Written by Youngnfree

22 Oct 2015

This is a true account of my first meeting with Denise and John. I had gone to a local hotel for a meal and a drink and after just breaking up with a girlfriend was feeling a little down and out. I never imagined that my outing that night would see me experience a number of firsts in my life.

I am a 28yr old guy, gym fit like most guys my age, some tats on the guns and i am told reasonably good looking. My preference in women always sees me avoiding the skinny mini as i dont find skin covered bones attractive. I like women with curves and Denise had some curves.

Denise and husband John were seated at the table next to me and I was attracted instantly to the beautiful Denise. What made this unusual was Denise was older than the woman that I usually liked. In fact Denise was easily 50. John her husband was probably early 60's. He noticed me checking out his wife and after some conversation between them Denise surprisingly invited me to their table.

The conversation was great and i learnt they were visiting the area on a road trip, were retired and enjoying life. They made me feel great cheering me up when i told them about my breakup and we just enjoyed each others company. At the end of the night John asked if i wanted to share a few more drinks at their accommodation and for two reasons I accepted, one i was enjoying the companionship and two I was mesmerized by Denise.

Denise was around 5'2" tall with light red hair and big green eyes. Her body was soft yet fit from as she told me regular gym classes and her legs were strong and shapely. She wore a nice black skirt with 4" heels and a white blouse that showed off an ample cleavage. She also had an extremely pretty face with a friendly smile that made you feel very comfortable in her presence. She felt like an old friend and I enjoyed her company.

We arrived at their suite which had a lounge area with Bedroom and Bathroom separate. John got us all a drink and we sat on the lounge with us either side of Denise and I must admit i was getting aroused being so close to this attractive woman.

Denise excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom and then John shocked me by telling me their intentions. John asked me if I found Denise attractive and I said he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. He then told me they were swingers and Denise was attracted to me and said if I wanted to i could have sex with her. I was speechless and he said while he would like to stay and watch if i would be more comfortable he would leave us alone. I regained my senses and after deciding this was not a joke, said I would love to have sex with Denise. I said if he wanted to watch he could leave us for a while a return after a while knowing that once I get into the act I wouldnt mind in fact it sounded exciting to fuck a woman in front of her Husband.

John went into the room said something i couldn't hear to Denise and then left to suite. Denise then emerged from the room dressed in a tight shirt only.

She came over and we kissed and soon i was in her bedroom and we were naked and i was sucking her large nipples while her hand stoked my hardon. She was getting extremely turned on and i slipped down between her legs and started licking her wet pussy. Denise had a little patch of red pubs just above her slit another one of my turn ons. I liked and sucked her to the first orgasm and then it was my turn. To say Denise is an expert at giving head is an understatement. She sucked with just enough depth and moisture. It was then i heard the door and knew John was returning. We had know moved into the Missionary position and my cock head was just beginning to enter her warm moist depth when John now naked came around and Denise reached out and started to wank him. Now John had a very small dick i noticed. Maybe 3" long and not that fat. So as I pushed my nice 7" of fat dick into his wife i felt an urge of power. Denise loved it and soon we were banging away and i lost sight of John. By know we had changed to Doggy and i was pounding her to another orgasm and then emptied my first load into her. As we rolled apart John jumped onto the bed and went down on her sucking our juices from her. I had never seen this before and it turned me on for some unknown reason.

Denise noticed my new hard on and rolled over and took me into her mouth for a second BJ. I was laying back enjoying the sensation with eyes closed when i sensed something else. Looking up while Denise sucked my cock John was stroking it. When I didn't complain Denise slipped my knob out of her mouth and John sucked me into his.

I should have been disgusted but i wasn't and John blew me like an expert for a good 10 minutes. Soon Denise took over mounting me Cowgirl and we fucked while John sucked on my balls and licked her arse. Denise was going wild and while orgasming squirted all over me. She fell off exhausted and as i hadn't cum John again sucked my cock until i Blasted the back of his throat. He swallowed the lot.

I never saw them again but now I know that older women are my thing and I am also Bi and now wonder what its like to suck another guys dick. Maybe I will find out the next time I find a Denise and John.