Written by Slutwife

12 Apr 2015

My hubby and I just returned from a cruise in the South Pacific. We unfortunately didn't realise it was school holidays when we booked so the chances of play seemed limited when we boarded and found most of our travelling partners where older people or families.

Second night out we noticed a guy who seemed to be on his own enjoying Music Manila in Club Cool. He was checking out the ladies but most including me were with our partners. The next day I saw him at breakfast with two teenagers both boys say 13 and 14 or so but no wife or partner. Ships are funny things as you run into the same people all the time and we saw him a number of times during the day and again at dinner where he and his boys were seated at a nearby table. The boys took off after eating heading i guess to the teen club they have on board. I went back to my room to tart up a bit to see if i could get his attention if we ran into him later that night. On went a low cut top and tight jeans with killer heals.

We went to the show in the lounge and then to club cool and he was there again. He noticed me as we walked in and we sat at a table near him. In the bands break i struck up a conversation and invited him to our table. Drinks flowed and we found out he was divorced and as guessed on holiday with his boys but as they are teens they didn't hang with him much. His name was Michael and he was surprisingly 44 years old. I must say he didn't look that old and was fit and tanned. Being 10 years older than myself didn't put me off as I am turned on by older men and as the night wore on i was getting wet thinking about how to get this guy into bed with me. He went of to the restroom and i told my Husband Dave I wanted to fuck Michael so he knew what to expect.

When Mike came back Dave went off to the loo and I asked Mike if he expected to pick up on the cruise. He laughed and said he had thought he might before boarding but seeing all the families and no single women in the bars his chances were looking like a big no way. I then asked him how his sex life was and he said he hadn't had any sex since he split from his wife 3 years before. I then told him that I had noticed him and invited him over because Dave an I had an open Marriage and were swingers. He was a little taken back by this comment saying he wasn't bi so if thats what we had in mind he wasnt interested.

I assured him that wasnt the case, that Dave sometimes joined sometimes watched or stayed away if thats what was needed. Mike said I was very attractive and that he loved my big tits and would love to in his words "fuck me silly" he didnt think he could go down the threesome route or even the watching not the first time anyway. I said thats ok Dave will go to the casino if you want to join me for a while in my cabin.

Soon Mike and myself were entering my cabin and as soon as the door shut he kissed me. It was a very nervous kiss and he said he didn't believe this was happening. I took his hand and placed it on my boob and felt his cock through his pants while telling him i couldn't wait to suck him. Clothes flew off hands all over each other and soon he sat on the bed with me kneeling slowly licking his very solid cock from balls to tip. It was only an average 6" weapon not thin but not fat and as i reached the tip it slipped between my lips and i sucked it all the way in. A very sloppy and slutty blowjob followed resulting in Mike's cum slipping down my throat in a very short time.

He then lay me on the bed and treated me to and all over tongue bath sucking my large nipples hard something that really turns me on. Soon he was between my legs sucking my wet cunt for all it was worth. He had an excellent technique just enough clit pressure to bring me to an early orgasm followed by two more shortly after.

He was hard again and soon came up and entered me in one stroke I was so wet. We fucked missionary, Doggy, reverse cowboy and me on top before he unloaded another load this time all over my big tits. He rubbed his cum in to them and we lay together holding each other for a while. He showered and dressed while i stay naked and he said he would like to do it again.

I said it was possible but Dave would have to watch next time. He was cool with that he said. I also said we would be looking for any other possible swingers on board and if we found them he could come and join the party. That was night three of ten and we did have one more night of fun later in the cruise that will be part 2.