9 Jun 2016

We’ve headed to bed for a session of cuddles watching TV, head to toe as normal both stroking each other’s bodies as we always do. My fingers are tracing lines on the inside of your thigh and I’m loving the feel of your soft skin on my fingertips. I know you’re loving it too as your eyes are closed and head is back. I work my way further up tracing a line across your pssy as you let out a quiet sigh under your breath. A knock at the front door startles you, you look at me as I stand up, put on my robe and leave the room. You hear me say hi to someone and then footsteps. I renter the bedroom and behind me you recognise Dave, a guy you’ve spent the last couple months chatting to via sms. You pull the doona over your naked body as he says hi, you’re a little freaked but from chatting you know he’s fairly laid back so you’re not too stressed. Staring at each other you’re not sure what to do or how to react. I walk around to your side of the bed, drop my robe off and slide naked behind you again. I tell you to sit up and motion for Dave to come stand beside the bed. As you rise from laying down I motion you toward the edge of the bed in front of Dave then sit directly behind you, a leg either side and my hard cck pressed against your 4rse. My arms are wrapped around you as I cup your breasts. You’re staring straight ahead at his stomach, nervous on what is going to occur next. I ask Dave if he likes your naked body and he replies ‘it’s amazing, better than the pictures you’ve sent me’, with that I remove my hands from your breast and tell him he can touch you if he likes. He reaches down and cups your breasts, squeezing them firmly as my hands move between your legs, once again drawing on your inner thighs. You lean your head back against me and I kiss your neck in return. Your hands move behind his legs as you hold him in place as you’re loving the feeling of his hands on you. Wanting him to explore you more and wanting him closer you gently pull him toward you, his hips move forward and you feel the hardness in his crotch against your chest, you know you’re turning him on, you can feel the twitch in his pants against you. You slide your hands up the inside of his thighs from behind, then push him back a few cm’s. Your hand travels to the bulge in his pants and you trace its length though the material, a finger either side of it. You can feel his hips start to sway in time with your movements just as you feel my finger start massaging your pussy, a little pressure and small circles around your clt.

You reach for his button and unclip it, then unzip his pants, with both hands you pull them down so they fall around his ankles. He has boy shorts on, black ones, and you see the clear outline of his cck bulging through them, twitching in the hope of your attention. It seems bigger than in the pictures you shared….and definitely thicker, especially at its head which seems almost twice as thick as the rest. You lean forward, pressing you lips against the fabric of his shorts, squeezing it between your lips. You hear a quiet groan from him as his hand moves behind your head, deeply digging his fingers into your hair and pulling your head closer against him. Your hands are placed on his 4rse and you squeeze it tightly. Lost in the aroma of it you forget I’m behind me until I slide one, then two fingers into your pssy, they’re quickly covered in juice, you’re so wet from the attention you’re getting.

You feel his cck pulsating through the fabric, from the position of your hands on his 4rse you place your hands in the waistband of his shorts, pull him back slightly then pull them down. His cck springs straight out, you can see some pre-cum at its tip. You wrap your hand around it at its base, milk it a little to release some more fluid then with the tip of your tongue you lick the very tip of it, lapping the fluid up….as you do he lets out a moan and you feel his knees give way a little. You kiss along its length and back then slide it as deep into your mouth as you can, almost all the way to its base.

My cck is straining by now watching this action. I move from my position behind you, grab your hips and motion you to get on all fours. You get to your knees facing him and help him remove his T-shirt with which he quickly obliges and also steps from his pants at the same time. Kneeling there in front of him you pull him close, your breasts press hard against him as your lips meet. He kisses you deeply and passionately for a few seconds before you break the grip on your lips, kiss down his neck

and across his stomach getting down on your all fours. He’s still standing beside the bed and you take his cck back into your mouth as I manoeuvre between your legs. You’re so wet I can see the lips of your pssy glistening. I take my cck in my hand and slide it across it coating its head in juice, I then push deeply inside you as far as I can go, your let out a moan as I do. I slowly slide in and out in rhythm with your mouth on him. My hands gripping your hips, his hands are massaging your back. You can feel he’s getting close but don’t want him to cum yet, you want to see it spurt across your breasts and watch it drip down your chest. You push back against me as your remove his cck from your mouth forcing me to kneel back as you sit back on me, continually grinding against me. You tell him to get on the bed and kneel in front of you, one hand on his balls, the other stroking the full length of his cck. He is pumping your hand and you know he’s close, you tell him to play with himself for you. Without hesitation he grabs his cck and starts wnking furiously as you sit back harder against me, driving my cck deeper inside you. Within seconds he says ‘I cant hold it anymore’, his head tilts back and he spurts his cum across your breasts, over and over again with every pump of his hand. As he falls down to his knees your cup your breasts, smearing his cum across them, coating your chest with it.