27 Apr 2019

We'd been watching this new couple for the last week now as they looked too fit to even need any more Gym sessions, but they came three times a week , did three circuits before hitting the sauna for an hour ,swimming two laps & taking a shower around midnight . my wife had a thing for butts ,didn't matter if it was male or female she had to feel it , so just as they where on their last circuit she grabbed me and guided us to the sauna once inside she stripped ,sat on the bench & fingered herself telling me to get naked too .when our sexy couple came in and saw this they shrieked

in shock but instead of leaving they kissed and got hot with each other before she lifted her skirt pushed her pussy in his face and moaned with desire. My wife on seeing this knelt between my legs and proceeded to blow me , as both parties came my wife commented how she'd like kiss that ass right now , and she did . Being after midnight the place was empty and my wife was being very forward in asking if these two would join us in the showers to continue playing , to our delight they said they'd love to on the condition I sucked her husband's ass as he fucked my wife , of course I agreed as we'd wanted these two for a while now , it soon became obvious she was in charge making me lick everyone's bum as they fucked and sucked , after half an hour the girls left us alone to wash each other before inviting us to continue at their place. next play.

Tags: fetish