11 Jul 2019

Molly's heart was pounding waiting for the door to open.

John buzzed again just as a family walked past.

Molly put her head down; terrified the young family would know exactly why they were waiting outside the door with a discrete sign in a dimly lit street.

Finally it opened and they were welcomed inside.

It was Molly’s first time at a swinger’s club but John had been many times before, “don’t worry, you’re safe with me,” he whispered in her ear as they climbed the stairs.

The hostess ran through the rules.

They were simple; no fucking upstairs and you must be at least a little covered when drinking in the bar.

John and Molly were the only two there and sat down to enjoy a drink to help calm molly’s nerves.

A prison officer was deep throating an inmate on the big screen while the crim tore her top off, revealing perky fake tits.

He grabbed them and started fucking her face while she choked all over it.

It made for a nice change from the sport playing on TVs that usually adorn bars and it was enough to give Molly the confidence to spread her legs.

John started kissing her neck while she ran her hand on the inside of his thigh, feeling his cock start to swell.

He ran his hand up her stocking, under her dress and let his hand rest over the mound of her pussy.

While they were kissing another couple came and sat in the couch beside them.

The curvy girl was much younger than her dark haired partner and the denim skirt she was wearing barely covered her round ass.

“We have company,” John said.

Molly looked over and watched as the man licked a finger and slipped it straight under the girl’s skirt.

He pulled her singlet down letting her tits bounce around while he flicked her nipples with his tongue.

Molly could feel herself getting wetter and wetter and when the girl spread her legs to give a perfect view of her slit being fingered she begged John to take her downstairs.

He grabbed her by the hand, leading her into the lower level where clothes were definitely optional and any surface was available for fucking.

They walked through the maze of rooms until they could hear whimpering.

There on the bed was a dark haired girl wearing a black corset being fucked from behind by her partner.

Her head was buried in the mattress while he grabbed her hips, slamming his hard cock into her.

Molly could see John’s cock straining in his pants and her mouth started to water. She stared into his eyes as she started to undo his belt.

“Get on the bed,” he said.

But she refused.

Annoyed by her insolence he grabbed her by the hair pulling her onto his knees.

She took his hard cock in her hand and started sucking it.

Molly was hungry for John’s cock and started trying to fit the whole length of it in her throat, gagging while he held her head so she couldn’t move away.

Spit had started running down her face by the time the man grabbed his partner and put her on her knees beside Molly so they could suck at the same time.

The girl looked over at Molly and the pair made eye contact while their mouths were being fucked.

Molly could feel her pussy start to drip and looked up at John with her eyes begging him to fuck her wet cunt.

He bent her over the bed, pulling her stockings down and her dress up.

The other man put his girl on the bed beside Molly in the same position so that both women were on their knees getting fucked beside each other.

The girl started to whimper again making Molly moan as John pushed deep inside her.

The stranger beside them started to pound the girl harder and harder while Molly watched as his cock slipped in and out of her.

All of a sudden he pulled out and came all over pussy.

Watching his hot cum slide down her and drip onto the mattress was enough to make Molly cum all over John’s hard cock while he pulled her hair back.

He pulled out, not wanting to cum just yet.

He instructed her to take her stockings all the way off and take her panties off for the rest of the night.

As she was doing this a couple walked past and said hi.

Molly told John she’d like to fuck that couple so they followed them back upstairs to have a drink.

It wasn’t long before the couple started making eyes at them so John and Molly walked over to sit on the couch beside them.

The girl introduced herself as Rochelle and came and sat beside Molly while the men chatted.

Rochelle was wearing a tiny white dress that was so tight you could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Her partner Peter went to the bar to get another drink and when he sat back down he traded places with Rochelle.

Molly could tell John was excited by Rochelle’s perky fake tits and couldn’t wait to get his mouth around them.

The couples started kissing and Peter put his hand in Molly’s dress grabbing her hard nipples before John suggested they have a game of pool.

