Written by bi couple

19 Oct 2011

mid week and kay arrived around lunch time as planned, we sat talking for awhile she had underessed as she walked in, all being nudists, as we chatted, the conversation turned to sex, and kay mentioned how her hubby was no longer really hitting the right buttons with her and her sex life was quite. my cock with a mind of its own, was standing up, some thing that as nudists doesnt normally happen, kay saw it and said mmmmmmmmmmmmm "now thats nice" but I let it slip, knowing she wasnt one of our swinging friends,, sue how ever turned to Kay and said "yer it is nice and it works well too", my cock was still trying to hit the ceiling, as Kay reached over and held it firm, her eyes looking straight at sue saying "mmmmmmmmm feels good too" well by now i thought what the heck, and stood up putting my cock right in her face and said want to taste it too, no sooner said then done, my cock slipped deep into her hot mouth, sue went down and licked my nutts, her fingers heading towards Kays pussy, upon finding it they slipped in, Kays eyes popped wide, looking down with a strange look, I said relax and enjoy, with her mouth still full of cock she smilled and carried on sucking me,, i said lets get more comfortable and took them into the bed room, laying kay down and moving into a 69 with her, sue came down and licked her clit with me, kay not knowing who was doing what, but enjoying it all,, after awhile i slipped around putting my cock near her clit, her eyes said go for it,, and with one gentle push , 7 inchs disapeared deep into a nice wet pussy, I told sue to come up for me to lick her pussy, which i knew would put her clit near Kays mouth too, after awhile kay started to look at sues pussy with a not sure what to do look, so I said go or it, and moved sues pussy over to kays mouth, slowly and with a distint lack of experiance, kay licked and played , but very quickly sue started to moan and move around as kay found the spot, sue moaned loud as she had one big cum,,

I was pounding kays pussy for all I was worth, she had cum a few times and was sweating now,, so i got her kneeling up, sue going under her to return the favour, my cock slamming in hard from the rear, Kay was moving around and I was having trouble staying with her often slipping out, but on one occassion, my cock rammed itslef back in, but to every ones surprise it went straight into her arse, Kay jumped as it did, but said nothing, so i carried on pounding her, my cock I felt giving me the signs it wasnt going to keep going in this new forbiden fruit, with all my might i held of sweat prouring from me as my balls were so tight, it hurt,, kay let out a huge groan as she trashed around and had a huge cum, this was it I couldnt hold on my balls emptied into her filling her arse i thought for the first time ever,

we rested and talked about what had just happened, Kay said she had never had anal intercourse before, only ever having usedsmall dildos in her arse, but said after that any time i wanted to i could fuck her arse again,,I think I shocked her when I said and you can fuck mine too, kay looked at sue who said "he loves it",, after some more talking kay said 'were you seriouse about me fucking you" and i looked her in the eye and said Yes,, " WOW can I" came the reply

yep was mine,, Sue grabbed the strapon and slipped kay into it, putting my 10 inch vib in place, with some lube and a push it went in, Kay grasped seeing my arse take it all, sue helped her work up the pace, and all too soon my anal cums sweeped though me taking kay back a bit but sue told her to just keep going, and not to stop ,,anal cum after anal cum ripped though me,, kay saying how she liked hearing me cum,, after some time i said she should try it, and turned things around with sue fucking kay mmmmmmmmmmmm my cock finding sues pussy from behind, wow what a fuck, kay going wild, sue hit her high note and cum on my cock, so i swung around and slipped back into kays arse, finding my cum still warm in her,

all too soon my balls seeded her arse deep, sending her of into a huge cum, shacking violently moaning and groaning and making all sorts of noises,, falling flat on the bed as she slowly came down from her new highs,

as we spoke, kay was so horny, she would have kept going but time was against us, she laughed as she said her arse was still pulsing from our session, i told her next time i would like to fill her pussy too,, "any time" came the reply