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First Time Swinging

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4 min
Published 10 years ago
I have long fantasied about going to a swingers club and then arranging a threesome with my wife and another guy. My wife has always seemed keen when we are making love, however wanted to leave it to a fantasy. We are a couple in our early 40's and have never done anything like this before.Then one night the kids were staying over friends houses so i again discussed it with my wife and reluctantly she agreed but said she would not play with anyone else but would have sex with me in a group room. So off we go for a dinner at a local restaurant including 1 1/2 bottle of wine and grab another to take with us. We call a taxi and it takes us to s south brisbane swingers club on a friday night. We arrive both very nervous, but i am excited. the owners shows us around and we are pleasantly surprised that there is a good mix of people and not just filled with guys. Again we down another glass of wine and no much seems to be happening. We meet some really nice people and by 11pm nothing is yet happening in the group room. I tell my wife i am heading down for a smoke and she hangs upstairs, about 10 minutes later i come back and she is talking to this guy. Straight away i feel my cock have a twinge. i head over and my wife introduces me to this guy. A is about early 30's about 6ft, good body and dark hair. We get chatting and he seems like a really nice guy. we chat for another 1/2 hour or so and still no action in the group room. I can see the closed rooms with people coming in and out, so i head down for another smoke. On return they are still chating, then A excuses himself to head to the bathroom. suggest to my wife maybe we could invite him to a private room. She is not keen on the idea. I suggest to her that maybe he could just come in and watch and masturbate. She said that would be okay but no more. So A returns and my wife heads off to the bar and gets some more drinks. I ask A weather he would be interested in coming to a room with us and just watching and wanking. He says he would. So my wife returns we down our drinks and find a vacant room the 3 of us and lock the door behind us. I then start to kiss my wife while A sits on a chair near by, slowly i take her beautiful breast out and starting sucking on them making sure A has a good look. i then drop her knickers to reveal her shaved pussy and lay her on the bed and start licking. She is so wet, i just lay there licking her looking at the expressions on her face until she get really excited and just before she cums i stop. Move up and start kissing her, While i am kissing her i look around to see A naked, what a good looking guy, nuce toned, six pack and a huge shaved cut cock. It must have been 8 or maybe 9 inches. I tell my wife and she has a loook and gives out a little wow. I say to her i bet you would like a bit of that and she looks me in the eye and says yes, but... I said to her if she wanted to play with A i would be fine with that. She agrees and i invite A over. He is there in a flash and sucking my wife tits while i am kissing her and then i move to the other breast and i suggest he move his cock up to let her suck it. She starts licking and sucking it, struggling to get the big thick head in her mouth. i just lay next her watching he kissing her shoulders and then she surprsies me by saying to A Fuck me!!! she never talks like that we A did not have to be asked twice and he went straight for it. What a feeling seeing my wife being fucked by another guy with a far bigger cock than mine. He must have fucked her for an hour in all different positions and she must have cum 4 or 5 times, before he pulled out took the condom off and shoot a huge load all over her tits. Wow that was so exciting for me as well as her. I then went down and fucked her, i reckon i lasted about 2 minutes i woas so excited. We then cleaned up and suggest to A if he wanted he could come back to our place for a 2nd round. Which he did, almost no sleep was had that night and we stayed in bed till midday when we had to go pick up the kids. We have not seen A since but hope to set up another meeting soon.

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