Written by Boundary Explorer

19 Jan 2012

It was my friends 21st birthday, my 19 year old girlfriend and my bad self had been drinking since the late afternoon. My mate is a chef who work’s and plays hard. He works late, so he arrived late in the evening after we were quite drunk as the party was winding down. My parents were away for the summer holidays so my place was free and my girlfriend was staying over. I told my parents I would attend the party and drive up with her a few days later. She did not tell her parents when we were leaving so I picked her up in the afternoon and she told them she would call them tomorrow. There begins the lie.

I shared a drink with my mate outside the party and he commented on how hot my girlfriend looked. Many of my friends and their parents envied my girlfriend as quite the catch: a gorgeous, friendly, generous natured sweetheart. From the microsecond I laid eyes upon her I was hitched to her physical beauty. I took it slow and we became inseparable friends until I seduced her and we became lovers. This girl was hot and desirable, a real head turner who I fell for her hook line and penis. A sporty girl with a slim athletic body adorned by honey blond hair down to her sweet ass. Her firm double D breasts had a red pronounced 3 inch red areolae surrounding her prominent long nipples. Her face was perfect, creamy soft skin with a tight ass like two ripe peaches. Her pussy was spectacular, full vulva mounds, labia and an abnormally large sensitive clit. All in all: the perfect body for sin. We were dating for about six months before she was ready to have sex about six months ago. She was so innocent and loveable; butter would not melt in her mouth. Everyone fussed over this little princess and she reveled in the attention. Her parents worshipped her. My parents practically adopted her from day one; she had and could do no wrong in their eyes.

I had some Tequila at home and I asked my mate if he would like to ditch the party and join us for lip sip suck n suck. He agreed so we called a cab. I got in the front and my girlfriend got in the back with my mate. My mate was in heaven as my little hottie, who was very drunk started teasing him. I was giving directions to the driver when I heard her say, “What did you say are we going to lip, suck sip?” She was wearing a short little skirt. I looked around and she had her legs spread wide with her panties clearly visible. My mate placed his hand in between her legs and lightly massaged her inner thighs and pussy through her thin blue panties. She was lightly groaning with her eyes shut touching his dick through the fabric of his pants. I decided to avoid her knowing I was watching them. It was unusually quiet back there for some time, so I turned around to a clear view of him moving her panties to one side with his fingers rubbing her exposed wet pussy. She had her eyes closed and was letting him touch her barely making a sound. We hit the top of our street and I caught a glance as he fucked her with two fingers whilst lightly pinching her nipple. As we pulled into the driveway he pulled his fingers from her wet cunt and placed them in her mouth. She sucked them clean moaning and opened her eyes. We got out, paid and noticed the cabbies hard on. I said there’s your tip mate.

We made our way to the lounge room, she turned on the stereo and I kissed her passionately sensing her highly aroused state. I told them to make themselves comfortable while I disappeared into my room and fetched a few things to get the party started. I emerged and broke out the tequila. I lined up some shots glasses. I noticed my nice little girl had taken her blue panties and bra off in front of my mate while I was out of the room, as they were getting comfortable. I looked at her and inquired “are you comfortable?” She looked cheeky and defiant; “Yes baby I’m comfortable, I love you and I have two strong men to look after me”. “Where’s your undies baby? She just looked at me and started giggling, holding them up dangling in front of her. “You’re being very, very naughty baby” “your drunk we can see your pussy and nipples”. “I’m responsible for you and its dangerous to tease two horny men”. She looked so sensual as she said softly “Am I in danger or living dangerously?” I looked over at my fiend standing in his boxers and t-shirt with his dick getting hard. You need to understand that you are sexually naïve and would be helpless to do anything we say and he has a very dirty mind. “Look at that huge cock, you have made him hard”; pointing to his huge thick dick sticking out of his boxers. He was good looking and fit. His reputation as a kinky, well hung, bi-curious, guy preceded him. Stories of the middle aged married women, who would meet him for pleasure in the locker room at work. As word of this hot young athletic stud eager to fuck women of all ages spread around his work he amassed little sex club amongst the women.

