Written by allan1

15 Oct 2013

Sandra suggested that I follow up my story here about my first swing party, which was with her. Those who read my previous post here will know that Jill was my girlfriend at the time and not Sandra.

In a nut shell, what happened was that Jill went on a dinner date with Bill and my request to ask him about swinging. Bill and his girlfriend Sandra, we’d found out were swingers. I was keen on the idea, but Jill was dead against it, but she knew Bill through work and she was ok going out to dinner with him. She made it very clear it was just going to be dinner which was fine with me. But unbeknown to us, while Bill and Jill went out for dinner, Sandra came over to my place and invited my out too, but she took me to a swingers party, my first. As I knew Jill would not approve of me doing anything at a swingers party, I kept my cloths on, which was very difficult. However, I did have a nice time anyway and talked to quite a few couples. I discovered for example, that it was obvious if one of the partners did not really want to be there and how awful that would be to be in that situation. Seemed to me that it was no good going there if one of you was not keen to be there. Another surprise for me were the results of my little survey of happy swinger couples there. Turned out that at least one of them had a strict religious background, or went to a religious school, which made sense to me, given the guilt around sex in religion and the feeling of freedom and non judgement that I saw at this party.

Anyway, in the morning the next day when I told Jill about where Sandra and I went, she went ballistic and didn’t believe me that I wasn’t sexual with someone else. She went over to Bill and Sandra’s place to check out my story with Sandra. That’s were things got very hot.

I think she had already decided to leave me and go for Bill, as it was obvious they laughed a lot together and got on well. In the afternoon I got a phone call from Jill asking me if I really didn’t mind if she fucked Bill. She seemed to be humming and I could hear some laughter in the background but I agreed of course and she hung up with not much more ado. Still, I expected Jill back that evening, but Sandra turned up instead. She told me that Jill had calmed down, but there was more, much more.

Looking back on it, I think Jill had decided to get back at me, cause she had apparently asked Sandra to help her remove her map of Tasmania, as she called it. Now Jill had always insisted on keeping her hair between her legs natural so that when we went to a nude beach it would look normal, whatever that was. I could never persuade her to give it a go, no matter what I said or would do. Still, I wasn’t convinced she would follow through with it, that was, until Sandra showed me the video she had made of Jill. Apparently Jill had asked Sandra to film her, cause she knew I wouldn’t believe her asking for it.

So here I was now, sitting down in my lounge room next to Sandra in front of our large screen waiting for the DVD she had given me to load. My heart was ponding but the first scene completely stopped my breathing. Here was Jill naked, head propped up on pillows lying back on a double bed with her legs spread and a big grin on her face looking back at the camera at the foot of the bed. I assumed Sandra was holding the camera as I could see this guy I presumed was Bill lying at her side, both naked. He was playing with Jills legs and I could see his finger start to rub Jill bareness between her legs. I had never seen Jill’s clit exposed like that before and seeing another man playing with it and alternating inserting his index finger up into her made me unbelievably hot. Jill moaned and it was obvious she liked it too. But it didn’t stop there.

After a few minutes of that Bill kneeled up in front and the camera moved around to the side and closer into Jill’s naked pussy as Bill started rubbing his large erect dick up and down on Jill’s open bare pussy lips. That was when Jill said stop, saying she needed to phone.

Bill stayed where he was, still rubbing his dick up and down on Jill’s completely naked body while she made the phone call, which as it turned out, was to me, asking if I minded. Bill’s hard solid dick was resting at Jill’s open door waiting for a reply. The rest is history, cause as she hung up Bill inserted his dick up into her. In close up I could see his dick slowly going into her, little by little as Jill arched up to help get his dick further in. Then it eased out to his tip and then back in, right in. I was getting a good picture alright. His dick seemed about the same size as mine, that is, fairly average, not small and not huge. Perhaps surprisingly I would have liked it better if he was huge, not to hurt Jill of course, but to give her more pleasure, but that was just my fantasy as Jill was moaning already and I knew she was close to coming. And boy did she come loudly. She was typically very quiet with me, afraid of anyone hearing I think, but not over there.

This fucking went on for ages, though to me the first time I saw this, it only seemed like a minute or two. Bill fucked her doggy style for a while and boy did he fuck her. Banging away over and over. Jill came a few times there as well which was also surprising. How Bill hung on I don’t know, but then he told her to get on top, which Jill did without hesitation. There she was now pumping Bill’s dick up and down while Bill played with Jill’s large tits all exposed and naked. At one point Jill looked around and smiled at Sandra, knowing I guess that I would be soon watching this picture from the camera Sandra was pointing at her. Bill then placed his hands under her cute ass and lifted her up telling her to place her feet flat on the bed, which she managed. Now she was bumping up and down on his dick like there was no tomorrow. I had never seen her fuck that way before and it sure was hot to watch her fuck that way with Bill.

The last scene was Jill tied up in a swing that hang from the rafters. This swing was keeping her legs wide apart and I could see her open pussy and her ass. Bill came up and simply slid his dick straight into her, rocking her back and forward in the swing. Jill’s large tits swayed with ever move. Bill placed his hands under her ass and thrust his dick harder into her. Boy did Jill like that and Bill finally came too.

Needless to say, I have watched this DVD many times.