Written by Goodtimes4me

16 Feb 2014

The anticipation was excruciating as Denise and I went about our week. We stuck to our usual routines without any reference to the weekend. We abstained from sex, which in hindsight seemed strange but helped both of us to mentally prepare, so finally saturday arrived and we went through our morning ritual of soccer with the kids before dropping them off at the in-laws.

Denise spent longer than usual getting ready as she busied herself in the bathroom, she looked smoking hot as she dressed. I nearly had my way with her on the bedroom floor as I watched my wife dress, her mousy blonde hair, blue eyes, B cup breasts, her pussy with its tiny strip just above her clit and her long legs that I loved, she really did look as good as the day I'd met her 18 years earlier. Finally we were ready, we kissed then travelled...

Ian and Sharon are gracious hosts and met us at the door with drinks and greeting kisses that lingered longer than usual, handshakes became caresses that cut through the sexual tension that invaded the air.

Ian dragged me aside and gave me a few little ground rules about the evening and warned me not to have any inflated expectation of things to come and that as an experienced swinger he told me that the girls usually dictated the ebb and flow of the night and that Sharon and him would respect any boundaries we didn't want to cross.

The night contunued like any other we'd had previously enjoyed in Ian and Sharon's company, however the sexual innuendo ruled the conversation and became the perfect partner to the wine we were enjoying so it was a surprise when Denise took the lead and suggested we head to the spa. I stood there stunned as she grabbed Ian's hand and headed out to the spa that is situated on their patio adjacent the pool. Sharon refreshed the drinks and we followed in time to watch Denise disrobe by the spa, she didn't have a care in the world as the 3 of us watched in awe as she stripped for our benefit, she looked stunning and Ian and Sharon both gave approving glances as she stood before us naked. Denise climbed in followed by Ian whilst Sharon stripped in front of me. Sharon is almost a twin of Denise despite their 7 yrear age gap yet the difference is that Sharon is a brunette with long brown hair, olive skin thanks to her maltese parentage, nice C cup breasts with long pointy nipples, a cleanly shaved pussy and legs to die for. I stripped and followed her in, eventually sitting opposite to Ian and Denise. The wine and the sexual tension soon broke down our inhibitions and Sharon reached up and grabbed my face, we kissed, gently at first, probing, tasting, our tongues searching. Her lips gently colliding with mine as we continued our search, our passion becoming stronger and stronger, our hands exploring new skin, nooks and crannies, intimate places, touching, feeling, enjoying each other. We became frantic as our passion grew more intense, our tongues entwined, our faces joined as one....we breathed, and for the first time I was able to see Ian and Denise. My wife, my love, my soul, in the embrace of another man, my heart skipped, my breathing stopped, I felt jealous for the first time, but my cock was harder than it had ever been and I couldn't take my eyes off her and Ian as they fought with each other, writhing in ecstacy. Sharon drew my attention back to her as she lowered my head to waiting nipple, it was hard, like a tiny penis, yet soft...I nibbled and sucked on her erect nipple, she whimpered, I alternated between the two. I heard a familar sound, Denise moaning, I knew it well. Sharon had eased herself up onto the edge of the spa where I saw her clit poking its tiny head out of its hood. My tongue traced its way along her inner thigh causing her to squirm as her hands pushed on my head, urging it towards its goal. I could smell her sweet musky scent as my tongue probed, reaching its goal, her clit quivered to my touch, it was hard, I flicked it, Sharon moaned, my fingers eased open her tube and her juices smothered my hands, my face. Her hands were now forcing my face into her thighs, my hands stabbed deep into her pussy, I slowly worked a finger to the entrance of her arse, she pushed back, I pushed it inside. Sharon was really urging me on as my tongue and fingers were busy pounding, ramming, pushing, probing. My tongue was beating on her clit as her moans became louder and louder, I sensed she was about to come as her thighs closed in around my head. She came hard, her juices gushing into my face, her body arched and went stiff, beautiful, so beautiful. We remained bound as she eventually came down off her high, her clit was engorged and tender as I let go, we kissed, our tongues searching again.

I turned around...the sight was amazing, Denise was similarly seated on the edge of the spa and Ian was buried deep between her thighs, her head thrown back, her breasts stiff and glowing. It was something I'd seen before, it was an amazing sight. I couldn't take my eyes off the scene, Denise was on the edge and moaned loudly as her orgasm hit her sending ripples through her body, she gripped Ian's head. I couldn't move, my eyes transfixed, so horny, so erotic....and it was only the start...my cock twitched! to be continued.....