Written by playfulcpl

12 Jul 2010

A Friday night at a swingers party……

This guy caught my attention at first to look at him you would say that he is gay, the look and the way he talked. I later found out this was his first party, he was trying to mix with everyone he came over and sat next to a couple near me and he started talking to them, you could tell they were not interested they turned away from him and just looked at me like they were disgusted in him. He seemed like a decent guy so I started talking to him his name was john he was so nervous but at least made an effort. The couple moved away and then I sat down beside him he was telling me what he liked and that he was bisexual.

He said he would like to go off with me and have some fun so I grabbed his hand and took him in the nearest room.

We both got naked he had the hardest cock he was so horny and so was i. we knelt down on the mattress and cuddled up and kissed passionately he was a great kisser.

I reached down to feel his cock it felt great hard just the way I like it, he in the mean time reached down and played with my wet pussy.

I got him to lie down and got between his legs so I could suck his cock and balls, he was going wild he kept calling my name saying how good I was and that he loved what I was doing to him.

His cock was jerking he was just so excited so to get him going even further I put a finger in his arse. I asked him if he liked it and he said yes he loves it, he tells me that he uses toys in his arse by himself and with others.

I start to talk more to him I can tell that he loves me talking to him his body moves around like a wild man with every word I say. I tell him to imagine my finger in his arse is a big hard cock fucking him, well this drove him crazy. I fuck him deeper with my finger and at the same time I suck his cock this poor guy I think has had enough and is ready to cum.

Next minute I tell him I want him to cum I want him to cum everywhere I ask him if he would like that and he says yes. I think within 2 seconds his cock just exploded and he shot hot cum all over both of us. We grabbed some tissues and cleaned ourselves down and then he gave me a big thank you kiss. Later on in the night he said he wanted to see me again and handed me his business card. Well since then to his surprise we have rang him and guess what we are going around to his place this weekend so I suppose there will be more to come of our adventure with john….

I walk down to the toilet and when I come out I guy I know Jim pins me against the wall and starts to kiss me and finger my pussy.

I kiss him in return and reach down and grab his hard cock it feels nice.

We go into the bigger room and find a vacant mattress I lay down and Jim gets between my legs and has a good licking of my very wet pussy, boy he is good with his tongue.

It feels so lovely his tongue going up and down my pussy and then stopping at my hard clit sucking it gently until he brings me to a orgasm.

He moves beside me and I take his cock in my mouth sucking him hard and fast I love doing this as I know it turns guys on and it did turn Jim on very much.

I think he had too much he says I am very good at that, and then pushes me up towards him I tell him to get a condom which he puts on. He gets on top of me and sticks his hard dick into my wet pussy and starts to fuck me. I suddenly look up and we have a audience they must have liked the show.

Jim’s cock feels so nice inside me he puts it in deeper and I can feel it jerking and then suddenly it explodes and fills the condom with all his cum.

I get up and thank Jim for a wonderful time get my lingerie back on and go out to find my drink as I need it, sex sure does make you hot and thirsty.