Written by Shonaric

18 Aug 2017


Sure, I love it when my men are romantic. Every woman loves her cuddles her hugs and her kisses.

I also really love it when they are tender with me and when they softly caresses all my body.

But I am also a sexual woman who loves to lose all control. I am a very sexual woman who loves it when a man takes full control.

This sexy woman loves to have her face and throat, well fucked.

There really is the point, for me anyway, where my mouth ceases to be my mouth, it ceases to be my lips and a tongue. My mouth, my throat, are open for my man's pleasure, my throat is his fuck-hole, I do expect him to cum, as I am used, I go into a sexual "Suck Toy" trance.

In these moments, I am exactly that, a "Suck-Toy" I’m not backing off, neither should my men. They can push those fat cockhead's deep down my open throat. I welcome those demanding cockhead's, swelling and throbbing, pumping pulsing semen loads, stream after warm stream of sexual seed into my throat and down into my hungry belly.

Flooding my throat as they spasm relentlessly in uncontrolled pleasure.

My married throat becoming theirs, as they mark me with their cum.

I swallow down and my body absorbs my creamy liquid conquests.

I am a sexy woman and I expect my men use me as they really want. It gets me so fucking hot

Who will be next...? And how do you want me...?