Written by bi couple

3 Jan 2012

we had met alison before with her hubby, she was a horny lady, nice body and great pussy and arse, so when we invited her over for a fmf and she said yes, we both looked forward to a day of fun,she arrived around 10am, and we sat chatting for a short while, I was naked and soon both the woman dropped their gear of and we went for a dip in the pool, drying of alison went down on my cock and sucked hard, bringing me to attention, sue soon joined in, both sucking my cock for all it was worth, we moved of to the bedroom and I layed al down and licked her pussy while sue sat on her face, it wasnt long before my cock slipped in her pussy feeding her hole with each stroke, sue moved around and al fingered her hole, and then grabbed one of the many toys laying around slipped it in sues pussy, we fucked for awhile the girls playing with one another as my cock went from hole to hole, soon I feed sues arse with my cock, and pounded her hard, al slid under her licking her clit as i did, bringing sue to a quick and hard orgasm, my cock slipped out of sue and found its way into als waiting arse, pounding her as hrad as I had with sue, making her cum just as quick too, then I to grabbed some toys and filled her pussy with a 10 inch vib, her cums ripped tho her as orgasm after orgasm soon made her whimper for more, with that I slipped my 12 inch didlo in her pussy it took awhile as its huge her pussy just taking it all, then i pushed my cock back into her even tighter arse and began once more to knock my balls against her pussy and dildo, bringing me very close to cumming, i slowed and pulled out, also pulling the dildo from her pussy, with that she moaned, and said she felt empty, so with some lube I pushed my fist into her pussy and fist fucked her, this made her squirt and cum so hard she nearly passed out, I kept going in her, cum after cum, until she pleaded for me to slow down , with that i pulled out and slid my small vib in her pussy, she seemed wanting, so I fingered her arse, she seemed to be working her arse on my hand so with some more lube I worked 3 then 4 fingers in, gently working my thumb in, then with one hard push pop, and in went my fist, she jumped but soon settled back working her arse muscles on me, I picked up speed, fisting her faster and faster, she was going into a daze, sues pussy was at her mouth but she just couldnt do any thing with it, her head bobbing to quick to hit the target, and then with one almighty loud moan she cum , squirting heaps , her body going into uncontroled fits, i was struggling to stay with her as she jumpped all over the bed, then she fell in a slump eyes rolled back and a smile i will never forget, we let her rest while I started with sue again, fucking and using my toys in her pussy and arse, al moved and lay under sue letting her lick her pussy, soon she turned to 69 , and grabbed my 10 inch vib as she did, I dogged sue in the arse, as al licked her clit, then with one hard push shoved the vib in sues pussy, my cock feeling it as she did, sue jumpped and cum as she did, we both worked on her for some times sue going to higher an higher cums as we did, and all to soon she too hit the high note and had one almight cum, falling to the side as she did,

we chatted for awhile the girls both saying they were done for, my cock was still in need of relief, standing high as we talked, al said look sue we need to take care of that, and both smilled at one another, I was thinking blow job, , mmmmm good,,

but they got up and told me to get ready, ,, with that sue handed alison the strapon, mmmmmmmmm i picked the 10 inch vib first, and handed it to her, and knelt on the edge of the bed, feeling the tip push agaist my hole i pushed back, and alison wth one hard thrust rammed it in, i jumpped but held on, working my arse onto it more and more, she built up speed and sue slipped under me and sucked my cock, we stayed like that for some 15 mins or so, the girls working my arse and cock, then alison pulled out and i was told not to look, the girls were up to some thing, next thing I knew my arse was being proded and i knew with what, I pushed back feeling my 12 inch dildo going in me, inch by inch i worked it in, sue knew to let me work this one, once in I let her take over and she did, slowly at first and with short strokes, she built up speed, then each time going further in and out,my anal orgasms ripped tho me and each one allowed me to take more, soon i could feel the balls on the dildo hitting my butt, as alison was pushing in hard, my cock was hurting , but no cum yet, I wanted more, sue sucking me trying to get my cum, but i held off, then alison slowed the effort of fucking me with the big dildo, so i said maybe a bit of lube on her hand might work, she knew what i meant and my arse was soon feeling her hand slip in, after the dildo it went in easy, she worked me hard,, fist fucking my arse as sue sucked hard, mmmmmmmmmmm ,, this was more like it my cock now busting at the seems to blow a load deep in sues mouth, i told alison to pound me harded , she did, and with that my cock grew and grew, ream after ream of cum shooting out making sue gag, spilling over her face as she did, alison slowed as I lay to the side of sue, alison going down kissing sue and eating my cum of her face as she did, the sight of this got my cock hard again all to soon, i rarely cum twice quickly but this time my cock was brusting, not 2 mins and i was ready once more, my cum shooting over their faces as they kissed, I just had to have some licking and kissing them both ,

what a day it was,,, now 3.30pm, we had been playing for 5 hours, alison had to grab her stuff and shot of to get home before the kids lol,

kissing us both as she left saying thanks lets not wait to long again