Written by ozdude

25 Aug 2012

First Party

Although we had fantasised and talked about Ms Oz having sex with other men for many years, it was only recently that we joined Swingers Heaven. Within several weeks, Ms Oz had met quite a few ‘single’ guys, and was getting discouraged with the lack of sexual spark she wanted in a liaison. Then we met a lovely older guy from here, our mentor, who invited us to our first swinger party.

Helping Ms Oz get prepared was exciting for both of us. She wore her clingy red dress, stockings, heels and red lingerie. With her matching earrings and necklace, Ms Oz was gorgeous. However, when we entered the apartment and met the host and other guests, she was very nervous and apprehensive. I kept her champagne glass topped up, and tried to keep our conversations with the others light and not too nosey.

There was our mentor, the host and a young guy here plus myself, and the girlfriend of the host. After a short while the GF took the young guy into a bedroom to play. When we went to have a look, Ms Oz became distressed and decided she wanted to go home. We had come so far after so long and now it looked like it would end before anything would happen. I steered Ms Oz back to the lounge room, cuddled her and whispered how attractive and sensual she was. As she calmed slightly, I signalled to our mentor and the host to join in stroking and touching Ms Oz.

As she responded, I helped undo her skirt, and from there the other men soon had her bare and exposed. Shortly, Ms Oz was leant back on a sofa with our mentor between her thighs and the host fondling her breasts. Within a few moments, our mentor was sliding his cock into a horny Ms Oz, and watching for the first time another man slide into my willing partner was as awesome as I imagined. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur as each man took turns playing with Ms Oz. She has a number of orgasms before we finally called it a night and headed home. With the strong smell of sex filling the room, holding and stroking Ms Oz in our own bed was overwhelming. She was still very wet, swollen and horny; and wanted more!

We have had quite a few amazing sessions since then; dogging, swinger parties, and meets/plays. Ms Oz will never ‘go back’ to monogamy, and I am as excited for her as she is with herself in her new found sexual confidence and sensual glow. All in all, a good Swinging Heaven result.