7 Jun 2019

Lights from the disco ball reflected in a scattered surreal spectrum from the polished pole in the middle of the room. The room was one of 5 social/play focal points within the club. Situated on the ground floor were the pole dancing stage, the sex swing bedroom and the pool room which is more of a social meeting place before couples and groups moved upstairs to the more hardcore chambers which offer you a choice of an office environment leather chair and solid desk inclusive, a BDSM room and finally a large room with tv, emperor sized bed just what is required for that large group of playmates.

I was there with a group of like-minded friends and our attention was on the young fit brunette lady with her back to the pole as she put on a display of high-end erotic gyrations around and on that golden pole. Tasha is one of our group and has two paying occupations, a respectable financial trader combined with her choice as a profitable pole dancer/stripper which she describes as a hobby. Tasha has always said that this vocation is her stress reliever come gym workout with the bonus of extra cash flow.

Tasha was wearing an intimate black underwear combination having dispensed with the long coat she had worn to the club. As expected from one as young as her and her hobby, her body was one that many envied yet unable to attain. Her breasts were petite, and her calves and biceps were femininely muscular and toned.

Tasha commenced by grasping the pole with her right arm and taking 4 steps around the pole then utilising her left hand as additional support effortlessly lifted herself off the ground moving her legs at right angles to one another. Tasha completed one revolution of the pole before raising both legs until they were either side of the pole and almost horizontal. From this position her left leg and ankle encountered the pole whilst the right leg was vertical and 90 degrees to her now horizontal body. As gravity won out over the centrifugal revolutions Tasha slowly descended until her left side of the body rested upon the stage. Tasha gripped her right ankle before maneuvering it and her pelvis into the split’s formation. By closing her legs together Tasha was able to push herself up into a doggy style form. By keeping her body parallel and low to the ground whilst alternatively moving her knees towards the golden rod she projected an image of desire, of a woman seeking the goods between a man’s legs. Now that she was close she squatted at the base with her knees either side, swaying her upper torso in a rhythmic snake like action. The groups attention was heightened when in a simultaneous combination she thrust her groin against the pole while simulating fellatio with her hands and tongue. Continuing in this way for three more ascents and descents, her partner Mike moved up behind her on her last descent allowing his flat tongue to stimulate her spine as she descended. As his tongue reached the bra strap he unclasped it with his hands although the pressure Tasha was exerting on the pole retained the front of the garment. Mike continued his slow sensation upon Tasha spine until he reached her neck. From there he planted soft kisses around her neck and her ears. Evidently this was Tasha weak spot for she moved around losing her bra until mike was supporting her legs around his torso with his head amongst her uncovered breasts. Laughing and squealing she led the rest of the group upstairs leaving me alone in the room.

I had no intention of joining them as my partner and I had a pact where we only play as a couple and since she was working over 600 kms away that wasn’t going to happen tonight. Besides I was the designated driver to some of the group and saw this as an opportunity to grab a power nap.

I was sitting back with my eyes closed reminiscing about the first time my significant other and myself had gone upstairs. What started as a cunnilingus ended up as a five some with another couple and a random dude with a sizable cock. I was stirred back into the present when a couple walked into the room and closed the door behind them. There was a moment’s hesitation from them when I started to rise from the lounge as my intention was to leave the room, but the female half motioned to remain seated. This was unusual as normally when a door to a room is closed it indicates that the couple prefer the privacy for their intimate couplings.

They moved to the opposite side of the room exchanging low level talk before she moved towards the pole leaving her partner to view from the comfort of the lounge chair. Removing her sun dress exposed a white outfit that contrasted to their dark skins. As she reached for the pole she said, “My name is Belakane, my husband is Baas which translates as master in our homeland” “Enjoy the show!”

Understanding that they wanted a voyeurism experience without the physical intrusion of another I settled back and took it all in.

Belakane commenced by raising her right arm and softly grasping the pole as she bent her knees, allowing her partner to view the white g string knickers covering her fertile crescent whilst her left hand moved to cover her exposed breasts. Straighten her legs allowed her to push her chest away from the pole before she moved 180 degrees and bent over propelling her derrière towards Baas.

