Written by man4cpl0000

26 Aug 2011

It was February in the year 2000 I was 23 and recently come out of a long relationship. A hot Thursday night and i was on my way to meet a couple from the USA I had met over the internet who were holidaying in Melbourne and we had made a time to meet up in their hotel room in st kilda rd. Walking into the foyer I quickly found the row of lifts and made it up to their floor and then their door.

I feel nervous and excited at the same time. I had brought along my digital camera with me just in case we could take a photo together.

I knocked on the door and Cathy opened the door. She looked exactly the same as she did in her photos in her early 50's about 5ft 10 slim build short dark hair and lovely shapely boobs scantily covered by a bikini top. She had a very trim stomach and was wearing a very short leather mini skirt. I am invited in and meet her husband he all exchange welcomes and i am offered a beer and a seat.

We had a nice conversation about where they have been visiting whilst in Melbourne and mentioned that they had spent the day at the nude beach. I it was a very warm day and the husband was just wearing a pair a shorts and no shirt as it was a very warm day so Cathy suggested I remove my top as it was a warm day i happily removed my shirt and i suspect this turned her on.

The conversation continued and it got to the topic of Sydney and oxford st and how she bough this mini skirt from there and it was fantastic quality. Cathy got up and walked towards me and said see feel the quality I felt the edge of the skirt and noticed Cathy has no panties on and her beautiful hairless pussy was in full view. This excited me know end and Cathy sensed it took me by the hand and led me to the bed. she took off her bikini top and mini to reveal a awesome body something a 30yo would be proud of.

I dropped my shorts and went to work devouring her lovely pussy she moaned in pleasure and commented you can do that as much as you like... Well i needed no further encouragement and enjoyed eating her pussy for about 10 minutes until she was nice and wet. I got out from between her legs and I hadn't noticed her husband naked on the bed next to her watching and jacking off. I asked him if he had any condoms and he went to the bathroom and came back with one. I put in on and entered Cathy it felt wonderful i proceeded with long slow strokes and watch her husband jack off. I was so turned on by the whole situation I put up the pace and soon i was pounding Cathy while she was pleading with me to do it harder. Eventually I blew pulled out and started eating her pussy again until she reached orgasm.

We got dressed had something to eat and had a chat whilst we watched tv. I left soon after and will never forget that fantastic night of passion. After that I am hooked on couples nothing compared to it.