Written by good friends

29 Apr 2011

our friends were open minded and into nudity like us, but the subject of swinging had never come up, they were both good looking and I knew my wife Lin liked Stu a lot as I did Jan,

we arranged to meet as normal for a drink one saturday night, and as always got naked and sat aroud drinking and chatting, I surgested after Jan said her back was sore to do some massaging, which she said yes to, so with a few towels on the floor I started to massage her back, I also said it would be good if Stu let Lin masssage him too, he was all to quick to lay down for her, I behaved myslef for some 30 mins or more rubbing and massaging her back, and just lightly skimming around near her pussy a few times, I asked if she minded me sitting astride her to allow me to push a bit harder, she smilled and said ok, with that i straddled her legs and continued massaging her back, my cock however had differnt ideas and was growing between her legs, some thing I think she noticed as I moved up and down her back, once hard it was gently pushing against her pussy lips as I moved high up , and she smilled and glaced sideways at me, with a knowing look, I continued, thinking she might say some thing but she didnt and she seemed to move her bum to allow my cock easier acces to her pussy, which of course i took advantage of, with the head easing into to her now wet and very warm pussy, I didnt push to hard and continued to massage her back, she moved her bum higher to take more of my cock in her, looking at Lin I glanced down at my cock and she smilled, I had noticed also she had been getting very close to Stu's cock a few times, now she seemed to aim for it more, Jan was still pushing back and allowing my cock just about full depth in her , all the time I'm trying not to let Stu know I'm fucking his wife, as I said we didnt know what their thoughs were on swinging, but Jan soon gave the game away as her first orgasm hit her and she let out a loud grown, Stu looked over and they smilled at one another and he rolled over and grabbed Lins boobs and started sucking on them, so with that I knew the fun was on, I rolled Jan over and fully pushed my hard cock in deep, she wrapped her legs around me and worked my cock in her, Stu was now getting Lin to sit on his hard member, which was quite nice too, we all fucked and played for hours, ending up with me filling jans pussy with a nice load of hot cum as she was licking Lins clit, Stu filled Lins pussy to as he fucked her doggy, and Jan got some of his cum over her face, I shocked her as I bent down and kissed her and licked some of him cum of her face, but she smilled as I did,

as we sat resting we chatted and they told us that they had often though about swinging, using it as a fantasy in their sex lifes, but didnt know any one to play with, so were all to eager when they found out we wanted to,

what a night we played for hours, asking them what other things they wanted to try, and was kind of shocked to find out they were as kinky as us, so we chatted about meeting again soon to expand our sexual fun and give them some help living out some of their fantasies, looking forward to next time