Written by CCGirl

3 Dec 2015

My Husband told me many years ago that he would like to watch me with another man. I was horrified the first time he told me, questioning our marriage and love. Did he want freedom to be with other women, was I no longer good enough for him. He had upset me on a level that I didn't think we could recover. My Husband however is an extraordinary man who could see my pain and over the weeks that followed he explained his fantasy, explained his love for me and laid the ground work for further discussion on the subject.

Over the years we have role played this fantasy and each time I must admit I have had extraordinary orgasms and now I too have fantasies of other men taking me while he watches. Never have we acted on this fantasy but it comes up a lot in conversation. His 50th birthday was coming up and I decided I might do something brave and try to fulfill his desires so I did some searches and found a swingers group nearby. Emails exchanged I found out that we would be under no obligation to play at their party and would be free to leave if it wasn't for us. I hoped he was interested for real as I booked us in for the next friday evenings party.

Thrilled he was and we got ready for the party me dressed in a nice dress and heals he in slacks and a black shirt. We are both fit for our age he as explained 50 while I am 46. I added some nice makeup and off we went. I was nervous but excited and a little wet.

We arrived at a large house and the hosts met us at the door. They were younger probably late 30's and we went inside and they introduced us to a few other couples, a lady on her own and three single guys. It had been explained that some single guys attended as guys wear out and need rest times while some of the ladies like to be banged all night. The hosts explained that others were already in the rooms playing and pointed to the hallway. We had a drink and made some small talk, then decided to venture to the play areas for a look. In the rooms were couples and groups sucking and fucking and i must say watching had a distinct effect on me. I was horny and ready to do this despite my reservations.

On the way back to the lounge we passed one of the single guys in the hall, tall with dark hair around 40 something wearing a towel his muscled chest on display. He made eye contact with me and I knew he would be the one. When we arrived back at the lounge I said to my husband that I was going to make his fantasy a reality tonight with the guy in the hall and said i was going to find him now wait a while then come and find me and watch. He was so excited he could hardly speak and I asked him if it was what he really wanted and he said yes. With that i was off looking for this stranger with the intention of having my first fling outside my marriage. He was still in the hall watching through one of the bedroom doors as two guys were spit roasting a young blonde. I walked up beside him and he said you like to watch. I said I like to do more and with that took his hand and led him to another room. There was another couple fucking in the room but the bed was big so it wouldn't be a problem. As we stood beside the bed i grabbed his towel and pulled it off revealing his half erect penis. It was thick and long getting harder by the minute as he undid my dress and let it fall to the floor. My bra unclasped allowed him access to my small pert boobs and it was while he touched them and caressed the nipples that i saw my hubby enter the room.

Off with my knickers and on the bed I got between his legs and began to lick and suck his red knob. I noticed my hubby was already pulling himself as I let the strangers shaft into my mouth and began to suck him off. I was now very horny and as he began to finger my clit i shot my first minor orgasm. Soon I lay down and my stranger went down on me bringing me to a crashing orgasm that made my whole body shake. He then moved up and slid into my wet hole and fucked me hard and fast. I don't know when he even put on the dom and neither did I care as I approached my third and he his. I came again shuddering all over and he pulled out took off the condom and face fucked me till i was swallowing his warm seed. My hubby i noticed had cum as well and a few others were watching the action as i sat up and wiped a dribble off my chin that had escaped.

I screwed two other guys that night and also had my first Woman and i must say she was wonderful and I really enjoyed the taste of her juices and enjoyed eating my first pussy. My Husband was happy with his gift and we are planning more adventures and who knows maybe one day I will be secure enough to watch him with someone else.