back and forth to arrange a time and the plans were in place.

We were staying in a beautiful place, a home on the waterfront, beautiful swimming pool overlooking the water. We got a phone call to say he was out front. Mrs-cc asked how should she be waiting. I said, however you feel comfortable. I went to the front gate and met her friend. He walked with me inside and we got a drink each before heading downstairs and out the back to the pool area.

As we walked towards the back door I noticed mrs-cc's bikini top hanging on the door handle of the door to the pool. As we stepped out, there was mrs-cc in the pool, just a pair of bikini pants and her beautiful titties on display for us both to see.

He commented instantly, telling her how beautiful she looked and how impressive her titties looked, as he started to undress down to his swimmers. I stepped into the pool, and sat opposite waiting to see what would happen. As her friend took his pants off we both noticed he was already hard, just from the way he was greeted at the pool. Leaving his swimmers on he climbed in and swam over to mrs-cc where he greeted her with a long and passionate kiss. He then returned and sat on the seat next to me where we had another sip of our drinks and commented on how good she looked before he swam back over and embraced her lips again, as he slipped his hand down between her legs. She had her arms outstretched on the pools edge, leaning her head back on the edge as he worked his lips down the side of her neck before returning to sit next to me.

It was my turn next. I swam over and repeated his actions. But this time I removed her bikini bottoms leaving her completely naked in the pool. I then returned and he took his turn. This time he had pulled his pants down a little allowing his hard cock to be exposed and pushed it against her as he took her lips again. This time I watched as her hand slid down and grabbed him. It was my turn to get naked and as we had done before we swapped once again. The swapping between us, the sun beating down on her, and her friend now also naked, was taking a toll on her as her body pushed against each of us and her head fell back as she started to moan softly.

It was time, time to take her upstairs to the bedroom. I asked, "Are you ready to be fucked?" Her response, "I'm ready!"

She moved to the stairs and climbed out of the pool, fully naked, nicely tanned from the week in the sun, and took her towel to get the water off her body, leaving us two guys mesmerised as we watched her disappear into the house. We both climbed out of the pool, dried ourselves off and walked naked through the house and headed to the upstairs bedroom. As we approached the door, there she was, laying back in the pillows, knees up, legs slightly apart, and her gorgeous pussy on display. It was too much for her fuck buddy friend to resist. He walked over, and as he spread her knees further apart he lowered himself in front of her and took her sweet wet pussy in his mouth as I moved beside her and let her take me in her mouth, sucking on my hard cock. Then, as we had done in the pool it was time to swap positions and do exactly what the other had just done to her.

It wasn't long and she was asking to be fucked, we stood beside the bed and her friend reached for a condom, she sat up and just before he put it on she took a cock in each of her hands and had several turns sucking us both before pushing herself back on the bed. Her friend then rolled the condom on and moved between her legs where he entered her. I could see her back arching, her hips pushing towards him and hear the soft moans of pleasure as her eyes closed and she relaxed with him. As he pumped her slowly the sounds of her wet pussy was clear, she was horny and enjoying every moment of him. I took a few photos and put the camera down. By now their lips were locked, hips moving up and down, and they were in a moment of sexual passion. I knew it was time, time to give her the moment she likes with being a hotwife. I leant down near them and whispered to them both as they kissed, "I'll leave you two alone for a while to enjoy yourselves". She looked at me and I gave her a kiss, we smiled at each other and I headed out of the room and back down to the pool.

I left them in the room for about 20 minutes, before heading back up. As I climbed the stairs I could hear the intensity had picked up, she was moaning louder, I could here the sounds of her wet pussy being fucked, and their bodies slapping against each other. As I got to the door, he was holding her legs wide and pushed back, I could see his cock pumping in and out of her, and as I looked at her face I could see the look of pleasure, the look a woman gets that appears she's in pain, but she is in the moment of intense pleasure. I grabbed the phone and took a video of the moment, then she asked me to join them again.

We repositioned and he lay down for her to straddle him. We got her settled on top and had her riding him then we stopped her and I straddled her from behind. It was time for her to feel the two of us together as she experienced a sensual dp fucking. The moans were instant as we slid in and out of her and her body shook for a moment, before relaxing and shivering again. She reached behind her and pushed me away saying that's enough of that for now, and she took control of his cock. I took some more pics then she looked and said it was my turn. I handed her favourite little toy to her and she straddled me reverse cowgirl. It didn't take long with her toy in her handing holding it on her clitoris, her body began to tingle and squiver, as we watched her moving around and letting the feeling flow through her body as she rolled her head backwards and waited till it subsided.

It was his turn again, reverse cowgirl so I could capture her facial expressions as she had full control of how deep and how fast she wanted him until she had nothing left. She was exhausted, and I asked was she ready for us to cum. She said, "Yes please".

It was his turn first, he placed her on her back, spread her legs and layed on his side. He had her left leg resting on the bed but up above his shoulder, her right leg was straight up in the air over his hip and he fucked gently at first, taking his time to build up. Her eyes were closed, her head and neck pushed back and her hips pushing into his, her moans were loud, her body was sweating as his moans grew louder until he pushed hard against her, held her tight and I watched as he released himself into her. Holding her until he had finished. He pulled himself out, and I helped her to her knees, bent her over and took her from behind. It was time to reclaim my hotwife. Filling her myself until it was all over. He took a shower and we moved down to the lounge room for a while and just chatted. He sat beside her on the lounge as I watched my hotwife kissing him from time to time between our conversations as if they were in a loving relationship. We discussed future plans of keeping in touch and keeping the FB relationship continuing when we next get the chance.