Written by Jack_Arthur

15 Dec 2013

I was too excited to sit still and i was too nervous for words but i wanted this too much to chicken out ! The four of us were just sitting in the back corner of the beer garden eating chips and dips and talking about the weather. We had chatted on-line, then on the phone and via texts but now I was looking at them in person and my heart was bursting with waves of fear, then excitement, then amazement and other feelings I can't even describe. They said it was a first for them too but I think I was the least prepared. Mr was a quiet bloke who seemed to be happy to let his wife do most of the talking. Mrs was a bright and chirpy lady and she was the reason I was there. It was her I wanted and at times she was the only one that existed. There was also a female friend of theirs at our table that only had eyes for them, but ff did have a cleavage that was hard to ignore. I think I held my breath the whole way back to their place but finally we were all behind closed doors and although we had not made plans for how things were going to go, I felt like I was going to get my wish. Mrs followed me out onto the balcony and after a little light conversation she looked me right in the eyes with a look I will never forget and asked if I wanted to go to the bedroom with her. Of course I did but I don't even know if I answered. I had often dreamed of this moment but now I was on me and the rest of the world ceased to be. We embraced and smooched for a moment and before I knew it Mrs was crawling naked onto the bed and I needed to get my clothes off and join her ASAP ! I have no idea what Mr and ff were doing because i was so busy with Mrs, and let me tell you, she was perfect in every way. She had perky boobs with nipples that pointed straight out, her skin was smooth and soft and smelt eddible to me. She had a neat little shaved pussy that was simply gorgous and tasted like heaven. Mrs kissed with passion, she fucked hard, she stroked with skill and she sucked like I had never been sucked before. Mr and ff were making lots of pleasure noises in the next room and they stood at the door from time to time to watch the show. I didn't care who saw me because I was in heaven. I don't know how long i spent eating pussy, sucking nipples, screwing and being screwed but it was perfect. At one stage Mr was doing Mrs from behind while she had my cock so far down her throat that i was amazed by her skill and passion and beauty.