8 Jul 2017

I have been married for over 30 years to a very lovely, sexy woman. Over the past 10 years my wife and I have enjoyed a very upgraded sexual scene. It is so hot, my wife, she will go out with a male lover or lovers, then come home to me. I get so excited, even overwhelmed, when she brings home her ravaged, bald pussy, full of her sexy lovers cum, drops her panties and she has me suck her sloppy, full cunt, clean.

I just love it when I am at work and she phones me, she may well have one or two of her male friends over and she teases me over the phone, I can hear her filthy sex talk, her sexual suggestions, I listen to her, on my mobile phone, as she is being fucked by them. Sometimes I sit in a toilet cubicle and masturbate while I’m listening, I will slip a condom over my cock and cum in it, then I bring my sperm flooded condom home to show her how excited I was and just how much cum I had spilled for her.

When we finally meet at home, my promiscuous wife meets me at our door and kisses me, her tongue tastes like her lovers cock and his strong cum, even her warm breath seems saturated in his semen. My cock gets hard as a flag pole, as I drag her into our bedroom and throw her down, she will take the condom out of my hand. This part is so brilliant, so sexy. I love to watch her as she sluttily opens the condom and pour’s the seminal contents onto her open, hammered, pussy. My semen is then rubbed and mixed in with all the other fresher cum, in her cunt. I dive on her; I lick her and “Oh the pleasure” I receive from lapping up the combined sexual fluids, male and female. It’s really funny how many different textures of semen there are, I really love fresh cum, the rich, thick and white, fresh cum that flows out of her pussy in clumps is delicious. But even the thin clear, earlier delivered, sperm is good too. There are also a lot of different colours of sperm from bright white cum, to even a shade of yellow. I myself prefer the creamy white cum.

I am down on my knees, between her legs, in seconds, I mash my whole face into her cunt. I smear her cum all over my face as I ravage her pounded cunt with my tongue; I suck and lick every drop of cum off and out of her. I just love how her cunt is so hotly stretched and red, from all the fucking. I lean up and whisper into her ear how great she taste’s and how I do love her pussy so “cream filled” well fucked and stretched wide open.

I love teasing her cum coated clit. When I softly suck on her clit, how spreads her legs wide, she lays herself out flat and moans with delight. Many times she has her lovers ream her arse, she is a real fan of anal sex. Her round arse will be slapped red and she will be anally gaped open. I will stick my whole tongue right onto her loose anus, some the thick hot cum will still be coating the outside of her damaged anal hole.

Don’t get me wrong, I lust to fuck my wife, but I love to wait in turn and that is usually after everybody else fucks her. I love that they want her, need her. The texts and calls are now so frequent. When they have used her and sated their male lust, I go crazy with my lust for her, the more men that go through her, the more they lust her, the more I want her myself. I suck their loads cum out of her pussy and off her arse, I love putting my face into her spermy cunt and inhaling the sexual scent. I will use my fingers to scoop from deep against her cunt walls and cervix, any remaining cream, licking my fingers, not wasting a drop...

I will then throw her over and fuck her like a wild man. I fuck the living daylights out of her cum coated body and creamed pussy.

Her lovers have often watched me slip down between her legs and push my face into her well used, spunk-flooded pussy. Much of the time they are stroking their cocks, watching us and when I’m done licking her cunt and arse, when I have finally fucked her to an orgasm myself, they are ready and willing to service her again, ready to plant their remaining seed, thickly, over the top of my cum.

After her lovers leave she always remains real horny, when we are alone, she will want me to fuck her, one last time. She knows good and well that before I can rise to the occasion and can cum again, I will need to hear her tell me how she is going to force me to suck my own cum from her hot cunt. She drives me crazy. I love to hear her recite to me about her fucking a guy with a fat veiny cock or big long, gut punching cock and then having me clean her pussy and arse afterwards, I am always excited, fucking her stretched out, ruined cunt. She always manages to get me hard.

My wife loves my tongue and mouth action on her pussy. The other night we sat on our couch, she was teasing me, saying that it turned her on to think about me sucking other man’s cock. As she spoke, she moved had her hand down and undid her jeans, she pushed her hand into her lace panties, toying with her pussy as she continued talking to me.

A wet spot appeared on the gusset of her panties and I knew right away she was already horny. After minimal encouragement from me, she pulled her jeans and panties off, spread her legs wide open, I dropped down onto my knees, I ate her up, she was wet and delicious and licked her saturated pussy. She tasted different that night, very sweet. Then, I thought to myself as I ate her, this was the first time I had eaten her pussy in ages, that she didn’t have sperm in herself. I definitely like her better, fucked, stretched out and with a sourer, salty cum load in her cunt.

My wife had an ongoing fantasy, she wanted me to suck cock, she wanted me to put on a show for her. My wife did not let up with her fantasy and one evening she set about bringing my cock sucking to reality. Mark, a regular friend, was invited over. My wife could not stop smiling, saying I was in for a hot night. Mark came in and sat down on our bed, beside my wife, she reached over and unzipped his pants and snaked her fingers into the opening and pulled out his big fat cock. She had obviously already told Mark that she wanted me to suck his cock.

I started to object and started protesting but she would not relent, my wife was horny as hell and she would not be denied her fantasy. She had decided that I needed to taste cum straight from his cock, so she urged me, gently moving the back of my head to his exposed, bulging erection. I just went with it, I wanted her to have her show, to have her fantasy. I opened up I sucked his cock. Mark was keen and stuffed his stiff cock into my mouth as I started bobbing my head up and down on his dick, I was surprised how much I enjoyed him myself.

Mark was enthusiastic now; he had his hands on my head and was punching his hard cock in and out, reaming of my mouth. My wife had now sat back and was seemingly fascinated, watching our show. She smiled and verbally encouraged me to suck and lick my first cock. I really did find myself enjoying the feel of his hard cock sliding in my mouth and I really wanted to turn my wife on, way more.

So I went all in. I wrapped one hand around Mark’s massive cock, jacking hard, and took my other hand and started finger fucking my own arse. Before long I had two fingers stuck up my ass and my excited wife dropped to her knees, now sucking my cock as I sucked Mark’s cock. I looked sideways, never letting go of Mark’s erection. I watched from the corner of my eye, my wife licking her finger, then pressing that finger up Mark’s arse in one sudden move. All of a sudden his cock swelled up, he exploded in hot orgasm, and it seemed like he pumped litres of cum into my willing mouth.

I went nuts and swallowed every drop; I sucked his cock till he went soft. My wife went cocksucking crazy and I orgasmed myself, my cock cumming, I was suddenly blowing wildly, all down my wife’s deep throat. It was an amazing evening that I am sure we will never forget.

Since that afternoon I have sucked a lot of cocks, my wife would bring her lovers home and I would suck their cocks in front of her, then she would have them fuck her. It always makes her horny to see a big fat cock wedged in my hungry mouth. One time she had two of her regulars over, I had both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I rubbed their cock heads together in my mouth and both of them orgasmed simultaneously; my wife had her tongue in my mouth kissing me, within seconds of the double delivery. My wife called it a “double shot” of delicious fuck fluid. These days, now it turns out, we both love watching each other suck strange men. Sometimes now we go out to a roadside dogging spot we like and settle ourselves in the back area, and just see how many cocks each of us can get through in one evening. It kind of makes us horny letting all the men move around us as we “suck off” one cock after another. We seem pretty popular and I’m told I give a good head, one bloke even said better than my wife, but I don’t know, maybe she was just distracted when she blew him, she can certainly suck me to heaven! All I do know is I love to watch her suck and fuck other men and she loves it when I now to suck their cocks too. What a horny woman...

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