Written by allan1

16 Oct 2013

Sandra and I are friends. Just friends as we don’t get sexual, except for once. That was when she brought around that DVD I mentioned in the previous post.

She was curious as to how I would really handle watching the DVD of Jill fucking Bill, her partner. At the time, Jill was my girlfriend going on 3 years but it sort of ended when she started fucking Bill. Not that I minded. In fact I more then liked it, a situation that very quickly became obvious to Sandra who was sitting next to me on the lounge as the DVD started playing showing a very graphic picture of Jill’s open legs, completely naked on a double bed with Bill’s fingers playing with her exposed pussy.

Watching the show my dick was straining to get out and when Sandra reached over to release my dick from my tight pants, I was so turned on I couldn’t take my eyes off Jill on the large screen. My dick just popped out and fully erect. Sandra was saying she liked what she saw and was glad I liked watching her partner fuck my girlfriend. Said I shouldn’t mind her giving my dick some attention and with that she knelt down in front of me and put her mouth and hand round my dick. Such a great feeling watching my girlfriend on the screen with Bill and having my dick sucked by Bill’s partner. I warned Sandra that I was coming and she wiped off her top to revile no bra and two lovely tits. They looked wonderful and I came all over them with Sandra rubbing it on her tits. Good for the skin she said.

I didn’t know what to watch most, her tits of the DVD of Jill riding Bill’s dick. I was used to Jill’s large tits, which were being handled by Bill as she rode him up and down. Sandra’s where rather small in comparison and frankly, I liked how cute they looked and felt as I played with them while watching the show on the DVD. A lot of guys like big ones of course, but it was seeming to me that given a choice, I preferred smaller tits. All are great though.

Sandra was surprised my dick was still hard and erect. No surprise to me as I was having a great time. While the DVD played on she rapped a condom over my dick while I said nothing to stop the idea. She pulled my legs out a bit, lifted her dress and straddled me with her legs relieving no panties. It was lovely how she didn’t mind me looking around her at Jill on the screen as she lowed herself down on my dick. I remember my dick slipping in very easily. Then slowly she started going up and down on my hard dick. It didn’t seem very long before I came again, condom on up into her. She liked that too.

After that, I took my cloths off and she took off her dress. Both naked we continued to watch next to each other on the lounge, while we both played with ourselves. Sandra came loudly a couple of times and I even came a bit more, this time over her naked legs.

I started the DVD again for a second showing and brought back a couple of drinks from the kitchen. Sandra had taken out a small vibrator from her bag and was now using that with one of her legs open over the side of the lounge. My dick a little flat but finding new interest. We talked and we talked. Basically, Sandra prefers women and has a steady girlfriend she sees often through the week. She tells me her girlfriend is madly in love with her and is very submissive with Sandra. Rather surprising because Sandra I found to be rather assertive and she did tell me that she likes to be dominate with men. Me not being that submissive myself, Sandra and I have become friends and we both like that. After all, friends you can talk to about anything anytime are rare and a wonderful find. They tend to last longer then traditional relationships too.