Written by s_t5116

20 Oct 2012

My wife and I have been in the scene for a little while, and we have had some good experiences, but I have never played without her. We have only ever played as a couple.

One day while I was busy at work, my wife was talking to a woman on line, and decided to meet her at a local hotel. They found they had a lot in common and hit it of straight away as friends. My wife decided to have her around for drinks one night so that I could meet this lady. She came around to our house and we shared some drinks and stories and had an all-round good night.

A few days later, my wife and this woman were talking on the phone, and she said to my wife that she was looking for a day time date, but everyone she normally plays with was busy, and that she had nothing to do for the day. So my wife says to her “My hubby has that day off, I’ll see if he will go around”

The day came, and I was sitting at home thinking about what I was going to do for the day, when I decided to go on SH and see who was on-line. This woman was on line and she started talking to me straight away, and before long we were getting quite hot under the collar, and I decided that I would go around.

I arrived at her house, and for some reason I was absolutely terrified of going in. I sat in the car for a while just trying to decide if I would just go home. Eventually I plucked up enough courage to go knock on the door.

She met me at the door in a black lacy slip, which hugged her bum. She invited me in, and led me into the bed room. She sat me on the end of the bed and started to talk to me about everyday events. She could see that I was nervous. We sat talking for a while, with her trying to relax me, and showing a bit of leg slowly enticing me closer.

Eventually we moved closer, and I placed my hand on her leg. We started out slow. I just started stroking her boob. She said that tickles so I stopped. She said I didn't say stop and giggled. Then I gently started stroking her leg, and slowly moved around to the inside, staying away from her erotic zones. Slowly I moved my hand up. Kissing all the time.

She laid face down on the bed saying she was feeling sleepy, but made sure her gown came up so I could see her butt. So I moved around her sliding my hands along her legs kissing her legs and on to the butt cheeks. She turned over and sat up, saying maybe she should take her knickers off. I did it for her, and once they were off I started rubbing her legs near her pussy. Kissing both legs and then on to the top of her mound. I started touching the top of her pussy and she opened her legs a bit. I touched her lips and then her clit, moved my hand down and parted her lips. She was really wet.

She asked me to get undressed. So I took my clothes off, and as I did, she put me in her mouth. I got quite hard then. She laid back down on the bed and I laid next to her. Just kissing and rubbing her. She seemed to really enjoy that, just boobs and back. Then butt and legs. I moved around a bit and started fingering her and playing with her butt hole. She liked that so I went down and licked it for a bit. That seemed to turned her on. She raised one leg forward and rolled face down again so I moved in behind her, and as I got close, she arched her back so I knew she was ready for cock. I slipped it in slowly, she let out a loud gasp. I thought for a second, she might be noisy. I started out real slow, moving slowly deeper. She liked that. Then I started to speed up she really got into it. She started moaning. I kept going, and her whole pussy went really tight on my cock, she yelled out as she cum.

So I moved off. And laid down again just kissing her boobs and nibbling her nipples.

she said my cock was awesome inside. And was pleased that it gone so long without cumming.

So after a bit I turned around and started fingering and sucking her again and she started sucking my cock. I worked her for a bit, and after a while she cum a second time.

She asked me if I like the woman on top, which I do so she climbed on and we went at it for a bit, she seemed to really enjoy that too. But we lost the rhythm after about 5 mins. Both tired I think. And I went soft while still in her. She stayed sitting on me and I just sucked her boobs.

She said that I was sweating really badly and went and got me a drink of water. And we sat talking a little while I drank the water

Then I bent over and started playing with her arse again, and she commented that it was strange thing. "You touch my ass and you get hard instantly". So I moved around behind her again and fingered her butt, and slipped my cock in her at the same time. And fucked her hard this time. She was really moaning so that pushed me on, and I cum before I realised.

After we just laid there. I just stroked her hair, and her boobs, bum hips, legs. I think she really liked that. She said then that my wife has me well trained with a smile.