Written by The cat

26 Oct 2012

We saw a profile of a beginner couple and thought it would be nice to find out more about them. We all hit it off and decided it was time to meet and play. We were not beginners. We had played with couples before at different levels including swapping and some single men for kinki fun. but no sex with the single men. I am bi, hubby straight with a slight curve yet to be explored. The other couple had her as bi curious, but she had never had the pleasure of another lady.

We live in Brissy, they at Caloundra, so we headed up thier as they had the house to themselves. I wanked John on the way up, he was rock hard, and he kept checking how wet i was, which was wet. He would dip in the pool and then lick his fingers. So sexy. We arrived at 7.30 to go to dinner but found Sue and Bill had a few nerve settlers and Sue had one too many so decided to stay in and chat and enjoy the nibblies. We changed into comfy clothes and i had on a skimpy see through dress and jon had running shorts and t shirt. We both had no undies on. After an hour Sue started feeling better and we went to the verandah to sit outside and enjoy the view. John sat in this big lounge type chair that fitted 2 at a push. I sat at the table and Bill sat on the side. Sue was going around the table and fell into the chair that John was on and after us all laughing she said this was comfy and she stayed put. We chatted some more and Sues hand was behind her back and i could see by the look on Johns face that she had his cock in her hand. Bill couldnt se this from where he was sitting and i just smiled at John. Sue figetted a bit and was on her side and then her hands were in front and she was rocking back and forth. Found out later she had Johns cock in her pussy and was fucking him and we didnt know.

I said to Bill we should move inside and get more drinks. We entered first and 5 minutes later John and Sue entered. I asked John later what happened. He said when we had got inside she bucked hard a few times, had an orgasm, then got off and said she had better lick my cock clean and did so.

Sue said she wanted to show us something in thier bedroom, but really wanted to get us all on the bed, whiched worked. I asked Sue how she was and she said ready to go so teach me. I undressed her kissing her all over and then we locked lips. the men lay iether side of the bed, Bill had his cock out already and was wanking and i could see Johns at full mast. I lay Sue back at dove into her drenched pussy. I came up for air and for John to take pics and he licked the juices off my face. I continued on Sue and she had her hands above her head wanking Bill. Sue started to shudder and her orgasm flooded. Bill lost control and blew an arc of cum onto Sues face. Bill must have shot 10 squirts. I scooped it up in my fingers and fed it to Sue saying she had to clean up Bills mess as she had made it. John was just watching and clicking away. I knelt and started sucking Johns cock. Sue started to tongue my arse and prob and finger my pussy. Sue then got under me and licked my pussy for all she could muster. Bill got between Sue's legs and started to lick her still wet pussy. This went on for a while until i asked Sue to lie down. I kissed her deeply for ages, our tongues exploring each other so deep and then i worked my way down to her dripping snatch yet agian. John got between my legs and ate my pussy as only he can. He had his lips on my clit with his tongue flicking my clit, 2 fingers in my pussy and a finger in my arse. I came in a gush in under 5 minutes and what a rush. Bill had his cock in Sues mouth and said we have all cum but one hasnt. Sue then said remember what she said about Dp in her emails and that if i was alright with it could we try and she wanted John to have her arse. Bill lied down, Sue got his cock in her pussy missionary style and John stood up at the end of the bed between her legs. I got the oil and dripped it in Sues arse crack and rubbed it in. John whispered to loosen her up so i gently inserted one finger, then 2 and then 3. After a while i wanked John as i fingered her and then guided his cock to the target. He worked in slowly and then started to slowly pump away. We were kissing deeply and then i heard the signs of Bill going to cum. Sue said not yet, not yet but Bill was pinned and couldnt stop it. Sue was dissappointed as she was loving it so Johns kinki mind said to Bill to get a didlo. John layed on his back, Sue got on top reverse style but John said not in thier, put my cock up your arse and lie back. she did and then i fingered her pussy and all Bills cum was swishing around and leaking out. John gave me the dildo and i knew where this was going. i worked it in her pussy and got a rythem going with John and fucked her hard. I bent down and licked her clit as i worked the dildo in and out and that was all it took. Sue lost control and flooded my face and the everywhere. She came back to earth eventually and slid off. John went for a shower and came back to see Bill licking my pussy and Sues pussy in turn. We all looked at John and he was still rock hard. I explained if he stops from cumming a couple of times he can go for ages but watch it when he does blow. Sue looked at me and said lets lie him down and make him cum. He had both our mouths and hands working him hard and my finger in his bum and he was in heaven. I decided to change this and knelt on the bed. John did me doggy and sue got under us and was licking Johns shaft and his balls and licking my clit. Bill was hard again and knelt in front of me so i could suck his cock as he worked the dildo in Sues pussy. After 10 minutes of him pounding my pussy John said he was going to cum. I turned around and grabbed his cock and pointed it at Sues face. John let loose and the first shot hit Bill on the leg, i got my aim right and drenched Sues face and tits with his cum. he shot torrents of cum, shot after shot then sue licked him clean. I then licked the cum of Sues face and tits and kissed her deeply sharing Johns hot cum. Bill Stuck his still hard cock inside Sue as we her and i kissed then suddenly pulled out and blew his load on our faces as we kissed. We were spent. We had showers with our own partners, Sue and Bill first, then John and i, and as i soaped and kissed him he was hard as rock again, but thats another story. Their first venture was a success and we will meet again. Another couple converted to the swinging scene.