The beads on her micro-braided Afro-textured hair beat a rhythmic sound on the pole as she swayed her head from side to side. In that classical style of alluring women, Belakane looked over her right shoulder before slowly running a teasing tongue tip over her brown lips. Twerking her string divided ass in a slow sensual movement she moved up to the pole which cleaved between her ample breasts. Tilting her head back she was greeted to the vision of Baas removing his partly flaccid cock from within the confines of his pants. Embolden Belakane turned to face Baas whilst teasingly alternating her hands up and down her chest firstly rubbing her thumbs on her nipples followed by her forefingers and thumbs squeezing them whilst the other three fingers on each hand valiantly supported the underside of her breasts before each hand gently encircled created an opening between thumb and forefinger for her nipples to escape to. Moving her palms down her body and groin with fingers splayed, her thumbs grasped the top of her briefs. As the hands continued southwards along the front of her legs her thumbs remained hooked into her briefs slowly disrobing whilst her ass rotated to a cranial rhythm. Belakane kept her gaze on Baas occasionally inspecting the growth of his manhood.

Now that she was squatting with her G string on the floor, placing her feet in front of each one like a catwalk model she sashayed to Baas before bending over and taking his cock in her right hand. This afforded me to a wondrous view from behind that created a blood hardening affect on my own rod.

Dipping and opening her mouth to take Baas’s cock in her mouth she treated it to a couple of moist enveloping movements before her right hand commenced stroking the sufficiently lubricated object. This set the pattern for the next five minutes alternating between fellating and stroking with all combinations of hand positioning. I saw Baas’s face transforming from relaxed to guitar solo grimace as Belakane concentrated on her ministrations. When she sensed that he was close to cumming , she stopped and placed herself in a knees up , legs slightly apart position on the lounge alongside Baas. In return Baas removed his shirt and pants and placed his head in her groin. The lights reflected off the light sweat sheen on his toned ebony back as he kissed the inside of each leg from ankle to hip emphasizing tongue lashing behind the knees. Belakane’s respiration increased as the breathing took on an audible deeper intake. Baas moved towards the centre of both their desires obstructing my view. Whatever he was doing induced low moaning from the willing subject. Whether Belakane was aware of my obstructed view or lost to the sensations she vocalized Baas’s actions. “Oohh just there, move your tongue along my lips, make me moist” “Use the hard tip to stimulate my clit” “Insert your finger and caress my G spot” “More, more of that “By the sound and rapidness of her commands I sensed Belakane was approving of Baas’s loyalty to his concubine’s desires. I could see his elbow imitating the old steam locomotives as his arm transitioned backwards and forwards into her carnal tunnel at an increasing rate. Before she could scream out a train blare of approval, Baas slowed his movements to a standstill. “Aahh, thumb on my clit and finger on my spot” further reinforcing my realisation that this was designed for my benefit as well as theirs.

Not that I was complaining. Having dispensed with rubbing my cock from outside of my jeans, I allowed my member to see the action for itself. Alerted to movement from the players I was treated to a side on view as they positioned into a classic missionary copulation. I am a straight man but the sight of a strong black cock inserting itself into a willing moist pussy is one of the most arousing vistas available.

Baas moved his 7-inch cock slowly in Belakane’s pussy fashioning a face of action. Her eyes closed, her nostrils flared, and an inhalation of breath formed pockets in her cheeks. In response Baas hips transformed his primordial requirements into slow deliberate thrusts contrasting with rapid withdrawals. Belakane’s pelvic region moved of its own wantonness seeking to recapture what had recently escaped. The cycle of debauchery escalated only to be interrupted by Baas’s deep chesty roar of “I’m done!!” signaled the cum shot. He remained buried in her pussy whilst his ass cheeks clench in a vain effort to push more seminal fluids from within. When the lactic acids finally overcome the minimal strength left in his limbs, did he allow his body to lay upon the lounge. Belakane being far from sated, initiated a second round of foreplay absorbing that partly flaccid black cock into her wide mouth cleaning the combined juices whilst reinstating it to a state of semi rigidity. I was privileged to view her left hand working on her pussy, stroking and swiping to maintain her arousal. My ministrations on my cock were relatively subdued as I did not wish to end my pleasure too quickly. When she was gratified with the state of his cock, she mounted him reverse cowboy style. Pleased that I was stroking my cock she matched her rhythm to mine. She may not have been adept at a dancing pole but that was trivial compared to the workout on Baas’s pole.

As I stroked faster she kept pace rebounding until she added an extra level of eroticism by twerking her ass whilst maintaining her vision on me. That was too much for me as I sprouted cream from my mushroom. Only slacking her pace to a slow beat, she circled her brown lipstick painted mouth with her tongue before uttering a question in a cock stirring voice

“Do you need help to clean up?”

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