The women would sometimes congregate in the female locker room in groups to watch him naked, feel and suck his large cock. Some times he would fuck up to four women from eighteen to sixty and on occasion have threesome’s with their husbands. My girlfriend was quite strait and naïve especially when it comes to sex. She was disgusted by porn and would disapprove of his exploits with something like ”How could they do that, disgusting sluts”. I did warn her that he had a dirty mind and would fuck anything.

It had never seen her this high. Normally having sex was like a military exercise of reassurance, coaxing and gentle persuasion. Tonight however, she is drunk, horny and inquisitive. “Why don’t you strip dance for us and show him that great body of yours”. “You took your panties off in front of him didn’t you?” I suggested

“I know you let him play with your pussy” She said nothing, went and picked a song, turned up the stereo proceeding to give us a great strip tease show enjoying all the attention. She was completely naked lap dancing provocatively in front of us showing off, her pussy, ass and tits. She was normally quite a prude so it was blowing my mind at how liberated she was acting.

She got up and danced on the table obviously enjoying the teasing, attention and seeing our cocks hard. I suggested she lay on the table and we do body shots off her stomach. She thought this was a great idea lying on the table giggling and laughing. I told her to lay still as I poured he liquor onto her belly button. She spread her wet cunt with her fingers and said cheekily to my friend, “Where do you lick and suck”. We both did tequila shots off her belly button, licking her pussy, sipping the tequila from her navel and sucked on her clit or her nipples. She loved it especially the attention, giggling and moaning. I grabbed her from the table suggesting she finish what she started.

I told her we have another game and she should kneel on the carpet and we blindfolded her. We slowly teased her playing lightly with her pussy, tits and ass. My mate pulled his fat 10” uncut cock out of his pants and placed her hand around it. He took off he blindfold and opened her eyes to her absolute shock. She was a virgin six months earlier and had only ever seen my circumcised cock. She was now naked in front of two very horny men with hard cocks ready to fuck. “It’s huge,” she said. She could not keep her eyes off his erect cock. “What a hot little body, and I am only the second lucky guy that gets to fuck that tight little pussy” He commented. “I cant its so big, you will split me in half”. She commented. “Be my guest that’s what she wants,” I said.

Her sexual inexperience showed as she sat mesmerized, amateurishly fondling and playing his with cock. She was shocked when he took charge grabbing her by the hair pushing her head forcing his cock into her mouth, “You need to learn how to suck and pleasure a cock”. She gaged a little as he thrust his engorged cock into her mouth. She was really getting into it so I pulled out my cock and she took a cock in each hand. I told her to suck both our cocks. She managed to get the heads of both our cocks in her mouth. My mate said she needs to be “taught how to pleasure a cock and make a man come with her mouth” “She seems to like acting like a whore” “She’s gone too far to stop what she started now” I added. My mate looked at her and said “She’s our slutty plaything now aren’t you”. She just smiled and nodded.

My girl looked so hot sucking and licking two big rock hard cocks. I told her that I had wached all the inappropriate behavior in the taxi and she should be punished. We positioned her on the couch and my mate began to lick her pussy while she had my cock in her mouth. He lightly sucked, bit and licked her large aroused clit expertly without penetrating her. She moaned wildly lost in deep pleasure, about to come when just before she climaxed he stopped and told her “no she will come when he says she can”. Surprised and frustrated she protested, “this is wrong, I’m not a slut”, “Nice girls don’t do this”, I don’t want a reputation as a slut ”

