30 Dec 2016

We had our first meet a few weeks back, in a hotel in Parramatta. Their first ever swinging meet within their marriage and I was lucky to be their chosen Bull for the night. I walked in and shook his hand, she was sat at the end of the room looking nervous but ravishing in a sexy body outfit and stockings with sexy slutty heels. I walked over, told her how sexy she was and proceeded to kiss her and run my hands over her sexy outfit and panty covered arse. That night was a night of firsts for them; another man fucking the wife, another man letting the cuckold hubby suck his dick, eating his wifes pussy after I had filled it, her first time sucking two cocks into her mouth and finishing with a DVP, two cocks fucking her in her pussy before I rolled her over and pumped into her while she lay face down, unable to move as I violently fucked her hard from behind and came inside her married slut pussy.

This time it was during the day at their home, kids at school, other families going about their lives all around us in their homes, me taking a long lunch break for a 'meeting' :) Hubby out working while his sexy wife was at home, waiting for her new Bull to turn up and use her.

I arrived on time, was welcomed in to an open door with a very sexy slut wife dressed up for me behind the door. She looked fucking hot, so damn fuckable, still a little bit nervous but that was part of the turn on. We went into the living room and I asked if she was ready to be treated like a slut, to be used by me, to try and gag on my big dick before I fucked her wet married pussy. She nodded her agreement as we kissed, then I pushed her down to my dick which was now released from my trousers and she set to work sucking me, looking up at me as she took as much of my thick dick into her mouth. This is what I wanted, a sexy wife needing a big thick cock to satisfy her. I pushed her away as I completed undressing myself and told her to get over to the sofa.

She lay back on the sofa, spreading her stockinged thighs as I got between her and tasted her wet married pussy, licking her clit and making her cum before we had even started fucking. As she climbed down from her fist cum I slid my thick cock into her pussy.....all the way in with one long stroke, touching her cervix at the bottom. As she gasped and got used to the feeling of being full I slowly pumped her, kissing her and telling her just how sexy she looked as I fucked her. Continuing to pump her wet pussy she pushed up against me, feeling her second orgasm spread through her, I knew it exactly as she came, her gushing juices against my thighs and balls as I fucked her hard with my Bull dick. Now she needed a quick break, some water and a inhale of her water mist to quench the dryness in her throat.

As we talked I was rubbing her arse, feeling her sexy thighs in those stockings and moved her towards the table, trying to feed my ever hard cock into her wet pussy again but not quite getting the right angle due to her high slutty heels....but it was fun trying. So then, as we stood in her kitchen, my cock in her hand as we chatted, in walked hubby from work. Seeing his wife dressed like a sexy slut with a naked man in their own kitchen must have been a big turn on. We shook hands again, quite surreal given the situation then she said that she wanted us both in their bedroom and so we all went, me naked and hubby getting naked as she came in and lied down ready to be devoured by two men, two cocks, two pairs of hands and two tongues.

The next hour was a blurred session of cock sucking, both of them tasting my cock and kissing each other while keeping me hard with their mouths. Her taking my cock repeatedly, in all positions as he kept up the cleaning duties and also ensuring I was hard for his wifes pussy. Fucking her while they were in a 69, him licking her pussy and sucking my cock was sublime, so damn sexy and so powerful in an erotic sense. She could see herself in the mirror, while I pinched and bit her hard nipples, pulling her hair back as I fucked her hard from behind then then, finally, as she was riding my hard cock and hubby was sliding in behind her to give her yet another DVP double Vaginal penetration. She looked so sexy, so fuckable, so slutty and yet was the one in charge making sure two men satisfied her. As we both fucked her pussy and I sucked those hard nipples I couldn't stop myself from cumming in her wet married pussy with my thick load.......then hubby came and as she climbed off me he swiftly got between her legs and cleaned her wet married pussy of all our combined juices.

That was my 'meeting' complete so I got showered and left them alone as I returned to work.....you gotta love a sexy daytime fuck session!!

Who's next?? :)