Written by Slutwife

23 Apr 2015

The night with Mike excited me so much I felt we should try and seek out others while on the rest of the cruise. It would be hard but we had found partners to play in all sought of situations before so I was confident of at least one more night of debauchery. I noticed in the Fun Times, the onboard newspaper that each day there was a gathering of GLBT people so i decided to attend to see if we might find at least a Bi girl for a threesome. Dave had seen a lady he thought may be a prospect and was going to see if he could strike up a conversation and suss out any possible interest even if it was just a one on one with him.

The meeting was well attended to my surprise, with a number of Lesbians a couple of gays and myself and Lisa a 19 year old bi. Lisa and I gravitated towards each other after the meeting was over and we went to the fountain cafe for a talk. Lisa was tall and thin not unattractive but not striking either. Small breasted with great long brown legs hanging out of her short shorts. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a riveting smile i could tell right from the start that this girl lusted for me and especially my big boobs, she couldn’t keep her eyes off them.

Lisa was onboard with her boyfriend and was looking at her prospects as they regularly indulged in threesomes to satisfy her desire for women. Her boyfriend always joined in and had sex with both women in these situations. It was decided to meet after dinner in the Artists Lounge and discuss the prospects of getting together for some fun.

Meeting back up with Dave he was excited to tell me about Janine a lady he had met by the pool. Janine was onboard with 3 kids ranging from 12 down to 9, was a single mum and as Dave described a BBW. Janine was a size 14 but pretty with large breasts and long brown hair. She had told Dave it was her first holiday with the kids since the divorce and she had been hoping for a few more singles on board so she could have some adult fun. A few questions later and Dave found out that Adult fun wasn’t drinking and adult company but rather Janine was hoping to break the drought and get laid.

He told her our story and how Mike had fucked me last night and added that we planned a little party tonight with at least us three and she was welcome to come if she wanted. Janine said she had never been involved in group sex but it sounded like fun and in her words she was fucking horny. She too would organise baby sitting with another family she had met who had kids the same age as hers and meet us after dinner.

We arrived at the Artists Bar and Lisa and boyfriend Karl was there. Karl was tall skinny and blonde a perfect match for Lisa I thought. Mike arrived next followed by Janine and we ordered drinks and got to know each other. I sat on a sofa with Lisa and Karl while Janine was enjoying the company of Dave and Mike. After an hour or so Dave suggested that those who wanted to join us should come with us to our cabin and happily we all made the way to the lift and up two decks to our cabin.

Our cabin was a larger balcony one with a king bed and sofa and there was enough room for us all. Lisa, Karl and I sat on the sofa while the others on the bed. Conversation hushed and Lisa kissed me softly at first then with more passion. Hands where all over each other while Karl just watched his girl and I making out. I had never been with a woman before so this was exciting me and my panties were soaked just from some groping and kissing. We had forgotten about the others involved in our own lust until Janine began moaning. Lisa and I looked to the bed to see her naked with Dave feasting on her large areola while Mike was Dining at the Y. Both guys were naked as well sporting erections. Lisa had hold of Dave's cock wanking him while Mike had her on the brink of her first post marriage orgasm.

Lisa and Karl took this as a sign to get serious and they both began to remove my clothes. When naked except for my 6”heels Lisa lay me face down on the bed besides Janine who was now being fucked by Mike while sucking Dave’s cock like a seasoned whore. Lisa then kissed up inside my legs and soon was buried in my pussy as i raised my body up to meet her slurping tongue. My clit was throbbing at this new sensation and my nipples hurt they were so hard, I was cuming not multiple but continuos. Karl had stripped by this and I looked up through glazed eyes and saw his magnificent manhood, what a surprise. This skinny young guy sported a cock that was around 8’ long but was thicker than i had ever seen. I only managed to get the head and around 1” in my mouth it was so thick.

After a while Lisa and I exchanged places this time with her lowering her bald pussy down on my face while i lay on my back. I tasted pussy for the first time but it seemed so natural and I knew how to find the places that had Lisa moaning and writhing on my face. Karl had entered me and i now had my cunt stretched more than ever before and after i adjusted to the width he began fucking me with long strong strokes. I was in heaven and so was Janine who now was being doubled next to me with Dave fucking her upturned arse while Mike was in her sloppy cunt.

We all came and rested then Dave and Mike both fucked Lisa while Janine nearly passed out with Karl ramming his tree log into her. I sucked Janine’s pussy and her much bigger than my tits and swallowed a load from Mike. Janine had to go collect her kids and could hardly walk. She lives near us so we promised to keep in touch. The others live interstate so this was to be a one only time so we all slept together in our room that night. Not much sleeping however for Lisa or myself as the guys kept waking and in turn fucking one or the other of us. A great night to end the cruise. I am now bi and I still love big cocks even if they are getting bigger.