Written by SwingSwing

2 Apr 2014

Fast forward 8 years and Dee and I are the epitome of the happily married couple, a house in the burbs, 2 healthy kids, his & hers cars etc, overseas holidays etc etc...... being childhood sweethearts we hung out many of our friends from our school days. Our circle of friends remained the same until Dee's sister introduced us to Joe & Leah.

We instantly liked this couple as we had many common traits which bought us closer. Like me, Joe had a marine industry background, we both had 2 kids around the same age, the girls had similar jobs in retail...Joe and I both owned boats and loved to go fishing, so we really had a lot in common, but the most uncanny thing that Joe and I couldn't get over was the fact that the girls looked and acted like sisters. It was unbelieveable how much they looked the same. Both were 5'4", blonde hair, blue eyes, matching boobs, nice legs & butts.. very similar looking, but very different in personality. Dee was still her usual fiery self and couldn't help argue with me whilst Leah seemed to be a lot more reserved and kept her opinions to herself, however, Joe was very similar to Dee and could sometimes fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. So it was kind of a done deal that we became friends.

As our friendship developed we became very close, fishing, camping, and holidaying together etc.....it was on one of these weekends away at my in-laws beach house that Joe made a suggestive remark. The girls were lying on the beach sunbathing, and they looked hot in their bikini's when Joe remarked to me that whilst they looked the same he bet they were different in bed.

The girls ears pricked up at the comment and Dee as usual made the first statement about how could Joe tell just by glancing at them. Joe made the comment that 'no two women were alike'....this sparked the girls into conversation and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about differences etc.....

It was well after dark before we had the kids settled down in bed and it was time for us to settle down ourselves and knock off a few drinks. We found ourselves sprawled out on the floor of the family room watching some crappy movie when Joe bought up the subject of the girls being the same but different. Once again it kicked off another long debate that ended after too many drinks when Joe dared the girls to stand up and strip and prove it, as he had decided that by stripping he could tell if they were different.... I thought it was a lame excuse to get them naked...but then..nothing ventured, nothing gained...

I was keen to perve on the girls as was Joe...Dee seemed ok with yet Leah seemed hesitant. It was as if she was awaiting approval from Joe. he turned to her and said ' go on baby, strip'

My cock was already on the way up as Dee stood up, she was wearing a Sarong and bikini bottoms and undid the knot holding it in place, allowing the sarong to fall away, she then tugged her bikini bottoms down and stood there naked.

She looked great, her breasts were a little saggy and she had a couple of tiny 'tiger' stripes on her arse but apart from that she looked gorgeous. Joe was creaming his boardies as her oggled her!!

Time for Leah's turn..she stood nervously and encouraged by Joe she removed her t shirt...she was wearing a bathing suit and slowly started to peel it off until she stepped out of it and stood there naked.

I was stunned...her breasts were slightly smaller than Dee's and her 'tiger' stripes were on her tummy but apart from that she looked almost a mirror image of Dee. Both girls sported shaved pussies.

Joe was going 'see see, I told you they were the same' and I had to admit the similarities were uncanny. The girls paraded for a bit but then turned the tables on us by saying it was our turn to get naked.

Both Joe and I weren't expecting to hear that from the girls but they weren't going to hear excuses.

'Off, off, off' they chanted as we both stood together....both Joe and I were wearing boardies, so we untied the knot and let them fall!! The girls were going crazy as we stood naked in front of them, their eyes were fixed on our cocks, we both stared at each others manhood. Joe was uncut and his cock looked thicker than mine...similarly, he was staring at mine which is cut and looked to be a tad longer but in reality we both looked about average I suppose.

Ok...what to do next....Dee made the first move and reached out and grabbed Joes cock...oh oh! stony silence as we all looked at Leah. She'd made up her mind and standing up she pushed me back onto the couch before straddling me and sitting back in my lap facing me....It was all on after that!!!

Leah and I were all hands as we kissed for the first time, she was a sloppier kisser than Dee but somewhat more passionate as she probed my mouth with her tongue. My hands roamed all over her as we introduced ourselves intimately...her nipples were rock hard as I nipped them with my fingers, her breasts were soft and warm to touch, her back arched as I stroked her spine and my shaft found its way up between her thighs and nestled in the folds of her vulva. She was dripping wet and she lathered my cock in her juice as we rocked back and forth....I could feel her clit rubbing the head of my penis...it was driving me wild. As horny as things were I still wanted to see what Dee was doing, something in my subconcious was telling me to look at her...I had brief flashes of her and Tony.

I couldn't see her properly without moving Leah off my lap but I caught brief glimpses of her and Tony rolling around on the floor, they were definitely getting into it. Thats when I felt Leah grab my cock, she lifted herself slightly and impaled my cock inside her cunt...wow, it was hot and wet. She started to grind back and forth, pushing her pelvis into mine. She whispered 'tease my arse, tease it'...so reaching behind her I grabbed both her arse cheeks. 'Harder harder' she cried, urging me on.....my cock was now deep inside her and I felt that familiar feeling as my balls began to contract as my spunk started to travel upwards......I gripped her as hard as I could...digging my fingers in her cheeks, pulling her closer!!!!

I grunted out loud as I came and shot my jism inside her cunt....Leah made a weird kind of yell and went stiff as she reached her orgasm. We clung to each other in a clinch as our bodies pulsed in time to our hearts.

We cuddled and kissed in the afterglow of our orgasms...we were hot and sweaty and eventually Leah found the strength to climb off me. Thats when we realised that the room was silent. No Dee, No Joe.........empty!

We found them in the master bedroom....it was amazing and reminded me of the sight on that evening when I spied on Tony & Dee.

Dee was on her back and lying right on the edge of the bed, Joe was standing between her thighs and was holding her legs in the air by the ankles. His cock looked really engorged and he was slowly feeding it in and out of Dee's cunt, stretching it with every thrust. Dee was yelling at him, pleading for him to fuck her, yet Joe was acting as though he was only teasing her. She was thrashing from side to side as he tormented her, he replied with taunts 'you want it...beg me' Dee just went wild...she was on the verge of coming. I felt my cock rising as I watched....Leah noticed my excitement and started to stroke me...

Leah yelled at Joe 'give it to me baby..please, please' she begged but he was oblivious to her plea's. 'Thats his thing' whispered Leah as she carried on wanking me.....I could see his strokes getting faster and faster as he kept pumping into Dee...she arched her back and screamed 'yes yes' as her orgasm arrived. Joe kept pumping for a few more minutes and watched Dee's orgasm subside before pulling his cock from her cunt...'suck it bitch' he yelled, but it was too late as his cum started spraying everywhere...he let go a huge load which absolutely covered Dee's pussy, her thighs and her torso...it was huge. Joe finished up on the bed beside Dee just as my second load came squirting out of my cock....it landed on Leah's chest and her tits...it was so erotic. We all slumped on the bed together....what a night!!!

In the morning there was no embarrassment at all...nothing, we acted like the friends we'd always been...but I did notice a spring in our step. It was the beginning of many new adventures as Swingers.