Written by YoungNath

1 Mar 2017

I got talking to a couple from swingers heaven. At first I thought it was fake and me being new to the site. They seemed pretty casual and after some talking we exchanged numbers. We got talking a little more over messages and his wife wanted some pictures, I gathered a few pics and sent them through. The reply was "she's keen!". After some attempted catch up's and thing's not going to plan I was losing hope. One Wednesday night I got a message "what are you doing tonight, you should come around for a spa". I got my self ready and before i knew it I was there. I got greeted and told she was already in the spa waiting. Upon walking outside to the spa my eyes lit up in disbelief.. here his wife was, sitting in the spa completely naked drinking a red wine. We jumped in the spa, made some conversation and they started getting close.. her husband asked " so are you keen?". I replied with "I sure am". They began getting affectionate and started giving him a hand job. I watched for a bit but couldn't handle it, I pulled my cock out and she's grabbed it. Both him and my self layed back while she was pulling us both off. We jumped out of the spa and made way to the lounge. She sat me down placed my cock inside her whilst facing him. She rode my cock and sucked him off at the same time.. it wasn't enough! She turned got up and jumped on top of me missionary style. He watched and jerked off as she rode her pussy up and down my extremely hard cock. As time went on I payed her on her back and pounded her until she came. Her husband and I stood together whilst she was on her knees sucking us both off. I started getting close, I grabbed my cock and started jerking off while looking at her cheeky grin. He knew I was close and started jerking off quicker to cum. She pushed her tits out and was feeling her self up, I couldn't hold it. I released my load of cum all over her tits and few seconds after he did too. Shortly after we cleaned up and I was on my way back home.