Written by fun couple

27 Apr 2013

some days you just want to relax and today was one for me,, getting some sun by the pool, I heard sue come home and thought nothing of it, until I heard a voice say, "Want company" it was Lilly a friend of sues, who seeing me naked started to strip of, which surprised me as she had never shown any interest before when we spoke about being nudist, turns out it is her hubby who is the prude, within seconds shes naked and sitting next to me, Sue joins us and strips also, some time later I get up for a drink and with out realising my cock was hanging firm but not hard, Lilly smiled and said that looks good, any way I returned with my drink, and a slightly harder cock, and the girls were laughing saying how men cant control themsleves, I looked and said with 2 lovely ladies near me it is hard, and again Lillly looked at my cock and said Not yet,, with that she grabbed it and pulled me over to her, sucking me fully into her hot mouth, Sue going down and licking lillys pussy told me it was ok, my cock was set to blow as lilly sucked once more as she orgasmed, to much my cum hitting the back of her throut with force, sue moved up licking my cock dry as we moved of to the bedroom,

I watched as they both ate one anothers pussies, my cock still hard eased into sues pussy,,, lilly licking my cock as i went deep, I fucked her for some time as both woman set one anothers orgasms off, then pulled out and slid deep in lillys pussy, her legs opening wide to except my cock fully, and then she wrapped them tight around my waist forcing me deep in her womb, I fucked her hard, holding back from cumming several times as the girls worked each other to jaw breaking screaming orgasms, my balls over loaded could hold back no more, as ream after ream flooded forward, froced out of lillys pussy onto sues face, she licked it all up, I left them to play, hearing screams from each as they fed the others need for orgasms, then sues walked past, toys in hand, oh boy, I went back to watch, as sue forced our 12 inch didlo fully home in lillys pussy, oh boy didnt know she coudl take all that,, then lilly fed our 18 inch double into sues pussy and played, sue pulled the end around sliding it in her arse, this seemed to send lilly of and she watched as sue went wild with both holes filled, sitting on the double ended pushing it in both holes as if riding 2 cocks, lilly also was wide eyed as sue went bellist as she cum, so with eveil in my eyes I grabbed our little 9 inch vib and worked on lilly ,, getting her wet and cumming hard, my cock also hard once more, I pulled her up on her knees, and pushed my cock back in her pussy then slowly worked the vib in her butt, she held back, but once it slid in she rode it hard,, so with one qiuick move I swapped holes my cock rammed in her arse and the vib back in her pussy, she pushed back letting me know she was ok with it all, sue still riding the double ended for all it was worth, so then I had to try, I moved back, grabbed the 12 inch monster, and pushed it in lillys pussy, I think she guessed what was coming and said "take it easy" as my cock went back in her butt, oh boy it was tight but did she goes off, like a rocket, orgasm after orgasm non stop, as sue kissed her too, then I said to sue did she want to ride lillys fist, wow you should have seen her eyes, wide in wonder as sue eased lillys fist towards her pussy and slid her wet hole onto her hand, inch by inch going deeper and deeper until her wrist went in, lilly was stunned, her orgasms stopped for a second or two as she took in what she was doing then bang of she went once more, sue bopping up and down as lilly screamed in delight, my cock and dildo now flat out pounding her messy holes, then all to soon my load let loose shooting deep for her first anal cum load, as sue screamed in her final orgasm, pulling of lillys hand, Lilly also went wild screamming and thrashing around as she had her hardest orgasm yet, licking sues juices of her own hand, while I finnised filling her arse with cum,

we lay talking , lilly was shocked at what we liked, we said you aint seen nothing yet, we get kinkier still, Oh she said do tell, we said no we will show you next time,