Written by Bushyboy

5 Sep 2014

June Fuck Night

Yes another great night for us.

As it was it pissed down with rain right on 7.30pm and Baz couldn't meet me as planned and had trouble finding the house as well as coming in from another direction and missed the street to get to our party.... not to worry. Luckily he had Stan's number and Jean was able to guide him to the house.

There was a storm brewing with flashes of lighting in the distance as I arrived at the party so I hurried inside. Jean was her usual self as she greeted me at the door waiting for me to put the things down I was carrying. She was so proud of the lovely big apple pie she had made earlier for us that sat on the table. I turned to her and got a lovely welcome home kiss from her and I could feel that gorgeous, slim body underneath her flimsy dress pressing up against me. Her bra less tits already had hard nipples sticking out of them and my hands on her hips couldn't feel any trace of panties she could be wearing....none ... wow a lovely start to our party.

I got a beer and we joined Stan and Mick around the table on the patio next to the spa which was bubbling away in readiness for our naked bodies to relax in later on. Mick had his chair close to Jean and already had his hand on her leg by the time I managed to take my first sip of beer. Stan got up to check on a couple of things for the party so I sat in his chair close to Jean. Mick had Jean's dress up around her waist which revealed no trace of any panties which meant it was easy for him to finger her pussy, so I joined him. The only thing was we both couldn't finger her at once so we had to take it in turn. But being the way we are, we love to share so it wasn't a problem.

Then, all of a sudden the storm hit and the rain came down that fast and heavy it gradually chased us inside to the lounge. By this time Mick had taken off his pants and sat on the arm of the sofa naked which made his cock stick straight up. When Jean saw this she just backed up and sat on his cock. It automatically went up inside her although she had to wiggle her hips a little and sit on it slowly. She couldn't be in too much of a hurry because it would take a few seconds for his thick cock to spread the lips of her wet pussy as she gently lowered herself on him. Once she had him there he could hold her hips with both hands and help her move up and down on his cock.

I stood in front of her playing with her tits and pussy as she hung on to my cock. Stan was busy talking to Baz on the phone but had a little trouble telling him how to get to the house so he gave the mobile to Jean and she talked him to the house with Mick's cock right up inside her, fucking away.... she never missed a beat and it was quite amusing as we all laughed about it when Baz arrived.

Baz reached the door all wet and dripping with rain as he apologised for the mix up. By this time Jean had got off Mick's cock and was a little unsure how to greet Baz naked or with something on at the door and at the last minute she threw a sarong around herself greeting him with a kiss.

When he saw all the rest of us naked and in such a sexy and horny atmosphere he didn't hesitate to take his clothes off immediately to revealed a nicely hung cock that swung from side to side as he walked. Stan was having a smoke and Mick with his hard cock sticking straight out was still wet from being inside Jean minutes ago as he stood at the table sipping from a beer. .... love juice all over it.

Jean, Stan, Baz and I join him but by this time she was so horny and wet inside she couldn't wait to get on the bed to ride Mick's cock. She loves riding him. Besides being sick for a couple of weeks with the flu she was now fit and well to make the most of it. The feeling of his 8inch thick cock up inside her sends her silly, she gets so horny and hot with all the cock around her too, so it's not long before she explodes into her first shattering orgasm..... oh oh oh ....mmmmmm... fuck.... yes. Of course having my cock inside her mouth to suck on while she fucks Mick also sends her into sexy spasms and over the edge of the precipice.

Baz was sitting on the end of the bed sucking and playing with Stan's cock as he stood there enjoying Baz's mouth and tongue all over his hard cock and tight balls that sat up underneath the base of his cock. He was so horny and enjoys watching his wife Jean sitting on top of Mick fucking him, thinking it would only be time before he will be asked by her when she lies on her back with legs wide open to fuck her.... he loves watching her being rooted by his mates.

But he had to wait for a little while for Mick to finish. He wasn't in a hurry and going to make sure him and Jean were there to enjoy the pleasure of rooting each other. By this time Jean had cum several times and Mick decided it was his turn to be on top and without any hesitation turn her over on her back with his cock still inside her pussy. With her legs wide open he was able to do what she wanted and give her all of what he had been thinking about for weeks... a nice good hard fuck.

