Written by me4u

12 Feb 2013

She took me had me shower she showered with me then led me to the pay-room I layed down and she sucked so good and fingered my ass [first time] was so good we talked and she sucked she asked if i could massage he and i did the she gave me a great sucking.

she asked if i had ever though of being with a guy I said I had thoughts of two guys fucking one girl me holding his cock rubbing him on her clit and guiding him into her she asked if i minded her b/f joining us "HE GIVES GREAT HEAD" I replied if it would make her happy "YES" she called him in i was shaking was so nervous she told me to close my eyes and enjoy

It felt great as both of them licked and sucked me he was swallowing me as she finger fucked my ass , I looked and reached for his cock stroking it back and forth,she got wild slipping up sitting on my face i lashed her clt with my tounge sucking her into my mouth chewing her swollen clit as i felt myself about to cum hesucked even harder deep-throating me and i came grabbing her breasts pulling on her nipplesas she came on my face i laid exhausted still pumping his throbbing cock she moved sucking him and he groaned cumming in her mouth

I showered again getting dressed and left. they have since moved but I keep looking to see if they need anymore help

if anyone needs and mechanical serive please let me know grins mark