My mate gently rubbed the head of his cock between her swollen pussy lips ready to penetrate her soaking wet hole. “Show her what those ladies at work like so much. Fuck her like the slut she was in the back of the taxi She wanted your cock so stretch her tight little cunt” “Fuck her hard” she was enjoying the easing. “No your too big, I cant” She protested at least three of four times “Please it will hurt”. “No pain no gain,” I said. We pinned her down restraining her hands as he kept rubbing his cock slowly between her pussy lips. He penetrated her, gradually easing the head of his big cock into her wet tight pussy. He started off slow easing his cock into her tight hole. She let out a scream, “Your hurting me, its too big” as he forced his large cock into her young tight hole. After a while he began to stretch her hole pounding her hard and deep as her tight little cunt took his large cock. She was really getting off being held down and fucked. Squirming to get loose with complaints of pain, as she trusted her hips on his cock to groans of pleasure.

I had tried to convince her to swallow my come with “No” success. I told them both that he was going to “come in her mouth”. She was shocked at her rough treatment however enjoyed the submission and pleasure of restraint. I held her down as he fucked her hard and aggressively for what seemed like ages till he was ready to come. He told her he was coming and promptly pulled his cock out of her pussy, then straddled her chest with his cock up to her mouth. She protested, "No, no I wont, No". I grabbed her by the hair and ordered her to open her mouth; again “no way I wont”. He pulled her hair tight slapping her face, which startled her. She complained at the hard slap, I slapped her across the face and told her “that if you act like a slut we will treat her like a slut”. “You started this by letting him touch your cunt so you must do everything he says without question’. “Your ass is his and you will do whatever he requests, no matter how sadistic your discipline”.

I forced her mouth wide open as he wanked a load of come into her open mouth. As his cock exploded on her tongue she stared to gag. He pinched her nose between his fingers and squeezed one hand around her throat closing her mouth. He forced her to swallow every drop of his hot come making her stick out her tonged to ensure she had obeyed. She was ashamed at acting so slutty sobbing at her rough treatment with the taste of his come in her mouth. It was unsettling for her not to be in control. Her prude moral boundaries dictated by her strait upbringing were now tested. For the first time in her life she was totally submissive, overpowered by two horny men making her do things only a slutty whore would do. She felt violated but was excited by the extreme pleasure she was experiencing.

I got her on all fours, fucking her from behind with my mate’s cock in her mouth. He was playing with her gorgeous firm breasts pinching her long erect nipples. He put his fingers in her mouth then lent over and massaged his wet fingers over her asshole. He lightly penetrated her virgin asshole with a finger while pinching her hard nipples. She protested as he pulled out his fingers forcing them back into her mouth. He then plunged his second finger into her ass. She groaned. This felt raw; dirty unlike she had ever experienced. There was no turning back as she was being treated rough and enjoyed it.

We continued to fuck and suck in every position imaginable. She straddled my mate’s cock as I eased my cock into her virgin asshole with the aid of some lube. She went wild as she slowly rode both cocks in rhythm.

We both just sat there as she pumped and rode both cocks in both holes. We all came together, which was intense!!! She screamed loudly as we all exploded and filled her with come. She took everything asked of her with no questions for an hour or so till we were all spent before we fell asleep. What started out, as some drunken fun had become her sexual education 101.

In the morning she was feeling sober and really guilty. “What have I done? Please don’t tell anyone, I feel like a slut!” “You wont tell any one will you?” This innocent young girl treated so tenderly always in control, had her sexual awakening under his firm hand. He listened to her sobbing saying things like, “I would never do this, I’m so ashamed”. She felt guilty and my mate was strait onto it. “I’m sure your strict parents would like to know what you were up to while you were lying to them”. “Fucking two men, sucking two cocks at once, taking a cock in your ass, flashing your cunt in a taxi”. “Your not the nice, sweet innocent girl they think you are now are you?” “You wont tell any one will you?” she cried. “Don’t worry I wont tell, but there is one condition”. “What is it tell me please” she whimpered desperately thinking that she was still the innocent princess calling the shots. She was not prepared for his response.

