Written by playfulcouple5

1 Apr 2011

we have played for years, my wife and I ,,but our new friend hadnt even thought about swinging or bi, we have known her for a year and are members of a club together, recently i have been helping her fix up a motor bike and she has been helping me do the work, as the nights went on we got more friendly and playful together, being both nudist we were already naked in the garage any way, then the other night i happened to say we have a few friends with benifits we see, and she laughed a bit but looked at me and asked in what way, I said that we swing with them when we want, having never played before she asked all sorts of questions , and seemed to be more and more interested, well the week end came and i said lets have a rest from working on the bike and have a spa, Jan and my wife agreed, Jan said thats sounds nice and with a few drinks in hand started out for the courtyard and spa, we sat talking and jan asked linda about about our friends with benifits, after some time i felt jans hand on my leg and she was rubbing close to my penis, I winked at linda and she knew that things were going to hot up, my hand now rubbing jans leg and closing in quickly to her pussy ,, with a slight jerk and a twist my fingers slide inside a nice warm pussy, Jan looked and we kissed for the first time, Linda now also playing with her boobs, we kissed and touched one another all over, my cock grew larger as the two woman kissed for the first time, soon i hinted we might be better of in the bedroom and moved the two girls away by hand, drying them down my mouth explored a beautiful pussy, small lips and smooth jan rolled back onto the bed, my tounge going in deeper, Linda now sucking hard on her boobs, I was surpriesed but delighted to see jans hand move to lindas pussy, both woman now starting to make noises, I moved up and slide my cock in jans mouth her lips opened up fully to suck me in deep, Linda now moved down to lick her clit, I watched Jan start to move around wildly on the bed as the first cum hit her, as she subsided I moved and quickly slide my cock in deep, she gasped for air and let out a soft scream, this was quickly hushed up as lindas pussy sat over her face,

I picked up speed, and pumped her wet pussy hard, with every fuck she grew louder and louder, Lin having trouble staying on her mouth, then with one almighty scream she had her second cum, boy this woman was good, my cock felt like it was in a vice, with the blood being pushed back into me, but i kept going, not letting her rest,and soon her third cum echoed though the house, it does a mans ego good to know hes getting the lady of well, so my cock stayed hard and i fucked her for some 30 mins or more, each scream hearlding another cum, Linda had also had a orgasmy from jans tounge working in her, now it was my turn, with a few really hard pumps I let loose the biggest load I could muster, doing so pushed jan over the top again and my cock was gripped so hard my eyys popped and my cum stopped running out,

we all lay for awhile, no one having any energy to speak, then Jan turned to me and said , gees i knew i was going to go for a ride when i brought the bike, but this ride was better than I expected, then looking at Linda she said, thanks, I didnt think I would enjoy a womans touch, but I did,,,, can we do it again now,,Jan said with a big smile,, and the 3 of us broke into laughter, ,, until my cock once more grew, then the fun began again,

what a great way to be paided in kind mmmmmmmmmmmmm