Written by Mark&Alicia

14 Mar 2014

My wife Alicia and I talked about swinging for about a year before we decided we should maybe attend a party just for a look. My name is Mark and we are in our 40's had two kids both late teens and to say the least our sex life was a little slow and boring. We have no problem with our relationship but sex, well that was now an every couple of months thing we did were i go down on her, she on me then we fuck cum and fall asleep.

Alisha is still attractive, red hair thats shoulder length, green eyes with nice 36c boobs that have a little sag but good for her age. She carries a little flab, she says her arse is huge but its biggish but firm in a booty kinda way. Me i have a gut but still look ok slightly greying hair, nice smile and full head of hair so i guess we are an average couple.

We found a swingers party on line here at the Swingers Heaven site a few klms north of our home. I chatted with the organiser and he seemed like a great bloke. He explained we would have no pressure on us and he was happy for us to attend and just look. He explained his parties were bi friendly if either of us were that way inclined but mainly just to let us know there maybe some bi activity.

The night of the party arrived and i rang and got the address and we were on our way. Alicia was wearing a summery dress with nice heels and i a pair of jeans and shirt. We arrived at the party and was met at the door by well lets call him Tim the organiser paid our money and entered. There were about six other couples and around 4 single guys at this party and it was said a tranny may turn up later. Anyway we all got to know each other over some party food and a couple of drinks. The other guests were a mixed bunch all ages from around 25 to 50 or so i guess. Some were slim others fat but all nice people by the seems of things. I dont know what i was expecting but these could have been any Joe and Joanne averages.

After around nine one of the couples went upstairs, a bald guy and his short tubby wife i think her name was Karen, both in their 50's. They were followed by two of the younger single guys both fit and no more than 25. Within a few minutes the sounds coming from upstairs had everyones attention. Someone said i guess the party has began and a few more people went upstairs. I asked Alicia if she wanted to go for a look and she said thats what we are here for.

So up the stairs we went and in one of the bedrooms stood some people a few guys a couple of the women without their partners all watching the by now noisy action. The moaning and slapping noise suggested that Karen was being fucked. We entered the room and bald guy was standing by the bed near the window. His wife naked now was on the bed with one of the young guys fucking her hard and fast while the other was sucking her ample breasts while she tugged away at his very large cock. I looked around and everyone was watching intently including my wife who was flushed a sign she was turned on by the seen in front of her.Soon two more guys in the room were naked and on the bed hands all over Karen another standing watching tugging his dick to hardness. One of the woman got on her knees and sucked his half hard cock into her mouth. Alicia tapped me on the shoulder and indicated that we should leave the room. In the hall she whispered that it was a turn on but she didnt think she would play tonight as she was scared it would turn into a new girl gang bang.

We went up to the other room and inside was another couple Gail and Josh. They invited us in and after some introductions they asked if we were first timers. Was it that obvious i guess so. They were seasoned swingers and after telling them of Alicia's fears they explained that at these parties no means no and we could if we wanted have a private session by talking to Tim who would set up one room for us and close the doors so no one else could come and join us.

With this information in hand we went back to the kitchen where Alicia indicated to me that tonight was probably not her night. She was far too nervous. She told she would be fine if i decided to play but she didn't think she would. We had another drink and i needed to pee so i went to the ground floor toilet. To my surprise there was another bedroom down here, empty and the bed had not been used. When I returned i asked Alicia to join me in this room and when we got inside she told me she was horny as hell but too nervous. We kissed and made out and soon i had her naked and was eating her freshly waxed pussy. She returned the favour soon after sucking my cock for all it was worth. I am average in size but have a the ability to last forever so i soon lay her down and entered her wet ready fanny and began to fuck her. Neither of us heard Tyrone enter the room. He was around 30 very tall and fit. He was naked and as he watched us fucking he stroked his long thick cock. Alicia noticed him and i felt her move. Looking up i was shocked to see her touching him as i pounded into her. He moved closer and she pulled his cock in beat to my strokes.

We changed to a doggy and without asking she began to suck Tyrone's cock. I was very turned on watching her give this man a blowjob. Tyrone was kneading her big tits tweaking the nipples and she now was taking most of his fat man meat in her throat. I asked if she wanted to fuck him and she nodded her head. I pulled out and Tyrone took my place after putting on a Dom. He entered her in one swift lunge and she moaned around my cock which she had deep in her mouth. Tyrone fucked her to 3 orgasms before cumming himself. I unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

By this time two other guys were in the room watching. After we pulled out she rolled onto her back and the other guys joined her on the bed. Tyrone had left the room and i went to wash up. On my return Alicia was fucking one of the guys and the other was gone but he had left a load on he tits. It was such a wonderful sight cum running down her body. The other guy pulled out removed the dom and she wanked him off onto her tits as well indicating what probably happened with the other guy.

We went home excited and satisfied and now Alicia is looking forward to the next party so she can take a gang bang with all comers.