30 Jun 2017

An ardent "Swingers" admirer has been chasing my wife and wanting her for "soooo" long and on our return this week, we all finally got the chance!

This was the not the first time that we’ve connected with a "Swingers" fan and my wife had an amazing, really hot, fucking session with this new man!

There was excitement and nervousness, even a bit of awkwardness leading up to this interlude but that quickly melted away after I answered the door, we chatted briefly and when I led him into our bedroom.

She was already waiting for him, laid out on our bed, in her sexy little black stretch lace playsuit with chiffon shorts, clinging to her curvy body. Our bedroom has been the scene of so many hot sessions, it is such a thrill to sleep in our bed every night, knowing our mattress's erotic history. They chatted for a few minutes while I turned on the "Go Pros" one on each side of our room, I stepped out for a moment to bring back some water, to give him a chance to get naked and a few minutes of privacy to begin to get intimate with my wife...

When I walked back in, they were well underway getting intimate, even making out. He had her bent over his body. Her body obscured my view of his promised erection, but I could tell her hand was firmly gripping and stroking his rigid cock as they kissed. Her back was arched, her playsuit chiffon shorts were pushed up and to the side, making her arse and pussy available to his probing fingers. The squelch from her pussy exposed her liquid excitement.

By the time I had the second Go Pro set up he now had her on her back with her head up on the pillows, he had dove in and from her closed eyes and writhing, he was eating her pussy really fucking well. I managed to take some "Snapchat" videos of her close-up facial expressions, her pure bliss, while he was eating her pussy out. It was unbelievable to watch.

I left the room briefly, when I came back in he had positioned himself to the other side of the bed and she was vigorously sucking his cock…..This is the first moment I had seen his cock and was amazed how fucking thick he really was. He had promised us a thick cock, and he had shown us pictures to prove it before we had agreed to meet, but in person his cock was something else, really impressive. My wife was definitely a fan, as she sucked away at his super thick, veiny organ and I knew right then, she was in for a major treat. I left them to it...

I had some local works to complete anyway, but I knew I would not be able to hold out too long. I leant in and kissed her goodbye, she nearly ate my tongue.

I was nearly insane with lust at the two hour point, they certainly took their time but she finally texted me he was gone, "Please honey, I need you here" I quickly completed my last task and drove very quick, back to her.

When I walked in, she was destroyed. But I had her sucking my cock, within seconds, with little regard for her reamed condition. She does her best to give me the sexy erotic details of her total fucking, now eating my mouthful of cock. By the time she tells me all the details of her luscious fucking, she has my cock a soupy wet saliva and precum mess. I turn her around and push her down onto our ruined bed and she quickly obliged. I peeled off and briefly inspected her soiled and stained chiffon satin panties, laying her back. I watched her teasingly open and play with her raw, glistening, well used pussy for a few moments, for my benefit, that’s all that time it took to see she had a flooded cummy pussy. Her pussy was glistening with cum and in my mind's eye, I imagined the various acts she had performed to achieve the precious 3 loads of cum she told me he had pumped into her cunt….

It was horny to imagine his straining body fucking her and his spunking deliveries, but fuck me, it was a horny sight to see, all that delivered semen, he had spread and sprayed into her, for me.

I could not wait to slurp her new mans hot sticky cum out of her sweet pussy, then fuck her myself.

I lowered my face between her thighs, as both her hands now reached down, eagerly guiding my head....