At times when Mick was on top of her she would close her legs which made her cunt real tight and clamp his hard piece of manhood inside her, trapping him giving her a feeling of hanging on to all of what he had. She had him right there and he wasn't going anywhere. Of course she was able to suck or nibble on my cock being next to her mouth as I lay on the bed across her head. I could tell when she was cumming because she would bite into the hard cock head of mine with a mmmmmm and ....yes, ...yes ...fuck yes ... as she reached the top.

Mick knew she was cumming too as he fucked her harder and harder because she made him feel so nice. He just wanted to give her all of the hot cum he had in his balls that had been waiting there for this moment, all week. In one big last stroke he blew all that hot cum inside her as he collapsed on top of her with sweat dripping down his back, beads of it on his shoulders ... he had fucked her real good and she loved all of it, every stroke of his gorgeous hard cock.

Baz had been entertaining Stan, sucking his cock and playing with his balls when Jean beckoned him over as she lay on her back with legs wide open wanting to try him out as a new cummer to our group. Baz pulled her around as she lay on her back to face him so he could the side of the bed and push his 7.1/2 inch cock up inside her. The head of his cock already had precum all over it from sucking Stan and Jean's pussy full of Mick's cum, so it was easy for him to give her the full stroke of his hard cock as soon as he got inside her. This was worth getting wet with the rain and waited all week for. He did her justice too as they both smiled at each other ... which is all about having fun and sex with nice friends.

Jean needed more attention and called me over to help her out as Baz pulled his limp cock out of her with their love juices on it. She knew he had cum and lay flat out on the bed with her hand on Mick's cock near her head so I lifted her legs high up in the air where it exposed that gorgeous cum filled cunt and pushed my cock straight down into her. Fuck.... it was so sweet, wet and hot inside her and made my cock rock hard. Now I could pump her as hard as I could.

With each stroke there would with a bang or slap as my balls hit the bottom of her hairless pussy when I was right up there inside her. Each stroke shook those beautiful hand sized tits of hers like a bowel of jelly ... she was loving every minute and so good I couldn't hang out any longer. Cum and cum I did as it shot straight out of the head of my cock it felt like it nearly blew the flange of it .... fabulous and I felt I had just run a 100 metres.

Jean looked at Stan and gave him such a sexy smile lying there with her legs wide open waiting for one more cock to finish the session off. It had to be him. He knows just what she wants and had resisted from cumming earlier by saving it for his wife as she had been rooted by his mates. Now it was his turn to put the icing on the cake. His cock was so hard from all the horny action around him and her pussy full of the boys white cream he didn't hesitate in plunging his pride and joy deep into her. She was so happy to have him inside her and they fucked the way they have for years with both of them reaching the finishing line together as she uttered, ooo.... ah ....yes ... yes ... fuck yes .. then that little girlish giggle of delight.... "I love naughty boys" !!!

It was now time for a rest so we all went out onto the patio and hopped into the the most welcomed spa of all to relax and a quiet drink together. The warm bubbles of water felt so nice and soothing as they gushed up and over our naked bodies as we sat there. Jean loves floating face up on top of the water with her head and shoulders lying on a couple of boys.

With tits floating in the water and feet resting around the necks of the rest of us across the spa we all could see, touch and feel that gorgeous body of hers on top of the water. She was so proud to show us her thin line of pubic hair that ran down to the top of her garden of eden.... such a lovely picture and so insatiable at times.

Well it was time to get out of the spa for a taste of the Pizzas that Jean had made for us as they lay on the BBQ cooking. The air was a little nippy and being close to the middle of winter we all went inside and sat on the lounge where it was a little warmer. Jean sprawled out on the lounge with her head in Mick's lap while she draped her curled up legs next to me and simply closed her eyes and crashed.

One of us put a towel over her to keep her warm as she slept with nothing on and sleep she did. Stan got up and brought the pizzas in for all to nibble on, which tasted so delicious. Jean was in another world, in such a deep sleep totally stuffed and she didn't even stir as I gently and softly fingered her pussy. Nobody could wake her ... poor girl or should I say lucky girl... which brought a nice end to another lovely night. ... it's amazing what sex does even to a forgotten apple pie.