Written by Goodtimes4me

11 Feb 2014

My wife Denise had known Sharon & Ian since her childhood, Sharon was about 7 yrs older than Denise and like an older sister Sharon was very close to Denise. They had always been very close friends but as is the case, you never ever really know someone do you. We used to spend many nights at their place where we'd play board games with them and a small group of friends, where we had many wonderful evenings drinking and enjoying each others company. One evening I noticed that Ian was paying particular attention one of our female friends Alyssa. They were just fooling around but you could feel the sexual tension between them as flirted back and forth. Alyssa's partner Eddy didn't seem to mind and in fact he was casually flirting with Sharon. I decided to keep an eye on them and watch to see where things would go. After copious amounts of wine we all ended up in Ian and Sharons spa. On previous evenings when we'd taken a dip we'd always kept our clothes on but on this occasion Ian and Eddy just stripped off and jumped in followed by Sharon and Alyssa. Denise and I were dumbfounded as we'd never seen anyone naked in the spa ever. Sharon was urging us to join them but I could see that Denise was hesitant and embarassed, I on the other hand dropped my clothes and leapt in, thats when Denise gave me a scowl and spinning on her heels walked off. Mmmmmm I thought, thats not good but a that point I didn't really care. Anyway, Sharon being the good friend that she was, jumped up and ran aft her leaving me with the other three who were obviously indulging in some adult entertainment. I was mesmerised as I spun around and my eyes fell upon Alyssa's body for the first time, she was tall and slim with wavy brown hair, she had a smattering of freckles covering her shoulders and her breasts were a nice B cup size with rock hard nipples. Eddy had positioned her upon his cock cowgirl style and Ian was feasting on her rock hard nipples, her eyes were closed as she rocked back and forth. I was stunned but felt my own cock spring to life. Not sure of my position I just sat across from them stroking my cock, it was awesome to watch and I soon had my cock in hand as I masturbated whilst enjoying the scene in front of me. Ian suddenly stood up and offered his hard cock to Alyssa to suck, she didn't hesitate as she took his 7 inches deep into her mouth. The look on Ian's face told me that he was getting some awesome head whilst the look on Alyssa's face told me she was close to orgasm, Eddy was also close to cumming as he'd lifted her slightly and was now pumping for all he was worth. I couldn't stand it any longer and stood up and walked over to them with my cock in hand. Nobody missed a beat or blinked an eyelid as I stood next to them thrashing my cock like a mad man. Ian was first to cum and let out a loud roar as he filled Alyssa's mouth with his jism, she swallowed in one gulp and then gestured for me to take Ian's place, unfortunately i never made it to her mouth as I was so turned on I shot my load all over her chest as I got ready feed her my cock. Eddy came next and pumped her full of his seed before Alyssa let out a low guttural moan as her whole body shook as her orgasm arrived. We all just sat there catching our breath, what a sight! My mind was drifting but was soon bough back to reality by Sharon's return where she informed me that Denise was packing to leave. Grabbing my things I quickly caught up with her in the drive way before having a very quiet trip home.......... To be continued.......