Written by sb36

14 Jun 2011

Hi all - i wanted to tell you all about my experience while swinging in the UK.

I had met this great horny couple from Newcastle Upon Tyne and had played with them on a number of occasions, Viki was a very naughty girl who loved cock and was happy to have her hubby watch and join in as we played.

On the night in question we met up at thiers and as always i kissed Viki and started to caress her sexy breasts as J went and got the drinks. when he returned Vijki and myself where slowly stripping each other and my cock was rock hard as always lol.

J started to undress as well and came over and started sucking Viki's breasts. She was getting very hot and bothered so i moved down and started licking and fingering her pussy. Now Viki loved me teasing her as i was the only person ever to make her squirt and God did she squirt when i hit the right spot :).

So as i licked and teased J fed his cock into her mouth and started getting a nice horny BJ, I then turned Vicki over and eased deep inside her doggy style while she kept sucking her Husband. we got int a nice rythm and for about 40 mins swapped a few times making Viki cum several times before J filled her mouth with hot sperm.

Like the good and greedy girl she was she swallowed it all. so while J was resting i continued to play with Viki fucking her and kissing and teasing her as J watched on the side of the bed and wanked a bit. (he loved watching my thick cock slide in and out of his wife).

After he slowly got hard again he did something that shocked me but i think he had planned it with Viki. as i was fucking her slow doggy style he got under and started licking her pussy as i slid in and out. my balls banging his chin lol. my cock slid out of her wet pussy a few times and he guided it back in. as we started getting faster and faster and she built up another orgasm i slid out again. J then stuck his tongue deep in her pussy and she shuddered a bit then to my surprise he grabbed my rock hard cock and deep throated me. sucking my cock deep into his mouth and sucked it for a few long seconds before easing it deep inside Viki again.

I was so so horny i didnt care and i just needed to explode. with that i pounded deep iside Viki and came for my life (we had been swinging as a 3some for over 2 years so there was a lot of trust between us) as i filled her she came and J pulled my cock out and sucked it nice and clean licking all my cum and Viki's juices off it. he then proceeded to lick my warm cum from her pussy.

It was so so hot. as he coninued cleaning us both up me and Viki kissed and watched.

Lets just say it was my first induction into mild Cuckold sex and it was so good - we played several times like that before i moved to Aus.

Oh how i miss those days :):):)