Written by Magimike

20 Oct 2012

At work the next day Christine came up to my desk and thanked me for being such a good host yesterday. It was a strange conversation, because we were not alone, and not able to speak openly about the day.

Christine said “Now that you know the type of games we like, I expect you to come up with something interesting for the next games day.”

“I think I have something in mind.”

Indeed I did. Two weeks later when Christine and Steve arrived, I gave them a drink each and told them there is a new game to play. Video Challenge.

I outlined the basics over drinks. We would all start out naked, put a video in the player and push fast forward.

Steve said, “Get into the 21st Century! It’s all DVD’s now.”

“DVD’s won’t work for this game. The idea is that someone pushes fast forward or rewind, and the tape spins through the machine and no one knows where the film is when we push the play button. When the film starts we start doing what they are doing on the screen. The person with the remote at the time decides who takes what position.”

A very simple game. I like simple. Karen picked up the remote and passed it to Christine.

“Guests first”

I put in a video. It was a compilation tape with lots of sex scenes and no “Acting”. I turned on the TV and made sure the volume wasn’t to loud.

As I turned around I found that I was the only one still wearing clothes. As I caught up in the naked stakes, Christine pushed Fast forward and the machine hummed away.

She pushed play and the blue screen changed into a couple in the 69 position.

“Come on Mike. Of course I pick you. I can suck him off any night.”

I lay down on the carpet and Christine positioned herself over me, just like the girl in the TV.

Christine was all wet and wonderful. As I was getting into a rhythm with my tongue, Karen grabbed the remote and muted the sound.

“God I hate that Wocka Wocka music.”

Then I heard the player go into fast forward again. After a few seconds the film started again. I turned my head a little to see the screen that showed a couple having sex with her on hands and knees, and him entering from behind.

I couldn’t see anything else from my position between Christines thighs, but the happy little groan from Karen indicated that they were getting into the spirit of the game as well.

Christine climbed off me and passed me the remote. “Your turn”

I pushed the stop button and then the fast forward button. At this point in time I must make a little confession. I had been through the tape a couple of days earlier, and memorised the time positions of a couple of scenes I wanted to play out.

The Video player sped along to the closest position I had in mind. I pushed the play button to see two women sucking one guys dick. Christine smiled and said “Karen, I’ll need help with this one.”

Karen seemed to forget that Steve was in her, and just started crawling toward us, leaving Steve behind.

I have always wondered what it would be like to have two women giving a blow job at the same time. And let me tell you, It’s FANTASTIC!

Christine took my prick in her mouth and Karen tickled my balls. After only a few seconds they changed duties and seemed to be comparing their oral style. Both women had big smiles. Then again so did I.

I heard Steve behind me say, “I’m feeling like an orphan at Christmas” as he grabbed the remote.

The Video disappeared from the screen and the sound of a fast running tape came from the machine.

After a few moments the screen showed a guy sitting on an arm chair, with a girl sitting on his dick, facing away from him. “Come on Karen.” Said Steve as he sat in the chair. Karen backed away from my dick and positioned herself over Steve. From where I was standing I had the same view as the cameraman had when filming the video. I watched as Steves dick slid into Karens pussy. It was an amazing sight, to see my woman bouncing on someone's prick in our own lounge room.

Christine picked up the remote and said “I have to get your dick in me soon or I’ll go mad.”

When the video started up again there was a couple in the 69 position. “Crap!” Said Christine. “I wanted it to be fucking.”

“You know the video is just a suggested activity.” I said.

With that Christine hit the power off button on the remote and pulled my arm down so that I was on the floor with her. She pushed me onto my back and straddled me.

Her long fingers guided my dick into her hole and she sat on it with a little moan escaping from her lips. Then her eyes opened wide, her mouth opened and a massive orgasm shook her body. As her body shook she cried out “Oh fuck YES! YES!”

After a while she calmed down and regained senses. “I don’t believe how fast that one came on. It’s like as soon as your dick was in me, POW!”

“I aim to please.”