Written by bi couple

26 Jul 2011

we fully enjoy our play times with others and have often arranged to meet a few guys a mates house, so friday night came along and we set of for some group fun, sue was wearing a great little black dress that showed of her 38 dd boobs nicely and her legs,,and nothing at all under it, when we arrived 3 or 4 guys gave her a good lookig over before all to soon undoing her dress to slip it off, some we had met before, so they knew what they were in for, her mouth soon found a hard cock which dissapeared quickly down her throut, fingers began probing her pussy lips and boobs, my cock soon found a willing mouth to suck it in too, I watched as the first of many cocks slipped deep in her pussy with little more than a bit of spit, and her body pushing back on it to fill her wet hole,I was bending over now and felt a cock probing its way into my tight hole, also with litle pressure it slipped in and i felt him going hard and deep in me, sue was now on her knees and still taking her fist cock, 2 others filled her mouth, I told another guy to lay down and then slid my arse firmly onto his cock, and then told the first guy to push his cock back in me too, which he did with a huge smile ,, and both began to fuck me hard, seeing this set sue of and she got a guy to slip his cock in her pussy from under her whilst telling another to fuck her arse, all the time keeping a cock wet in her mouth, we watched one another as both took all we could, I saw the signs that sues guys were close to cumming, with arse guy going first, followed all to soon by pussy guy, as they pulled out cum dripped down and was played with by a new guy who wet his cock with it and slid deep in her arse, the guy under her started to get hard again, and after 5 mins or so pushed his cock back in for some more fun, her mouth had taken 2 or 3 loads by now too, and other guys had arrived whilst we were busy, and soon took thier turns, my arse was soon turned into a cummy mess as both guys exploded together deep inside my bowels, they to pulled out and cum run onto the guy under me, I watched as the guy under sue blew his second load before taking a break, she was now running wild, guys taking her to new hights and her cums told them she was a happy girl, i took another 4 or 5 guys and sucked some of too, sue did them all, and more than once, it was only after things slowed down I asked my mate how many guys turned up, he said about 10 but could have been a couple more as he was busy most of the time too, sucking and fucking us both,

we both sat chatting afterwards with some of the guys, and all said any time we wanted they would be more than happy to play again, mmmmmmm might not to be to far away either,,