Written by SwingSwing

2 Apr 2014

I think I got into Swinging because I was fulfilling the Voyeur in myself. As a young man I happened to see my friends parents kissing and touching each other at a social function and found myself becoming aroused. I soon found that I enjoyed watching others engaging in any form of petting or foreplay. I enjoyed the pleasure of watching others but also felt the urge to join in, hence the need to kill two birds with one stone.

I engaged in a stormy relationship with my first wife 'Dee', there was jealousy and infidelity on both sides but it wasn't until one evening that I caught her out that my desires grew stronger.

Dee and I (Steve) shared a house with two brothers Chris & Tony. They were great guys and we all got along well, however, Dee and I were usually at each others throats over something and our arguments would erupt at any time. One evening I had to return to work early as my ship had to sail (I was in the navy), Dee was upset about the short notice and we ended up having a row about it. I left in a hail of abuse and headed to the base where to my surprise the ship had suffered a mechanical problem and we were going to be stuck in port overnight. I tossed a coin about heading home but thought better of it and headed for my local pub. Dee wouldn't know and I could go back to my ship after closing time! After a few drinks in and the guilt got the better of me and I decided to catch a cab home to surprise her.

We have a long driveway and as I wanted to surprise her I hopped out at the gate. Heading up the drive I could see the lights on in the lounge, they were slightly dimmed and what appeared to be two people dancing...it was Tony & Dee.

They both looked a bit inebriated as they danced whilst clutching drinks in their hands. My heart was pounding and I had a strong desire to fly in the door and interrupt their little party but something held me back as I stood in the front garden spying through the window.

Tony had her in his arms as they staggered round the room doing the 'drunken' two step, his hand was firmly planted on her arse and she was doing nothing to remove it. Every now and then she'd nuzzle into his neck and lightly kiss him..my heart skipped but my curiosity was stronger. Tony was taller than me and worked as a carpenter, he had bulges in all the right place and on more than one occasion Dee and her friends had made comments about him.

The music stopped and they broke apart before flopping onto the couch. I couldn't hear what was said but Dee appeared to be pouring her heart out to Tony who ended up putting his arm around her as she spoke. After a while Tony turned her face towards him, they stared at each other before he kissed her, she pulled back slightly but returned her lips to his.

Their kissing became frantic as they pawed at their bodies, hands and arms were flying everywhere...

I watched in disbelief but instead of anger welling up inside me I felt a shift in my jeans as my cock began to rise.

I felt excited and found my eyes glued to the couch where the removal of clothing was taking place. Dee stood up and removed her blouse, then her bra, revealing her beautiful b cup breasts, shiny and pink, with strawberry coloured nipples, all hard and stiff. She wriggled out of her jeans and panties and kicked them to the side exposing her gorgeous pussy that was covered in a light covering of downy pubes. My cock was rigid as I freed it from my pants. Dee knelt on the floor in front of Tony who whilst standing had removed his shirt...she unzipped him and pulled out his uncut cock. I could tell in an instant it was bigger than mine and the look on her face told me she wanted it. Her mouth fell upon his piece as she took it all deep down into her throat, Dee was an expert at sucking cock and the look on Tony's face told me he was loving it.

She teased his balls with her hands as she nibbled his shaft, the hood had now stretched back as he reached his full erection, Dee kept sucking and sucking...she alternated between his balls and his shaft. Tony's head flew back as his hands gripped her face...he was now thrusting as hard as he could into her mouth which meant he was close to coming..I heard him grunt as his balls tightened and he shot his load into Dee's mouth. Dee can take a load but he must've been really full as she struggled to swallow his jism, some of which dribbled off her chin and onto her chest. His cock kept spasming for a full minute or so before Dee slumped backwards onto the couch. Tony knelt before her and I thought he was going to go down on her but he just pulled her forward, spread her legs and rammed his cock into her cunt. I was shocked...no warning, no nothing...Dee's eyes went wide as she felt for the first time a far bigger cock that what I'd given her. Tony just slammed into her pussy, Dee was now in rythmn with him and her legs snaked around his waist as she fought to stay connected. It was brutal as he hammered her cunt, his face was contorted and Dee's eyes were now closed. I could hear her call out 'yes yes' as she came, Tony just kept pounding and then suddenly he plunged one last time and came deep inside her. It was then that I realised that my own jism was squirting through the air as I came in buckets. What a sight!

I was stunned! I didn't know what to do...I wanted to stay but part of me wanted to go. It was then that I realised Tony had left the room, leaving Dee on her own. I waited and watched as Dee had a couple more drinks. Tony had obviously gone to bed and I made my decision. I strolled into the lounge surprising Dee, she looked shocked but I told her about the ship and how I'd decided to come home to see her. I was horny as all fuck and dragged her to the bedroom where I ripped her clothes off and climbed on board, she winced as I pounded into her cunt. I was overwhelmed with lust as I fucked her hole that was still full of Tony's jism. I left the next morning feeling great and realised that something had sparked me up for the rest of my life....I wanted more and I loved what I'd witnessed. Sadly Dee and I didn't start Swinging for another 8 years. I never told her about watching her with Tony but I did find out from Chris in a drunken moment 20 yrs later that both he and Tony had been fucking her ever since they'd moved in with us, although not at the same time. My life of Swinging had started for me........