Written by allan1

14 Oct 2013

Like a lot of men here, I had wanted to go to a swingers party for a long time. I finally got to go to one, but in a round about sort of way.

My partner of three years, Jill, was not at all keen on the idea, but she was fine going to the nude beaches in Sydney and we often went on the weekends in summer. Jill told me some people at her work found out she went naked at the beach, being the gossipy sort of place that it is, but she didn’t think it was a problem for her there, not these days. Swinging though, is still a taboo subject unfortunately and Jill remained dead against the idea, not even willing to just go along to have a look. She told me that the gossip at work about Bill where she worked was that he and his wife were swingers and many at work talked about him behind his back with a snigger. I suspected they were jealous or at least curious, as I certainly was. So I asked Jill if she could have a chat to him one day about swinging and she would see if she got a chance but didn’t promise.

Some time had gone by and I had forgotten about this swinger at Jill’s work, until she mentioned to me that her work were shutting down early for Christmas and was thinking of going to the beach the next day if it was sunny. I wasn’t able to get away, but Jill said that was OK cause she was going with Bill, if that was ok with me. I think she was teasing me, but it seemed like a great idea to me and I suggested she take him to our regular nude beaches. I found it hard to do any work that day, wondering what Jill had found out from Bill about swinging or even if she did go nude at the beach. Probably nothing I thought, but I was wrong. Turned out Bill and Jill had a great time at the beach and she had worked all day on her all over tan. I of course wanted to know if anything sexual happened between her and Bill, but Jill assured me it wasn’t at all like that. In fact, she told me that Bill said he wasn’t really interested in swinging, it was mainly his wife that liked swinging as his wife was apparently bisexual and it was a way for her to be with both men and women. When Jill had explained to him that I was interested in the swinging scene, he was somewhat circumspect that men might think they like the idea, but that not many men really liked seeing their partner having a really great sexual time with some other man, maybe even a better climax than with them and suggesting maybe it was best just to leave it as a fantasy. I of course, wasn’t listening to any of this. Seemed to me, I had to find out, one way or another. Jill said that Bill had offered to introduce her to his wife for some advice, if she liked to find out more about swinging. That was fine with me, so the next day Jill had lunch with them at their place while I went to work. I had my fingers crossed again all day.

Came home early after work but no one was home, so that was exciting. Still, every minute that went by seemed like hours. About an hour later Jill phones and tells me she’s been invited out for dinner with Bill, if that is ok with me. Sure was. So that was that, or so I thought. About an hour later Sandra, Bill’s wife, turns up at our place saying that seeing Bill and Jill have gone out together that night, she wondered if I was interested in going out with her. How could I refuse, especially after phoning Jill and it being perfectly fine with her. Jill even sounded happy at the idea. What I didn’t know was that Jill was really enjoying in a big way her time with Bill, apparently they really hit it off. So anyway, I was happy to jump into Sandra’s car and off we went. And I could have been pushed over with a feather when Sandra asked me if I was interested in going to a party. Yep, one of those swinger parties.

I was worried that Jill might not like me doing that, but Sandra assured me there was really only one way to find out and that was to either give up on the idea or go along and have a look, with no pressure to do anything. I could even keep all my cloths on if I liked. So that was an easy decision for me and off we went, me to my first party hand in hand with an expert. How lucky I was to be shown around. I met some very nice people and had a hot time watching Sandra flirt with everyone. Not wanting to upset Jill, I kept my cloths on despite a few very tempting offers. I was surprised to find that it was the women at these parties that did all the asking but that the men didn't seem to mind.

I need not have been so hard on myself at this party though, as it wasn’t long after this that Jill moved out saying I was too obsessed with sex. I don’t think I was obsessed with sex, I just liked to explore an intimate adventure with a women, like some people simply liked travel adventures, but of course, they don’t get called obsessed. Later, I found out there was more to it as Sandra phoned me up soon after and told me that Bill had gone off with Jill, so that was that.

These days, I am adjusting to not having Jill in my life and getting to know Sandra somewhat, but it is early days and time will tell. Sandra is wanting some time to herself as well. I have discovered that these parties are best with someone you know, trust and like very much.