Written by SwingSwing

11 Apr 2014

It was now 8 months since we had started our swinging lifestyle and Dee and I were loving it. Our relationship was stronger than ever and we were enjoying our time spent with Joe and Leah. It was around this time that another couple Julie and Ian joined our group.

Julie & Ian were Joe and Leah's next door neighbours and shared a common driveway on the rural property where they all lived. Like us they also had a young family and our lives were very similar, hence they spent a lot of time socialising with us. Ian was a Chef and worked at a local restaurant, Julie was a stay at home Mum who enjoyed Yoga and Running and had a drop dead figure thanks to her fitness regime.

Julie was vivacious and had a very 'exuberant', slightly outrageous personality whereas Ian was reserved and quite shy, we'd talked openly about inviting them into our group but the girls were a little hesitant due to Julie's personality and Ian's shyness. Personally I thought they were slightly jealous that Joe and I were continually eyeing up Julie as a prospective fuck. Fate intervened and threw us all together.

It was saturday morning and the four of us were in the middle of an all nighter. As the sun rose we were in the midst of a heavy fuck session and unaware that Julie had popped over to take the kids to morning soccer at our local oval. Who forgets the kids soccer!!!!!!!!

Hence her surprise when she walked up to the rear entrance which is rarely used and caught us all fucking ourselves stupid. She was stunned and confessed later that she found the scene highly arousing and stayed for a while undetected, before dashing home to relieve her own wet pussy. She returned and made a racket by beeping the horn which jolted us into reality as we raced around cleaning up as the kids woke up.

Later that afternoon as they had a few drinks Julie told the girls about witnessing our session....she found it highly erotic and extremely arousing and she wanted to join in. One problem!!!! how to overcome Ian's shyness an get him to participate....no worries...leave it to us said Leah & Dee. Joe & I were salivating at the thought of getting our hands on Julie.

Ian had to work and arrived home late that evening to a note explaining that Julie was next door, he duly arrived and was surprised to find us all in the lounge room sitting on mattresses on the floor. The girls were all well on the way after several drinks to get them started. Looking puzzled Ian was informed that he was the lucky recipient of a two girl massage from Leah & Dee. He didn't seem to mind and thanks to Leah & Dee he took his first drink of the evening.

He was into his third drink when Dee suggested they get started. Leah moved in behind Ian and reaching around she began unbuttoning his shirt, Dee laid out the oils and lay a towel on the mattress. Ian lost his shirt followed by his pants...the alcohol had taken effect as Leah removed his briefs. The girls eyes were fixed on his crotch as his cock was revealed.....it was uncut and definitely longer than Joe's or mine. Ian threw a pleading glance at Julie who just said 'Its ok, go for it baby'....and with that confirmed Dee pushed him onto his back. Straddling his chest she rubbed oil into his shoulders and upper chest, Ian closed his eyes as she went to work on him...his cock began to rise as she teased his nipples. Dee was still dressed but Leah had removed her clothes and was now kneeling at Ian's feet where she slowly worked her way up his legs....Julie's eyes were huge as she watched the girls work on Ian....I scooted in next to her whilst Joe sat on the other side...I gently caressed her neck as she watched....Joe leant in and started nibbling her earlobe...

Leah had kissed her way up Ian's thighs and now had the tip of his stiff shaft resting on her tongue...the engorged head now poked its way out of its protective sheath...it was dripping with precum and it must've been at least 7-8" in length..Leah wanked him slowly before lowering her head onto his shaft...Ian was squirming...he was kissing Dee, I watched their tongues entwine as they fought each other in a mini wrestling match......my cock was rock hard and I realised that Julie had her hand on my shaft and was stroking it through my shorts...I removed them and she continued playing with me.

Joe was kissing her neck and had removed one of her boobs from her bra.....it surprsed me....I figured her to be a 'b' cup but her boob looked a lot bigger....she had a large brown nipple and she had a smattering of freckles all over her breast....I unclasped her bra freeing her boobs....I had one and Joe had the other......I dipped my head and sucked..

Leah was attempting to swallow all of Ian's cock but her gag reflex was struggling to take him all the way down....I wanted Dee to do it as I knew she'd handle him easily.....Dee was wearing a dress that had ridden up to her waist exposing her naked arse....Ian had removed her bra and was squeezing her taut nipples....she was moaning as he teased her....

Leah let go of his cock and with Dee's arse right there she pushed his erection between her legs, Dee shifted slightly as Ians cock found its way into her cunt.....I'll never forget her face as she sunk down on the biggest cock she'd ever had in her pussy...Ian thrust upwards causing Dee to fall onto his chest...they moved as one.

Reaching down I pulled on Julies underwear...she lifted her arse allowing me to remove them completely...Joe and I both looked at each other in a vain attempt to stop the other from diving in...too late, he beat me to her cunt.... moved up to her head offering her my cock...she took it in her mouth and licked my precum.....I knelt beside her...feeding her my cock..Joe was going mad on her pussy as Julie started to moan.

Looking over I saw Dee pumping up and down on Ian's cock...Leah had moved around and was now sitting on Ian's face as she sat in front of Dee where she squeezed her nipples....the whole sight was fucking horny and I could feel my balls stirring. Thats when Joe pulled away from Julie and moved her onto her knees.....I knew what was coming....he wanted a spit roast....I positioned myself on my back and under Julie as she took the hint and swallowed my cock down her throat...Joe was buried deep inside her and was pounding away like a jack hammer...The girls had switched places and now Dee was having her pussy tongued whilst Leah had her cunt filled......

The sight was oo much for me and I couldn't hold out any more and I yelled out I was coming before pumping my load into Julies mouth........Joe saw my cum and came right after me and squirted his load deep in her hole....we were a mess as we flopped down next to each other....Julie lay there panting...I could see her pussy lips pulsing in time with her heart...Joes cum oozed out and mingled with the light thatch of hairs that covered her cunt...

I heard Dee's familiar 'yes, yes yes' as Ian bought her to orgasm with his tongue....Leah kept thrusting her hips before she made her usual yelping sound that precedes her orgasm.....the girls had cum but Ian was still not quite there...so Dee grabbed his cock and pumped it....Ian stood up and knelt over Leah who was lying on her back...her took over wanking himself and with Julie urging him on her gave a huge grunt before spewing his cum in huge spurts all over Leahs torso...he literally painted her body...Joe & I in a week couldn't have produced that mush cum...it was an awesome sight...

As I lay there, I finally got to perve on Julie's gorgeous body...her breasts were much larger than I had thought and her whole body was covered in tiny brown freckles which I found to be very sexy...she had a flat stomach and a tight looking butt, her cunt was covered in a coating of fine hair...her pussy lips were large and puffy and I could just make out her clit as it poked out of its hood. I could feel my cock rising........................ to be continued.