Written by Chris_78

17 Apr 2014

I've been inspired by others on here and thought I'd share a fantastic night I has a couple of years ago

We had been together before as a 3some and I'd been chatting with the hubby, we'd talked a lot about surprising her for her birthday. She had a fantasy of being blindfolded and bound a little!! So me and him organized a blindfold, some soft cuffs and a hotel room on the night of her birthday. They went out to dinner and I came in later and prepared and waited in the room! After dinner he told her he had a surprise....he text to warn me and headed up to the room with her. At the door the pulled he pulled the blindfold out and placed it over her eyes. He lead her into the middle of the room, we left her standing there for a bit to build the tension (we'd agreed that I wouldn't talk so she didn't know who I was). We both undressed and went up to her a softly started to kiss her while slowly undressing her, kissing and lick her skin as it became exposed until she was only in her underwear....we unclipped her bra taking a breast each and giving it the attention it deserved, all while running our hands all over her body, between her legs, over her arse. She started to try and touch and feel us so the hubby passed me a cuff and we both fitted them to a wrist each (clipping her hands behind her back), so there she is standing there blindfolded, bound, wearing only her panties and high heels.

Again we left her standing there for a bit and I grabbed the hubby a beer while he took some pics, whole she wondered what was going to happen next. When she went to say something the hubby said 'shhh no talking'. With a mod we put our drinks down and approached her. Hubby behind and me in front, I slowly and passionately kissed her while the hubby was kissing her neck and ears, we slowly kissed our was down her body until we were both kneeling, hubby slowly pulled her panties down as kissed the new skin, burying face face temporarily between her legs, we both stood and helped her to her knees with her wrists still bound, she went from cock to cock sucking us both....

After a while we stood her up unclipped her wrists and between us picked her up and carried her to the bed laying her on her back. I clipped her wrists to restraints I'd set up so arms were secure (but not tight) and hubby secured the ankles, he took some more pics then we got to work teasing, licking and kissing every inch if her body taking turns between legs, passionately kissing her mouth, plenty of attention to breast. She was moaning, groaning twisting around she was so horny hubby moved up and slipped his his cock into her mouth while I plunged to her pussy. We spent a long time alternating between these positions. When with a nod we both stopped, he slid a vibrator on low onto her pussy while we enjoyed a beer.

After our beer, she was laying there just softly moaning, we unclipped her I lay on the bed and she climbed on top (still blindfolded, but unrestrained - she loves being on top). I slid in and started to slowly move in and out, hubby climbed up behind rubbing some lube and sliding into her arse. She was so worked up she came almost instantly!! We kept going until I filled her pussy and hubby her arse with cum, exhausted she calapsed onto me with a passionate kiss, then rolled off. While she was still blindfolded I showered dressed and left without a word (down to bar to meet them later). After about an hour they came down showered dressed and glowing. She came up and gave me a big kiss, telling me she thought it was me from my soft lips. We had a few more drinks and headed back up stairs.....for more