10 Oct 2018

I am going to join B and S for the first time. We have exchanged messages on SH and texts, but I have never spoken to them.  They have sent me pics.  They are an attractive couple.  We are meeting in a hotel room.  I feel excited on the drive down.  My mind is racing over all the things I expect to happen.  My cock is hard.  I am doing my best to stay calm by listening to the radio on the drive.  I pull into the carpark.  Butterflies rise in my stomach and my hard on quickly subsides.  I buzz the room number.  A female voice asks "Is that you?"  I tell her yes and the lock on the door goes click.  I walk up 2 flights of stairs and knock on the door.  It is opened by S.  She is taller than I imagined.  She is wearing black suspenders and stockings, a lacy g-string and bra (which match the suspender belt) and heels.  She quickly kisses me on the lips, then turns and walks toward a king size bed near a large window.  The window looks over the ocean.  I pause to admire her long slim legs and her tight hot arse.  She turns and sits on the edge of the bed, her legs spread slighly.  I see B for the first time.  He is sitting on a small couch sipping a beer.  He points to a small bar fridge.  I take out a beer and sit on a single seat couch near the bed.  S is sipping a champagne.  She seems a bit shy.  B is wearing boxers.  I say that I feel overdressed, so I stand and strip down to my underwear.  I sit down and sip my beer.  B says they haven't done this in a while, but that S loves 2 cocks.  S nods and smiles.  B stands and walks to S.  "She loves to suck cock and is good at it" he says as he pulls the waistband of his boxers down and tucks it under his balls.  His cock springs free.  It is long and hard, and bends slighly upwards.  He takes the champagne glass from S and puts it on the bedside table.  He stands in front of her.  She wraps one hand around the base of his shaft, cups his balls with the other, then runs her tongue up the underside of his cock.  She does this a couple of times then takes his cock in her mouth.  B moans.  She begins to build the pace, running her fingers up and down his shaft as she moves her lips over the head of his cock.  My hard on comes back with a vengence.  I grab it firmly over my boxers and give it a squeeze.  B looks at me and waves me over.  I walk over and stand next to him.  I tuck the waistband of my boxers under my balls.  S releases B's balls and firmly takes hold of my cock with her left hand.  She starts to jerk me off at the same pace as she is sucking and pulling on B's cock.  I then feel her lips slide over my knob.  Her mouth is warm, wet and wonderful.  She pumps my cock with her mouth and hand five or six times, then moves her mouth back to B.  I look down.  B has pushed her panties aside.  His middle finger is moving in and out of her delicious little pussy.  I reach down and slide my hand inside the lacy bra S is wearing.  I roll her nipple between my fingers.  S is pumping both our cocks with her hands.  She takes me in her mouth again for s short while, then B.  We are working ourselves into a sexual frenzy.  B takes his fingers out of S's pussy.  "You are very wet, do you want some cock now?"  S lets his cock spring from her mouth.  She looks at him and nods, the releases our cocks and lays back on the bed.  B slides off her panties and spreads her legs.  "You first" he says.  I want to eat her after your cock has been inside her.  I don't need to be asked twice.  I kneel between her legs and rub my cock along the lips of her pussy, up to her clit and back down to her lovely little hole.  I do this perhaps three times, then I push my cock inside her.  She is wet and hot.  I slide in easily until my pubic bone grinds against hers.  B is kneeling next to her head.  S takes his cock with her right hand and guides it into her mouth.  I withdraw my cock almost all the way, then drive it deeply back inside her.  (to be continued)...