He grabbed her roughly by the hair and pulled her to her knees. “No” She protested as he forced her head roughly by the hair telling her to take out his cock and put it in her mouth. “No I wont,” she protested. “Tell him to stop, how can you let him do this”. “I’m sorry baby; you know how much I love you but you are still to learn the consequences of teasing men, so you must do as you are told”. “You need to learn about sex and pleasuring men” “He is your master, your teacher now that you have showed him your cunt” “Were not stopping now, after last night were just getting started as there is so much for you to learn!“ I said turning to my mate. He responded by pulling her hair tighter, looking strait into her blue eyes welling with tears and said, “You don’t want me to tell your parents and friends you’re a drunken whore fucking two men do you now? Well do you?” “Please no, say you wont” “I will do as you say, like last night you can do what you want to me”. “Please It will be our secret” “Just don’t tell anyone, I’m begging you” she desperately replied.

Anything I want, did you hear that? He replied. “Lets start by teaching you how to deep throat suck a cock” “lets see how much cock you can take” “On your knees” he said. She looked at me as I told her to “do it” and she obediently dropped to her knees, reluctantly unzipping his pants revealing his hard cock. “Open wide, keep your tonged flat, and breath through your nose”. She warily complied and started gagging as he slowly eased his huge cock deep into her throat. She withdrew “I can’t do it, its too big please don’t make me” she said. He told her to relax. “Breath through your nose, exhale out through your mouth”. “Slide my cock slowly over your tongue into your throat and don’t take it out even if you gag”.

She tried again slowly easing his cock deep into her throat. After some small gags, she relaxed as he eased two thirds of his full 10’ fat cock into her throat. She held it there for a minute or so. “Good girl, well done, see what you can do; that’s fucking hot”. “I want you to take it all till your lips touch my stomach”. He placed his hand on the back of her head and despite her protests and gagging, eased his whole cock down her throat. Her lips reached his belly swallowing all of his massive cock breathing slowly through her nose. He forced her to hold his cock there till she ran out of air. She looked so hot as he slowly thrust in and out of her throat fucking her face. “I bet your girlfriends cant do that,” he said.

She seemed pleased with herself managing to learn to deep throat his huge cock. She was however ashamed at the humiliation, submission, rough treatment and slutty behavior. It was turning me on seeing her so submissive and willing to obey even though he was treating the woman I loved like a whore. She had crossed the line from sweet innocent princess to an object of kinky desire.

I felt a guilty but knew he was inadvertently changing my sex life with this beautiful girl by blowing all her boundaries out of the water. He was determined to make her totally submissive, pushing her further as she was totally compliant with all that was asked of her. We took turns in her mouth seeing how much cock she could take with her new found skill going further and longer into her throat each time. She swallowed and held our cocks down her throat with little gags. We took turns alternately licking and blowing on her engorged clit, which squirted each time, she come.

My mate put her on all fours, spreading her ass cheeks wide and spit on her asshole. He stuck his tongue deep in her ass and then penetrated her asshole with two fingers working them in and out as deep as they would go.

He was being very rough with her. This shocked her and made her squirm 'Please no, not there, it hurts" she sobbed. “It hurts ?” “Don’t you like pain?” He said. No, No I don’t please don’t hurt me”. I think you need a little pain with your punishment? “Please don’t, no pain,” she said cautiously. “I think this girl needs her ass marked with that cane feather duster over there” “Do you have any cable ties”? He asked. I handed him a packet of large cable ties from the draw.

