Written by first 3 some

6 Dec 2010

I had worked with Dave for some time and were friends with him, and he often spent time with us at out home, my wife who is a great looking lady, good body and even nicer boobs, and I had never spoken about having a 3some with Dave or any other guy, so what happened this night was a surprise to us all,

my slef and Dave were playing noughts and crosses , whilst Lin read a book, it was a cool night and she was wearing jeans and a jumper, as the night wore on dave and I run out of paper to use, so I cheeckily started to do the lines for our game, on her tummy, by pulling her jumper up a bit, soon we ran out of usable tummy, so I pulled her jeans legs up and drew on her legs, in ball point pen lol, and we continued to play noughts and crosses,, again all to soon her flesh was covered in lines etc, so I pulled her jumper of and we continued once more on the now ample flesh around her boobs, with the crosses seeming to grow with each game, so of came her bra,, she laughed but put up no resistance, so now with nice big e cup boobs to play on our game slowed but was oh so interesting now to Dave, it was with a bit of disapointment I rolled her over to start on herback, but those games went fast, and we neededmore fresh flesh , so of came the jeans all together and once more space was found, my wife seemingly putting up with us playing on her, but i could see she was getting arroused too, my cock was already hard in my trousers, and Im sure Daves was too, so it was no surprise to Lin when we took her knickers of to and carried on, my wife was now tottally naked in front of us and crovered in ink and 2 horny guys next to her, well with every incj of her body dranw on my wife said, well whats next guys, with a smile on her face I knew she was horny and ready for any thing, so i moved for her to slide my cock out of mytrousers and start to play with it, soon slipping her mouth over my hard rod and sucking it deep, Dave was now sucking on her boobs and easing his cock out of his trousers too, he was some 10 years younger than us, at 18 years old, but he didnt mind, Lin soon took his cock deep in her mouth and i saw his eyes light up, it was his first blow job, his face lit up and a smile went across his face,

i stripped of and pulled Lin up on her knees, so she could stay locked on his cock, as i slid my rod deep into her wet pussy, slowly but firmly I fucked her, whilst she continued to suck his cock, I didnt say any thing, but moved Lin around so Dave could now slide his cock into her pussy, as he did my cock took over pounding her mouth, all too soon dave was ramming her hard, he was in heaven, we know he had been with a girl ,but it seemed, maybe not fully yet, Lin was enjoying his fucking her, so I lay down and went under her, and licked her clit, i know she just loves being eaten and with a cock in her pussy at the same time, it didnt take long before I heard her start to moan and cum, this seemed to work on Dave to as he shoot his load deep inside her, both of them shaking and groaning as they enjoyed thier first cum, together,

I slide out and took over filling her pussy with my cock, which now had one thing on its mind, to also fill her pussy with hot cum, dave lay back , but Lin took to his cock with her mouth sucking every last drop out of him, this sight was to much for me and with one long hard trust my cock unloaded 2 full balls of hot cum deep in her, we lay talking for awhile after wards, i think in a little bit of shock in some ways, but being young and horny, our cocks soon rose to full size again, this time we took turns fucking and playing with Lin, her mouth was stuffed full of cock, whilst her pussy was worked hard too, my second cum going deep down her thourt as Dave once more filled her pussy, , and after another rest and play, we switched with dave filling her mouth with his third load, my cock, blowing over her boobs, as he did, and much to my surprise lin and dave rubbed it into her boobs,

we then looked at Lin covered in ink from head to toe, and cum over her boobs, and a puddle of cum on the carpet from her pussy, and laughed, saying whos going to get all that ink of her, mmmmmmmmm it was ful and some how we did clean her up, and chatted about the next time