Molly went to the toilet and when she came out she saw John pressing his hard cock up behind Rochelle while she was bent over the pool table taking her shot.

She took the opportunity to make her way over to Peter and place his hand under dress s he could feel how wet she was.

While Rochelle went to the toilet John told Peter he wanted to see his tongue on Molly’s pussy and held her leg up while he bent down and shoved his tongue deep inside her.

Once Rochelle was back it was time for the four of them to go downstairs.

The couples swapped partners in the spa with the girls straddling the men.

John’s mouth was all over Rochelle’s tits while other couples watched.

Molly was watching Rochelle bounce up and down on John when she leant and over and whispered to Peter that she wanted to feel his cock in her mouth.

She started running her mouth up and down his long shaft until John grabber her and put her over the side of the spa to fuck her while couples watched.

He pushed her down onto her knees so she could taste her juices all over him and invited a young guy who was watching to fuck Molly’s mouth.

“Suck his cock now,” John said.

Molly did exactly what she was told, stopping only to occasionally switch and take John’s cock deep into her throat.

Rochelle and Peter got out of the spa and asked them to join them in a private room.

Rochelle’s tiny, bald pussy was perfect and Molly couldn’t wait to bury her face in it.

John told the girls to get into a 69 position. Molly was on top lowering her dripping pussy over Rochelle’s face she grabbed Molly’s ass pulling her onto her mouth.

Slipping a finger inside her tight pussy Molly started to flick Rochelle’s clit with her tongue.

The men stood at either end of the girls, John where Molly’s ass was and Peter where Rochelle’s pussy was spread wide open.

They pulled their cocks watching the women pleasure each other.

It wasn’t long before they were on the brink of climax, Molly exploded all over Rochelle’s tongue while she buried her face in her cunt.

Molly knew Rochelle was about to cum because her moans coincided with her pussy tightening around her finger before it gushed everywhere.

Molly took her fingers out and used her tongue to lap up all of Rochelle’s juices.

John was excited and told Molly he wasn’t going to cum all over ass, Rochelle stayed positioned under her pussy and when John’s hot load squirted all over her ass Rochelle moved her face up to taste his seed.

Peter came to help her and both of them were licking Molly’s ass to get a taste of John’s cum.

John grabbed Molly’s hand and pulled her in close to kiss her and taste Rochelle’s juices that were still covering her lips.

“Let’s go,” he said.

She thought he meant home and started walking in the opposite direction before he grabbed her wrist and pulled her deeper into the maze of rooms.

They stopped at the doorway where a girl with long blonde hair was sucking her boyfriend’s cock.

Beside them another girl bounced up and down on her muscly partner, writhing in ecstasy.

Again John bent Molly over the mattress so she could get a better look at the girl’s pussy sliding up and down his cock.

He started to fuck her when the girl sucking her boyfriend offered Molly a turn at wrapping her lips around his cock.

She obliged while John slid his fingers inside the blonde girl.

While being spit roasted Molly watched as the man whose cock she was sucking spit onto his fingers, he reached over and slipped inside the girl’s ass while she rode her boyfriend.

Choking on the man’s cock she barely noticed when the girl hopped off her boyfriend and he slid to the end of the bed where Molly was.

She lifted her head and started sucking him while John kept playing with the blonde’s soft little pussy.

He pulled Molly onto the bed and climbed on top of her.

She quickly looked at John to make sure it was ok to fuck the guy; he nodded.

The blonde took John into her mouth while the guy slipped his throbbing cock inside Molly’s waiting pussy.

He was so big that while John wanked over the girl’s tits all he could see of Molly was her pussy getting slammed into by the massive man.

She started to moan when he grabbed her throat and said “cum on me, baby”.

She did and as she looked to John she saw him doing the same, covering the blonde’s tits with a massive load cum.

Molly’s pussy was raw when John led her into the change rooms to get dressed.

“Have you had enough?” he asked.

“For now,” Molly replied with a smile.

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