“Do you know what S and M means?” No she said. “Sado Masochism is where people derive pleasure from delivering and receiving physical pain”. “I am going to administer you with some pain as punishment, you will obey and we will enjoy your humiliation for our sexual pleasure”. “Please don’t hurt me,” she repeated. He instructed her to take off her clothes and bend over a small stool. She reluctantly complied, apprehensive at what was in store from his dirty mind. He cable tied her wrists and legs to the stool restraining her with her ass and pussy exposed wide apart. He then walked over to the desk picked up the cane feather duster and swung it though air making a menacing swooshing sound. He picked up two large document clamps and the dog’s collar and leash from the desk. He grabbed her roughly around the throat and fastened the collar tightly around her neck yanking the chain tight. He held her pert breast in one hand, pulling her nipples hard between thumb and fist finger of the other. She screamed as he squeezed the strong clamps tight on her pronounced nipples. She felt anxious as he started circling her lightly tapping and scraping the feather duster on her bare milky skin all he while pulling the chain tight.

He asked her if she enjoyed teasing two horny men and making our cocks hard. She said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to go this far” you’re so cruel and rough, you’re an animal”. “Really” he replied. “I don’t care, if you don’t do as I say, I will tell everyone including her mother he fucked her anally while her boyfriend watched.

“I know you wouldn’t like that would you?” “No please don’t” she sulked. She was at his mercy as he had a dirty secret over her of which she was very ashamed threatening her reputation as a nice girl. He pulled the chain tight and told her to stick her ass in the air and take her punishment like a dirty little girl. She started sobbing and pleading with us both to stop.

I kissed her deeply on the mouth and wiped away her tears assuring her it would all be OK if she just took her punishment. She said she was sorry for being such a whore in the taxi. “Please don’t I can’t take the pain, I hurts”. I told her I love her but she needs this discipline and if she takes the pain like a brave girl her secret is safe. My mate then said “The pain and the marks on her bottom will remind her she is our little whore here today, an obedient submissive which gives me extreme pleasure”. “Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hit me,” she said. My mate replied, “You will take ten blows from both of us”. “Please don’t why are you doing his to me? “I just wants to enjoy marking your tender white ass” “You can and will take the pain until I’m satisfied you are suitably marked then our little secret is safe you have my word” “So what will it be?” She gasped as he lightly tapped the cane on her pussy and ass and cried, “Ok you animal do what you want”. He placed a gag in her mouth and slowly walked around her swishing he cane getting into position behind her. He delivered five stern blows very slowly on each side of her ass with full strength as she screamed in pain. The force of the blows shocked me as I watched the cane break the skin on her ass. She anticipated each burning stroke crying as he delivered five more fearsome stokes.

She looked up at me with tears on her pretty face in total submission. He was saying things like “how feel to be a slutty little slave” “Now your man will deliver ten” and handed the feather duster. He said, “Don’t hold back,” telling me to leave my mark. I kissed the red welts on her ass as she sobbed and pleaded with me to stop. He told her to count as I delivered each stroke. “If you don’t deliver ten good strokes I will”. She was crying in pain as I delivered five strokes of the cane as hard as I could. She just kept sobbing and trying to keep her ass in the air. She started to shake as her legs trembled from the pain as I delivered the blows. He thrust his cock and fingers deep into her pussy between the sadistic blows marking her pretty ass. The cane broke her milky skin, drawing painful bloodied welts. Before the last stroke of the cane he stretched her asshole. He placed two fingers on either side of her asshole and stretched it wide open. He put three fingers deep inside as far as they would go.

Her legs were shaking from the intense pain of her burning her ass cheeks negating the pain of her clapped nipples. “I bet your prim and proper school friends would love to see this. I wish I had my camera!”.

