Written by Cuck first

1 Dec 2011

She was now ready for her bull to We had hooked up with a guy we met in here in a chat Cuckold room and wow! did he know how to please.

Our first encounter was a marathon for the mrs and her bull, she rode him for an hour non stop he managed to hold off untill she had cum for at least 20 times.

It all started off slow untill she got fed up with all the small talk, got undressed and inserted her purple toy, taking her over the edge and making her dripping wet to receive her bull for the first time. Gently he rubbed his hard cock up and down her outer lips making her moan in antisipation, wiping his precum on her now engorged pussy teasing her to the max. Inserting his head in her now dripping pusy she gasped at the pleasurable feelings engulfed her and brought her first of many orgasms. Soon she had taken all his 8 " as he ground deep in her to dephs her cuck could only dream of. From tip to base her bull made her moan as he got into a rythm penetrating deeper and harder with each thrust almost making her fall off the bed. She now gave cuck permission to join her previously spectator only interlude, instructing him to slide his cock down her throat filling her at both ends, as her cuck and bull satisfied her deep sexual desires the deeper they thrusted the more she moaned and gasped as the two cocks filled her completely. It was all too much for her cuck to watch his most precious partner being penetrated by a wild and fit younger man, he blew his load deep down his wifes throat as her bull brought her to yet another mind blowing orgasm. Spent and tired cuck was ordered to sit and watch as she laid her bull back and gave the greatest head job he had ever seen licking up all her juices from her bulls cock, taking his full length in an expert way making he cuck even more jealous at his inability to please.

pleasure her with his large helmet sliding stright in her as she mounted him putting all her weight on his manhood probing deeper than she had experienced before touching new depths and creating animal like passion as the cuck jealous and detached from the action watched on.

Like lovers that had been united for years the bull took her on a more orgasmic journey than ever before as time and time again she felt waves of pleasure in an almost uncontrolable manner rip through her body. Encouraging her bull to grab on to her and be rougher in his lovemaking she found those deep pent up sexual desires being released in a torrent of orgasms. The cuck now ordered to lick her love juice off her bulls balls as she bounced up and down on his head !

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