“Some of the woman at work would love to have some of that sweet pussy and asshole”. I would love to take you to work and let them enjoy your that body, “Can I have her to play with tomorrow night? I think the girls would love to see those welts and taste her sweet pussy”. He then fucked her pussy hard till she almost climaxed, masking the pain with an extreme pleasure she had never experienced. He tried to put his whole cock into her ass but it would not fit. He took a clamp from her nipple and clamped it upon her hard swollen clit. She was at the height or arousal between pleasure and plain. She took it all very well with tears and moans of pleasure and cried; “Are you satisfied now you animals?” “Not till we both come,” he said. Her ass was red with angry blood blistered welts from the cane. I told her to open her mouth for us. We both wanked and came all over her face. As the come dripped all over her pretty face and hair we cut the cable ties, removed the clamps on her nipples and clit and my mate said “now you feel like a true slut; come all over your face with those marks on your ass to remind you not to be such a cock tease”. “Did you enjoy that?” “Yes” she said timidly, “Yes I enjoyed it, even the discipline thank you”. For the rest of the day she made like it was wrong and I should have stopped it if I loved her. How could I let him treat me like that, I love you. I told her it was just her moral guilt and she was just worried about what people would think. Everybody has dirty little secrets and there were consequences for her actions and maybe a bit of rough discipline was exactly what she needed. “Maybe you will stop acting like a prude now that you know how to fuck and learnt to throat a huge cock?” “He won’t tell will he? Please tell him not to tell anyone,” she said troublingly. He wont but you better behave yourself I said. When you’re at work next week and you feel that burning on your ass through your skirt, you will fantasize about your slutty education.

We have to meet your parents tomorrow afternoon, what will I do how can I face them? She exclaimed. Did you enjoy all the pleasure and that attention? “Yes” she said warily, I just feel so naughty, so slutty. How am I going to tell my best friend? I tell her everything” she replied. “Bring her here and we will educate her”, I replied. She just looked at me wickedly and said, “I think she would enjoy a similar education, especially the discipline”.

She was still the butter would not melt in the mouth type girl but now she had an appetite for pleasure. I thanked my mate for his firm hand and treating her like a slut as he had unleashed a monster, open to any new sex ideas. In one night and a day she became totally subordinate, learnt to throat cock, swallowed loads of come, took a painful spanking, got fucked and fingered in the ass and pussy, did a double penetration and fully satisfied two horny guys. Not a bad effort. From that night forward she was insatiable, had come of age sexually but most importantly was now subordinately obedient.

That night my mate called me on his break and said that we should meet him after his shift at work for a drink. I asked what he had in mind and he told a few of the girls at work he had a new obedient recruit for his little club and they were all excited. I set up a time and told my girlfriend “we are going for a ride you wont forget”. She complained her ass was a bit sore for the bike and I told her it would be good to air it out. We met our friend in the bar and my girlfriend was a mixture of embarrassed and inquisitive. We proceeded to a locker room deep in the basement, to for a drink, as was the custom. After some time in walked five women. A gorgeous prim looking woman of thirty-five led a cute twenty year old girl by the hand. One of the women locked the door behind her and walked strait up to my girlfriend and looked her up and down. She stroked her face gently, “So this is her? She’s gorgeous aren’t you my pet, I bet those marks on her ass look hot”. My girlfriend was shocked, as my friend said “yes, she has just learned how to be an obedient sub, I’m training her for my friend here and I thought you would help”. He looked at me and said “If that’s OK with you”? I looked at her and said, “She has been very submissive and willing to learn, haven’t you”. She looked scared and said to the woman, “I’m not into girls, and I wont touch a girl like that”. My friend said “Now you’re a slut just like these girls, they will show you how slutty you can be”.

He turned to the woman and said, “Help your self, she is yours to do as you please, she will be very obedient”. My girlfriend looked shocked as the woman told her to strip naked. “No I wont, I’m not a lesbian, don’t touch me,” she said.

One of he woman was a six-foot basketball girl with huge tits she told her “OK then, it’s going to be our way then, he told us we can have you, so have you we will, c’mon baby you will love his I promise”.

She grabbed her and told her not to fight, she resisted as the large girl slapped her across the face, pushed her onto the floor and pinned her down. She complained, squirming and the elegant Thai woman in her late thirties started unbuttoning her clothes, as she was being physically overcome and restrained. “I’m not gay, please”, she complained. “We don’t care, your are a fresh faced girl that needs some discipline” “Your our desert” exclaimed the older lady. The other women ripped off her clothes, held her down and told her to do as she is told. The Prim woman observed the fresh welts on her ass and remarked as she kissed them that they were the marks “only sluts get”. My girlfriend resisted as he woman lifted her dropped her skirt and straddled my girlfriends face, rubbing her shaved pussy on her face and lips. They then proceeded to hog tie her hands to her knees until she was helplessly restrained, pinning her down so she could not move. She was now completely helpless, sexually at the mercy of five very kinky women. She pleaded and screamed as one of the girls pinched and bit her prominent erect nipples. Desperately she asked ‘where is my boyfriend” as they placed a blindfold on her. They told her “he gave you to us and we will return you when we you are ready to eat pussy”. The young girl now naked roughly forced her hand in my girls open mouth. She told her that she must leave her mouth open to accept her punishment and not to complain. The Prim woman was excited watching her restrained. One girl was going down on her like an expert as she was squirmed and moaned. The older woman told her to open her mouth wide as the large woman forced her mouth open with her hand. The older lady took off her panties and squatted over my babies face. She spread her pussy and pissed in my girlfriend’s mouth while the other woman held her down and licked it up. She was in the complete submission of total pleasure as the Prim woman commanded her to lick her pussy as she squirted on my girls face. They flipped her over on her knees and the tall girl started gently kissing and licking her swollen pussy whilst another placed her tongue in her asshole. One of the woman put her pussy in my girls face, grabbed her hair and told her to lick her cunt, guiding her to her engorged clit. She reluctantly complied sucking and licking her pussy. She eventually exploded all over my girls face squirting all down her neck. Dominating my princess the woman kneeled on all fours before her spreading her legs, demanding that my girl lick her asshole. When she refused the girl behind her told her she had better or she would be punished. She again refused and the woman grabbed her face and buried it in her ass.

The woman behind spat on her asshole and dug her bunched fingers into her ass then proceeded to try and fist my girl’s ass. She screamed with pain as the woman kept trying to push her small fist into her ass as she told her to do as she is told, “tongue inside her ass you fucking slut”.

She reluctantly licked around her ass her as the fingers were removed. The woman told her sternly to penetrate her ass with her tongue. My friend’s cock replaced her tongue as he got up and fucked the ass of the woman my girl was licking. She was told not to stop until she is told and to lick whatever asshole is in front of her. She obediently licked his asshole as one girl licked her pussy and another her ass.

The girl then stuck her ass in the air while my mate fucked her deep in the ass. He pulled out his cock and exploded come in the well of her asshole. My blindfolded girlfriend was then ordered to drink the come from her the girl’s ass. Two girls untied her removing the blindfold telling her she is a good submissive girl as they kissed and licked the come from her face. The older women trained this pretty twenty year old waitress as totally submissive slave becoming the center of their extremely kinky acts. The tall girl told the young pretty girl to lay on the bench. She commanded my girl to play with her cunt and finger her ass. She slowly slid fingers into her pussy as the girl grabbed her hand and encouraged her to slide her hand into her wet pussy. She reluctantly pushed her hand in up to the wrist. She began to pump her fist as the girl told her “Fist Fuck me”. My girl pumped her to an intense orgasm as the Thai woman sucked her clit. The older woman told both girls to lie on the floor head to head. The women took turns sucking us both off. I had my cock deep in the older woman’s throat and was just about to come when my mate took my cock in his mouth, which shocked me. This seemed to drive the women wild watching him suck my cock as I pumped, exploded and he gagged with a mouthful of my hot come. He grabbed my girlfriend kissed her open mouth, and made her swallow the come. The girls all took turns riding, coming and squirting on the girl’s faces till they were all spent. The girls entered the shower and washed each other. The older woman laid on the floor of the shower as he other girls took turns pissing in her mouth. My girl put her clothes on, clinging to me as we rode home. She was now getting into the idea of pleasure and submission as long as she could maintain the façade of innocence. She slept like a baby till we left to meet my parents in he morning.